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This trail is scenic enough, but nothing too special. There is a good deal of tall grass around. No very appealing views, there is a lot of burnt matter throughout.

14 days ago

Did this in September. Great short hike, dog loved it too. Starts out shaded, but can be hot at the top by mid day. Views at the top are great of the surrounding mountains and valley below. The trailhead parking area isn’t well marked, but follow the directions on here and it’ll take you straight there. Steep trail, good workout.

Awesome trail. There and back with a few side trails to diversify. They call the trail 'primitive' as there are some overgrown spots and steep trackside drop offs. We took the main trail out and hit Chave and Gaskill side trails on the way back. Clocked in about 21 miles and 8 miles at a brisk hike rate with a few snack stops.

It was a steep climb and real leg burner but was beautiful. We were the only on the trail which was great!

on Beaver Brook Trail

18 days ago

Varied terrain and deep enough in the canyons to block the traffic noise and visual pollution.

19 days ago

Tried to do this hike the morning we left the Mountain Park Rec Area campsite. I'm not sure if it was just us or what but we lost the trail about .5 mile in and got pretty lost. Just had to hike back down towards the campsites. Not as well marked as other trails around here are.

9-3-18: just finished the summit trail w/husband & 10 year old. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to finish this hike. We loved it & are in great shape but I don't agree that this is a good trail for little kids. It's pretty steady incline the first mile, a bit of a break on the 2nd mile & 3rd then you're back to pretty steady inclines. I didn't think there was much noise that 1st mile & there aren't many hikers. The summit is definitely disappointing but still didn't put a damper on our hike. My kid did feel a little dizzy with the altitude change & had to sit for a bit.

Pretty easy hike, you will in all likelihood pass some bikers and not so serious hikers on the route. Not a lot of views as someone else has said, but it's nice for after work or taking friends who are visiting to since it's short but still feels like a workout, close to Denver and there's the touristy Buffalo Bill grave at the top.

Really nice trail! it was eerily quiet because my dog and I, were the only ones one the trail. the entrance was really hard to find especially when you don't have internet. I eventually found it though. Great place to let your dog off leash once you're not near the road.

1 month ago

I've hiked this trail many times.The Loveland Mountain Club maintains this trail and the Nature Trail twice a year. I see that some of the reviews mention the lack of a view from the summit ... about 25 yards west of the summit there is a nice viewing area that has a beautiful view of the high peaks in the Mummy Range to the west..

We thought we were doing the easier Kreutzer trail as there are two entrance points in the picnic area that you can get on the trail. It was a bit difficult for my 8 and 10 yr olds. Lots of burned and beetle kill trees. We will come back for the easier trail and the kids can build up their strength for the harder one.

Great afternoon hike, didn't get ticks and got a sweat up. The valley at the top is great for a picnic but pack light as the hike up can be hard. The dogs had a fun time!

I love this trail. beautiful views, not too far from golden.

1 month ago

Mileage on the All Trails app is inaccurate, it is closer to 5.2 miles. Counterclockwise, the descent is challenging and slippery and steep. If we do it again we will go clockwise so we can have a calmer and more enjoyable descent. $6 to park. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, a hat and rain gear. Leave the dog home so you don’t annoy other people on the descent.

The agencies that manage neighboring lands to Gateway Natural Area are increasing enforcement. Often Gateway is the starting point for visitors to access land beyond Gateway’s boundaries, including Seaman Reservoir. Gateway’s “pass through” visitors are reminded of these regulations, which are posted at Seaman Reservoir:
• Public access is for hunting and fishing only. Entry for any other use is prohibited.
o Hunting access is from September 1 thru May 15
o Fishing access is year-round
• Entry by foot or horseback only- no motorized vehicles
• Littering, camping, and fires are prohibited
• No swimming allowed in Seaman Reservoir
• No target shooting of any kind
• Dogs prohibited except when used for hunting
For more information visit www.colorado.gov/statelandboard and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (manages the land surrounding Seaman Reservoir), 970-472-4300, www.cpw.state.co.us, Shane Craig, District Wildlife Manager, North Poudre Canyon, shane.craig@state.co.us

1 month ago

Recommend going on overcast/cooler day. Also trail would prob be best on a bike vs hike- good spot

1 month ago

Great trail, calm the first couple miles and a good workout on the loop. Garmin says about 8 miles round trip. Took me 2 hours, but I went clockwise (easier) on the loop.

