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I would do this trail first then Siltstone, rest at welcome center, then return to Scott’s Gap. Winter hiking is best!

Enjoyed it. Was more easy than moderate with exception of the big hill on backside (orange trail). Couldn’t get to he waterfall because it was across the creek and it was 30 degrees outside but could see it from a distance and hear it. Will be back in summer.

12 days ago

We took the Yost Trail to the Mitchell Hill trail. Total miles was around 4 miles. We ventured off trail a bit when we saw what looked to be an abandoned car. It was so cool to find this! Would love to know the story behind it. The lake was absolutely beautiful and had picnic tables and benches to relax on, next time we will pack a lunch. Trail isn’t to difficult, just a few steap hills but nothing terrible. Overall we had a wonderful hike and beautiful weather on this December day!

decent, but wish I had visited after more rain and falls were heavier.

It’s surpassing to see that there was an incline in this trail based on the metrics but it’s there. This trail is an old road so it is paved to a degree although Mother Nature is working on taking back the area. When we went through the leaves were still falling and the pavement was a bit slippery in places. Overall, a scenic walk with some historical signs to read along the way.

19 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. My Apple Watch says it’s 3.84 miles. I found this trail to mainly be easy terrain, but the hills are very steep. I like that it offers a nice variety of exercise, it’s not hard but will get your HR up and you’ll feel the burn in your butt and legs. Saw some really interesting things like a old car, deer, tiny waterfall, mushrooms and a face in the tree. I went around 12:30 and there was two cars in the lot, by the time I finished it was completely full. Definitely recommend doing this one early. Great day!

Enjoyable Thanksgiving day hike with my 25 year old son. My dad took me mostly on Christmas days. We encountered several families and a solo hiker. We took everyone's advice and took the right fork. Beautiful day in the low 40's with blue sky and after the first ascend, mostly ups and downs thereafter.

I didn’t want to give it a bad review but I never went because it’s no dogs.

22 days ago

The best part of this trail is the fill ridge that surrounds the dam. This presents a neat view of the lake of water that accumulates here.

The trail is not clearly marked and may sometimes split into other places along the way. My thought is that this probably occurred as a result of varying lake water levels throughout the year. It could also be a little muddy. There is no parking that we could see so we parked at the nearby business.

Overall, this was a solid two mile hike.

27 days ago

Very easy “hike” with some nice scenery and wildlife.

1 month ago

A good walk to visit the remains of the old Rose Island park.

This trail definitely more rugged than others in the park. The trail is still walkable though and offers some nice scenery with rock formations, creeks, and views of the Ohio River.

They have cleared up the deadfall mentioned in the earlier reviews. The route was a bit harder than moderate, lots of steep hills. It was well marked and easy to follow for the most part. It is fall, the leaves are on the ground and slippery.

Tough trail and a good workout, if that’s what you looking for. Would not recommend for a casual hike.

The falls are absolutely beautiful!

To start, the "walking trail" sign is pointing away from the paved section. We walked down to the playground and never saw another trail head. Went back and took the paved loop back to a trail leading to an overlook. Perhaps we missed something because I never saw a creek or a bridge. There may have been a split that led down; where we went up. There were a lot of leaves on the ground. I'd be willing to go back to find out.

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

Great easy pace walk with the hound. Beautiful outlook area and view.

Really beautiful hike. Pretty well marked. Definitely one to try and one that I will do again.

1 month ago

Gorgeous hike, love this trail out of all others at Jefferson Memorial Forest. I always take the right hand fork at the beginning of the trail. A steep ascent but comes to a stunning overlook.

1 month ago

Fun trail that is not very hard. Has decent
Elevation for this area. Had rained so the trail was slick with wet rocks, roots and leaves.

Hiked the trail today after 2+ “ of rain yesterday! The falls were fantastic!! We stayed probably 45 minutes taking pics and just enjoying the fall!! Great easy hike to go. Loved it!!

nice trail, gave us a little work out. we went counter clock wise and came out through stlitstone.

1 month ago

Description is accurate. It’s a favorite of mine now.

Part of the trail is out so you have to walk on the street for a bit. Most of the trail is well maintained. Only thing that makes it moderate is a couple hills. Beautiful view of the falls at the end of the tral. Well worth the hike.

Good hike and the small creeks make for nice scenery even though they are mostly dry.

We done this trail twice last weekend for training. There were two picnic tables but no restrooms.

It’s good for hiking and mountain biking.

Love this hike! Awesome views.

I was slightly disappointed in the trail. That could be because I am not entirely sure what qualifies as a 'moderate' trail in difficulty. The trail was rocky, meaning small to medium rocks everywhere making it rough to walk. Part of the trail is closed so there is no loop. You get to the falls and must turn around.

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