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washed out
3 days ago

Hiked with Midge and Grace. Lots of water and waterfalls. Very lush greenery everywhere. Beautiful views of the ocean from the top.

27 days ago

Great Hike and spectacular views of the park landscape as well as the ocean and channel islands. Challenging but doable. Did it in 6 hours including a 30 minute break at the top, however I ran some flat/downhill stretches. Gets a bit chilly around the summit, but in the sun you’re okay even without jacket/sweater. Did not see any snake/mountain lion, but that may be due to this time of the year (late December). The trail is generally fine. There is one small section which is a bit sketchy but not a problem or dangerous at all. Good hike and for the most part a good trail to run as well.

27 days ago

I hiked this Christmas Day 2018. Since the fire went through we didn’t see a single bird or any wildlife on the trail which was a bit eerie, but I was told on a previous hike my friend had ran into rattlesnakes and even a mountain lion in the evening. We started at 6am and were back at the car by 5 going a leisurely pace with breaks along the way. It’s been a while since I’ve been hiking so there were quite a few challenging stretches and moments I wanted to give up, but if a negative is that it’s all up hill a positive is that the way back is all down hill. Everybody else had tired themselves out but I, the out of shape slowpoke, was sailing down. The weather was also nice. There was ice on the ground and it was windy near the top, but the chill was refreshing and there were times earlier it was warm enough I took off my jacket.
In conclusion, yes it’s hard, but if I can do it anyone can at the right pace and the views are 10/10 worth it. You should go :)

Started this trail at 9 AM. The first mile is fairly flat with a little water that needed to be crossed. The next 4 miles were a mixture of moderate-hard climbs. Once at the top we returned the way we came until we got to the Murrietta trail. It took some finding to even spot where the trail connected with the road. We bushwacked through the trail as best as we could. This is a trail in name only. There is a significant route finding that is needed to find your way to the trail camp. Once at the camp the trail is managable with still frequent blow downs and trail work needed. At the road you make a quick right and are back at your car fairly quickly.

Epic hike / experience -- 19 miles roundtrip and 4200 foot gain, according to my gps. You get up close and personal with the massive, vertical bluffs that are the centerpiece of "Pink Moment" sunsets in the Ojai Valley. If you like that awed feeling of insignificance you get next to the monumental, indifferent masonry that nature + fathomless time can form, hike this. Took 7.5 hours, 3 liters of water, and a packed lunch on a sun-then-rain day in the high 60s. From the parking area at the end of Sisar, it's 1.5 hours to the Red Reef trailhead, another .5 hours to the White Ledge Campground (nice camp!), an hour from there up to the (Nordhoff?) ridge road, and then one last hour to the trail that winds along the top of the bluff. This final hour's section can be done in a more direct route than the roundabout one that AllTrails currently shows. About a half mile after you turn right on the ridge road, watch for two trail signs/posts (one burned) to your right. This steep (scree-scramblin') but established trail can also clearly be seen/followed on Google maps satellite view. (There is cell phone signal up there in case you want it.) Spotted a doe & fawn at the very top, as well as some quail -- oh and crossed one human on the way up. Good luck!

Beautiful hike! I’m not sure I’d classify it as easy or at least not easy for everyone; the terrain is pretty rocky and there’s some steep sections.

The springs are essentially non-existent. We knew we were there by the sulfur odor, otherwise we would’ve missed it completely. However, I still highly recommend this trail. The views of the ocean make it worth it!

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails. Great views once you reach the summit.

2 months ago

Started at the top. There were a couple washed out sections that were sketchy to pass coming down. Trekking poles and grippy shoes helped. The views of the ocean were beautiful! Much of the vegetation shown in the photos is gone from a fire but this opened the view up even more. Trail disappeared once we reached the creek but it was fun to make our own trail along it.

2 months ago

Loved the hike! Easy trail up to Mt. Pinos from Nordic Base. We added the 3-2-1 Challenge to our hike and included Sawmill Mountain & Grouse Mountain so it was more of a moderate/hard hike. Beautiful trail past Mt. Pinos. They could use some trail markers as it is easy to get off trail. We had downloaded the gpx map to my watch so we didn't get lost. I'd do this one again. Loved it!

this trail needs some love. very loose surface. 500ft from the top there are 2 slides that are 10-15ft across and extremely dangerous to pass. we turned back. not safe.

