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1 day ago

Great trail in great shape. One of my favorite hikes. I will say this it is straight up. 46 degrees at the parking lot and ice and snow in spots near the end of the trail. If you aren’t in at least average shape you should avoid this hike.

8 days ago

Beautiful waterfall!!! The trail leads along the river!!!
Well worth the hike.

Really not terribly difficult, the stair portions are the hardest since they are quite the incline (calves and quads will feel it). The rest of the trail is moderate incline the whole way. The view at the top is pretty good but as of recently the last part of the trail has been closed, which is where the good view is.

12 days ago

This was a pretty great trail! As someone who is highly active, coming back up had my heart rate going. There are lots of spots with really great scenery. There are some pretty cool high spots where you can look out and see way down and then some nice low spots. The waterfall is worth the hike in my opinion. We had a 7 year old and a 3 year old with us. The hike down was a bit slow for us because he walked the whole way but coming back up we backpacked him.

This hike was beautiful, I recommend going here, Loved It

the walk to the falls is beautiful and fun to do easy enough to do with children

13 days ago

Great trail, moderate difficulty. Creek all the way along the trail so it makes for great views all the way through. There's a great spot- rock formation that makes about a perfect bench- about 1/2 to 3/4ths of the way through to have a sit and snack. Destination is beautiful and well worth the hike. Went in January and there weren't many other hikers.

It was really nice!! Def good exercise and worth the view!!

14 days ago

One of my first hikes!

14 days ago

Wildlife and historical

15 days ago

Great hike for beginners. Not too difficult but enough to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Has multiple spots for hammocking and the falls are great to take a quick dip into. Awesome for a warm summer day!

17 days ago

nice hike! definitely was a work out! I would start your day with this hike then maybe head to another trail after. beautiful views!

Lovely, easy trail. Busy with families and dogs. We had our three dogs with us and enjoyed the stroll. The waterfall at the enx is beautiful and views across the valley were stunning.

I loved this hike , very popular tho and crowded at the falls , we had to take turns taking pics of it ...one thing I was glad not to see was a lot of trash on the trail .... a lot of rocks and roots to . but very BEAUTIFUL. .. ITS A SIDE VIEW of the waterfall to .

A lot of stairs to climb, but totally doable. My 7yo made it, no problem.

Very challenging but rewarding as well. We do it almost Everytime we come to Gatlinburg.

Nice family hike! Be prepared to get wet at the end.!

This isn’t a “hard” trail. I would rank it moderate. The biggest issue is cardio. There are a lot of steps and incline but the footing is good and the trail is short. As always, wear the proper shoes because there is water on the trail. Great views with a good workout. I would definitely do this again, but continue up Skyline as well.

22 days ago

We love driving the loop but was a great way to see it hiking it instead this time! This place never gets old !! Just beautiful!

22 days ago

Family Friendly and EZ hike with great views at the end. The water was running well in December. You may want waterproof shoes or you’ll need to step carefully. It wasn’t a big deal but if more water was on the trail it could be in parts.
$15 a person is definitely a lot of money but it offered more value than Grandfather Mountain.

mountain biking
26 days ago

Love biking this loop

This trail offers one "or two" of the best views around. The trail itsself needs work.

Trail follows water most of the way. Around the halfway mark you'll make a steep climb before a sharp descent. At the top of that hill, I suggest climbing the boulders. You'll be rewarded with an incredible 360 degree view of the interweaving waterways. The falls at the end roars and is a great spot for lunch and pictures.

Nice trail. Easy to find and follow the trail. We went on a weekend where there happened to be a 5k run so there were far too many people. Not a strenuous hike for sure. Follows the river in spots and has a boardwalk past a cave. That was pretty neat to see. Visitors center and rescued birds were very nice. I’d recommend for a quick walk in the woods.

Great trail, narrow at times, but very diverse in terrain. December visited.

1 month ago

A little steep, but great views at the top! Very well marked

1 month ago

Great hike. Very difficult at sections (it was snow capped and iced over) in sections near the waterways, from the recent snow melt. Some challenges upward but worth the efforts when you reach the observation platform.

Love this hike loved it more when I could climb to the top, I personally think this is harder than hiking to Mount Le Conte. I recommend doing some hills and longer hikes prior to this one. The view is still stunning from the overlook. This is a must do hike in the park

road biking
1 month ago

Beautiful, scenic loop. We did that on bike around 2-5 pm, which seemed to be a rush hour for cars. Everybody is driving slowly, there is not much room to overtake, so we had to stop every time a car would pass or we would overtake a car which slowed down for taking pictures. Next time we would rather go in the morning or on Wednesday and Saturday morning when it is completely shut for cars. Otherwise it was a lovely biking, would highly recommend.

east overlook has best views. lots of rock formations. parking can be challenging.

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