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Lovely scenery. Easy walking trail. My dog loved it.

Some moderate to steep climbs. A few very muddy spots. Overall was very peaceful, with some great views of Tom Wallace Lake. Enjoyed this trail and will Hike/Run on it again.

Great trail for families

Lower bridge was washed out.

Nice to have a waterfall view this close to the city, but it’s a short hike devoid of much other scenery. Trail quiets down once you pass the railroad trestle.

An easy hike and the waterfall was beautiful. The RV towards the beginning of the hike made me a little nervous. A little bit of trash around the waterfall, I picked up what I could so hopefully others could enjoy.

Beautiful lake trail. Lots of turtles. Beautiful waterfall.

Crazy hard hills, but gorgeous area and a well preserved historical site. Biggest downside was that the trails were not well marked and I am unable to find a map of the site that detailed how all the trails tied together or where any of the other trails were.

26 days ago

Went after rain, very muddy. Gorgeous views especially with all the leaves off the trees.

Good easy hike.

1 month ago

beautiful... flowing creek with gorgeous rocks, then it goes up, up up...pretty steep for a bit. trail markers are sparse at times, but you can see the trail mostly

It’s is a very easy beginner trail with wonderful views and sounds.

do the entire path. I have hiked and biked from the ice cream shop down to George Rodgers Clark and back is 4 miles or more.

So beautiful and pup friendly! Very steep beginning incline and obviously ending decline.

The only reason this trail is not rated hard is that it is not rocky. This little 3.3 is a beast from beginning to end. It is probably my favorite of all the trails in JMF. It will have you feeling like you walked 6 miles, but wish you were doing 6 more. I like to hike it from off the Siltstone (Bearcamp Rd. Trailhead) which adds a few extra miles and you can lollipop it. Great hike, beautiful views and and a lot of up and down.

1 month ago

Nice, easy hike that’s easy for the everyone to do. Even the kiddos can master this one. The creek was closed from the flooding when I went, but when you can access the creek, it’s fun to let the kids and dogs play around.

Great workout and wildlife.

This is a great trail for all skill levels! It was my first time hiking in 5 months and I thought it was a great trail to get me back into it. You do share the trail with horses which we loved. It was March when we went so not a lot of greenery but still breathtaking. We found a spot to stop and have lunch and take some pictures. I definitely recommend it!

Beautiful rocky trail with vistas and some history leading to a gorgeous 3 tiered waterfall. We were lucky to visit after a rainy early spring. As we turned the last corner, the falls was roaring. Spectacular. In dry spells, it recedes to dribble. Still worthy of a trek, but not so spectacular.

An interesting trail that starts off going down a large hill and over a bridge into an old resort abandoned during the Great Depression. There are many artifacts and descriptive signs, making his a different outing.

1 month ago

Hike was strenuous, great workout. Almost entirely up/down.

pretty great trail over all :)
my dog loved it also the trail offered some great back grounds for pictures

1 month ago

Beautiful views along the creek. The trail gets very narrow at times, with steep drop offs. There are two creek crossings. I would not recommend for young children.

Nice winter hike.

Slippery muddy mess...but given all the rain it wasn’t totally unexpected. Decent hike gets really flat and boring up top. The sound of interstate and smell of nearby garbage dump was not great. I wouldn’t go back.

One of my favorite hikes in Bernstein Forest. Great hike for kids.

2 months ago

Great hike for young kids

Fun trail, esp if you drop by Rose Island :)

2 months ago

Great hiking for all skill levels even wheel chair accessible. Beautiful scenery waterfalls, springs, caves. You are walking on a paved trail between two knobs. In the description says no dogs, don't know why. Mine went with me.

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