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very easy
good one for beginners

7 days ago

I accessed this trail by parking at Cold Spring Trailhead off E Mountain Drive. I actually started on West Fork, then to Cold Spring Trail, then to the peak. Yes, there are signs that say that Cold Spring Trail is closed, but I chose to ignore the signs and press on. The trail is actually totally fine and completely accessible without worry.

I brought my pup, who I had off leash the entire time. The lower part of WFCS and CS trails were moderately trafficked. Once we got to the first top out (Edison access dirt road), it changed from moderately trafficked to light trafficked. I think that's typically where people stop, take in the scenery and head back down.

We continued on the trail and actually passed the unmarked narrow trail to get to the peak. We ended up at the top of Cold Spring Trail, at the other entrance for East and West Fork Trails (off E Camino Cielo). So we headed back down and I guessed at which unmarked narrow trail it was. Once you leave Cold Spring Trail to continue onto the peak, the trail is SKETCH. It's not maintained by any means, definitely a forged path with lots of loose rocks. I would caution anyone who doesn't have the proper shoes. But the sight is definitely a sight to see. I was very happy to be up there and see all of SB and even as far as Carpinteria!

I definitely recommend this hike to anyone. We had a blast :)

I hiked this with my dog the other day. Yes, it does say the trail is closed, however we pushed on. The trail is actually very well maintained, which makes me wonder why it's still technically closed. This hike is fairly easy and moderately trafficked. There are many parts of the trail that are covered, so even on a sunny day you should be alright. It's not my favorite hike, by any means, but definitely a fun one to check off the list and take your pup.

Beautiful hike! I’m not sure I’d classify it as easy or at least not easy for everyone; the terrain is pretty rocky and there’s some steep sections.

The springs are essentially non-existent. We knew we were there by the sulfur odor, otherwise we would’ve missed it completely. However, I still highly recommend this trail. The views of the ocean make it worth it!

Awesome views and a nice day hike! You won’t be disappointed!

24 days ago

Started at the top. There were a couple washed out sections that were sketchy to pass coming down. Trekking poles and grippy shoes helped. The views of the ocean were beautiful! Much of the vegetation shown in the photos is gone from a fire but this opened the view up even more. Trail disappeared once we reached the creek but it was fun to make our own trail along it.

After reading the reviews I was prepared to see a lot of trash and graffiti everywhere and tons of people but I didn’t encounter much of that. People must be picking up after themselves!

1 month ago

The Cold Spring trailhead on East Mountain Dr. is closed. Not sure how people are hiking this, unless they accessed the trail from another point?

One of my favorite hikes in Santa Barbara. Great views all throughout.
Moderate hike

this trail needs some love. very loose surface. 500ft from the top there are 2 slides that are 10-15ft across and extremely dangerous to pass. we turned back. not safe.

Was excited to do this hike and it was definitely different considering the scenery and that you are right along the stream. But that being said, we didn’t make it to the punch bowl. The arrows were less clear at the end and we were with our pup and the rocks were getting bigger and it had become more dangerous than was comfortable for us. It sounds like there are multiple ways to get to the end - we tried to stick to the red line on the All Trails app Esther than the dotted line. Thinking the dotted line could have actually gotten you there and been easier than the red line, which was right along the creek. The dotted line seemed to be out in the hot sun, which some people were referencing in their reviews. We likely won’t do it again but if we did, we would go the dotted trail route. Would be cool if someone else could confirm that for others using the app!

The trail is closed! Super disappointed I was not aware of this before I made my trek over there.

Great hike! Not sure why this is rated moderate. It's definitely easy. It's flat the whole way. The trail gets a little messy sometimes and you have to go over rocks and cross the river but nothing crazy. This was absolutely lovely.

Loved this trail arrows are everywhere make side to make it to the back pool where there is a waterfall and rope to climb

I have done this trail twice! Both times it was pretty hot out so make sure you bring plenty of water with you. You can hike two main ways through santa Paula canyon, or along the water to the punch bowls. I preferred going along the water the second time because there was more shade and I enjoy an occasion splash when I get hot but that’s just me! However stunning views overlooking the canyon if you follow the main trailhead/orange and green markers! There is trash unfortunately so be a handy earth lover and bring a trash bag with you, it made me feel better cleaning up as I went. But the Punchbowl was awesome! Fun area to have a picnic and say hello to fellow travelers!

Easy (quick) escape to nature. Beautiful hike and drive

Trail is open.

Nice views but trail definitely needs work- very hard to follow at times. We found ourselves sliding on dirt and having to whack through bushes.

Super great trail a bit confusing at times really fun

Great place to go hike and spend time with friends and family. Highly recommended to those who love to hike and admire nature. Also great cliffs to jump off if you are into that!

Great Trail. A bit confusing at times. Looking for green or blue arrows to remind you your goin correct way. Apparently there are multiple ways to get to first punch bowl. Tiring but so worth the hike when you take that jump in pool. Planning to go back but explore the other bowls.

Did this hike last year, attempted today but the trail is closed. You might be able to push through but from what I saw it isn’t worth it. Hopefully the trail will be open by the end of the year.
Again as of today, the trail is marked as “closed” when you get there and the road is closed on your way there as well.

Trail can be a bit confusing at times but as long as you follow the arrows you will get there. And it’s true, you have to park on the highway and walk up a steep paved hill through the college and some dirt road next to some job sites just to get to the trail head but it is worth it! Wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and a bathing suit if you want to jump in! It can also be a cool hangout spot if you want to bring lunch, drinks and some music to reward yourself at the top.

This is not closed! Hiked yesterday. Beautiful and easy.

easy hike. great for quick trip to nature

4 months ago

Would love to finish this hike!

4 months ago

There’s no marked parking area. You have to park on the highway and walk about 1.5 miles on a paved road before you even get to the trail. There is trash littered everywhere. Almost all the bigger rocks have been tagged-kids suck. The trails are marked with blue/green/red paint which is somewhat helpful if you ignore the colors and just follow the markings. I took my dogs with me and they played in the water a bit but they smelled like a sewer when we got home.

great trail but careful - I almost stepped on a rattlesnake (Southern Pacific Rattlesnake from doing some research) there today!! Was down by the river about 3 miles in. It was just under a fallen tree trunk about a foot off the ground that I was walking on - from the path to the river.

This could be really beautiful, but people ruined it by leaving trash everywhere and graffitiing the rocks. I don’t understand why people would want to trash something so beautiful!
Leave no trace!

This is a gorgeous hike but I was SO disappointed by how much trash was on the trail. Picked up 17 water/Gatorade bottles and three dog poop bags worth of garbage. I don’t understand how people can hike to enjoy nature and then trash it.

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