2 months ago

Round mountain/Sheep Mountain is probably the most underwhelming summit I’ve ever done. The trail is very steep and long for the majority of the hike. In total it’s close to 10 miles. This is a good hike if you’re looking to train for longer harder hikes or just want a killer workout. There are a few nice views along the way but nothing too exciting. Somewhere along this trail is an unmaintained trail to Stone Mountain. Apparently Stone mtn has great 360 views but I have yet to do this. Might be worth it though if your looking for something more spectacular. You can find directions online. Haven’t seen anything on AllTrails yet.

This is the Round Mountain Adventure Summit however you're climbing to Sheep Mountain so there is a name confusion there. Probably the hardest hike ever been on.... went through 2 liters of water and took us a good 6 hrs to complete (disclaimer- we just got in from Houston the day before). This is definitely 10 miles total once you counter in the entrance trail plus the 4.75 miles to the top. We were so tired once we finally made it we never looked to see if there was a log book that someone had mentioned previously and the views at top are at best less than decent... maybe we didn't walk far enough but I was trying to make sure I had the energy to make it down. 4 hrs up and 2 to make it down (clouds came so we picked up the pace on the descent). I will say it was a beautiful hike going up and down which makes it totally worth it!! Take plenty of water, and a horn for bears as they frequent the area. The journey is all that matters and after almost 10 miles and close to 3k ft elevation gain, you'll feel a little badassy!

off road driving
2 months ago

First off road trip in Colorado. Went in my 98 TJ with stock suspension and 31in mud terrains. It was very challenging but doable. Took a few scrapes to the bottom but no real damage.

Good hike, went on a hot day so it was unfortunate that not much shade was available on the loop. The loop felt really long. Bring plenty of H2O!

2 months ago

Lots of climbing. Scenic, but the peak is a real let down..it is literally a large cairn..surrounded by trees. Nice challenge, but the best views will be seen long before you reach the top. I also tracked mine closer to nine miles with close to 3000 feet of elevation gain.

Great short hike for an afternoon. The climb was exerting if you're not used to the altitude, but doable nonetheless. Watch close for the turn off the road! Easy to miss it.

It’s a nice trail because it’s close to Denver and it really does have beautiful vista views. It’s extremely rocky and takes a lot of concentration. But we only did 6 miles.

Took two ATVs at the end of June. Heart Attack Hill lived up to its name. Check out our YouTube video going through the chutes. We took the trail start to finish. Amazing variety of butterflies and a good mix of terrain. Saw a lot of mountain lion scat on the trail at the top.


2 months ago

Great cardio workout. Steep incline. the primitive trail on the way down was a bit scary. Look for the rock markers to know you are going to right way. I had my dogs with me but had I known the way down was primitive trail I would have gone down the way I came up. That trail was very well done. No one else was out on the trail when we went. Lots of great views. Not much shade.

This is a great trail for dogs, most of the trail is creek side.

Beautiful day hike. Lots of butterflies and bees. Hiking partners saw a rattlesnake around 11 a.m. I just missed seeing it, darn it.

2 months ago

At some point they have re-routed this trail to make the left turn route a little less steep.... the entire hike with loop is 8.3 miles. At a ‘junction’ with the old trail, you can see evidence of where they filled the old trail with rocks. Long, steady incline if you go right... shorter, steeper incline if you go left(not too hard). Water levels low this year, so all stream crossings are easy. Friday morning, early July and only a few other hikers.

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