The lower part of this trail was completely destroyed by the recent fires and flooding. Make sure to use the upper trail if you’re going to attempt it on a mountain bike.

Beautiful trail, 2 miles gradual uphill then back down. Chilly this time of year, should have brought a light sweater. Some lovely birds in the meadow near the top.

on Mount Pinos Trail

4 months ago

Fantastic views for such an easy hike. What I really like is that you can add much more to the hike when you start below the Nordic base. A bit more challenging and beautiful shaded meadows with lots of flowers.

4 months ago

9-1-18: Nice walk anyone can do. There was an 89 year old gentleman by himself with COPD breathing hard that was taking lots of breaks and moving slowly so anyone that can walk up can do it. I think it's 2 miles from parking lot to the top. Great weather, temperature 73 deg at noon (not cold or hot), no wind... Perfect. It is over 8,000 feet so oxygen in the air is less... You'll be breathing a little harder.

Super easy, beautiful hike❤️⛰

At this point its a 3 day mountain biking adventure, starting all the way from the dead end of east Camino Cielo, it's easily about 30 miles now. If you plan on doing it. Please bring water! LOTS OF WATER. If you plan on going walking or biking be very cautious of not breaking or twisting any ankles. If you get stuck out there. You probably won't make it out alive. There is a ranger Outpost about six hours in. Don't expect it to be a walk in the park. You will cry, yell into the silence, bleed, and plead to god that a cloud comes around to offer shade. This back country. The wild...

Trail has been devastated by fires and floods. Slowly growing back. We had to take a different track because of washouts. Ended up just hiking up to the hot springs water was flowing into a small pool. More warm than hot. Actually Interesting to see the power of Mother Nature to destroy and rejuvenate.

6 months ago

fun scenic trail with a bunch of low travel trails, beautiful creeks, and tons of wildlife. full exposure in many parts so bring the sunscreen!

7 months ago

Beautiful trail! Fairly flat up to Mt Pinos, but the trail gets a little more difficult if you want to continue to Sawmill Mountain and Grouse Mountain (which makes it about 10 miles RT).

7 months ago

Not too hard, great view from the peak.

7 months ago

This is a very beautiful trail in May with all the wildflowers. This canyon has the most wildflower diversity of any trail I have ever hiked. The views of the San Rafael Mountains from the Sierra Madres was also pretty fantastic. The trail was in decent shape, but it was in great need of some bushwacking at about the 2.5 mile mark, and the poison oak was very thick in areas with no option beyond having to push or bushwack through. The creek that flows down the Judell was stagnant in areas, but flowing in others; either way, it needed to be filtered until you get to the Sisquoc River at the bottom, which runs pretty clean. The trail, despite the need to bushwack, is pretty easy to follow, but does not see a lot of traffic.
The biggest disappointment, and the reason I took a star off of the review, is the locked gate that blocks access to the trailhead. The gate is locked 1.8 miles after you pass Dry Canyon Road, and adds 5.5 miles of hiking before you can even start the Judell trail. It is ridiculous to have this gate locked year round, and it turned a 9 mile hike into a 22 mile hike.
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9 months ago

Very pretty! Not a very difficult hike -pretty flat. Road to the trailhead was closed so we parked and walked about a mile and a half to the trailhead. Has a couple trail signs along the way.

10 months ago

Hiked from the road to camp/trailhead due to the road to camp being closed from all of the water. Which made this a 14.8 mile round trip. Beautiful day with amazing clouds. Beautiful scenery. Cool rock formations. Lots of water this time of year. 33 water crossings! Two great friends and I. Didn’t see another soul all day!

It was super easy. The only thing is that there was snow and we were not ready for that. But fun never the less

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Super easy and fun trail. Did it for my annual New Year’s Day hike and the views were awesome! A little warmer than expected but still perfect weather.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Awesome view!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

loved it went after it rained

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I really enjoyed this hike. It was 9.1 miles to the top and my total trip was 18.9. Needless to say, I took a wrong turn and had to do a little backtracking on the way down. Bring plenty of water and food/snacks for the trip. Also, I slowed down a lot around the overgrown areas after reading previous reviews of someone seeing a couple of rattlesnakes. No snakes on this trip. Pro tip: Bring an extra battery pack if you want to keep your phone charged to track the entire hike.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Beautiful trail, a quick in and out. Perfect for new hikers and families.

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