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Good up hill workout. Nice rainy day hike with fog. Not many people. There are two entrances along the road. Park at one and take the trail at the top that loops back down. Then walk a bit on the road back to your car where you started.

Not too hard, a little steep at times. Can see SJ, SF, and Oakland from the top!

Not the most variety but fantastic views, lots of birds! And because it’s a fire trail, easy to walk with a companion.
My 22 year daughter and I made it to the top but I found it a hard hike. The rolling ridge at the top was a bit daunting for me but worth the trip.
Round trip with a lunch break for us was about 5 1/2 hours.

Only a small amount 'street' parking; and maybe not strictly legal. Generally easy trail and quiet.

It's nice & quite to hike this place

Hiked 2-10-18. Enjoyed the walk up, noting the beautiful madrones, oak, and manzanita trees. Also got to a see a Bobcat! Trail was nicely shaded with great views of San Jose. I also enjoyed the company of a new friend Peter. Cheers.

Peaceful! Beautiful!

hike uphill was not enjoyable. there are much better hikes nearby

2 months ago

hiked in the rain, went searching for waterfall and could not find any water... :(

Beautiful trail and views!!

Good one for a quick hike with family...

2 months ago

It is one of my favorites trails. Always enjoyed the beautiful garden and scenic trails.

3 months ago

Love this trail that rewards you with a majestic view of South Bay...

3 months ago

an easy trail. the plus side is you get to
stroll on the beautiful Villa which has outdoor concert on summer nights.

Good elevation gain to get you some good exercise. Mostly shaded except at the top. Great views of the reservoir towards the end. Small parking area on roadside at the trail head.

Beautiful hike

Went hiking with my 4 year old. It was a little strenuous going up to the lookout, but so worth it! The parking was confusing, but again worth it.

5 months ago

Good loop trail for a uphill/downhill workout. Easy to navigate.

Too short and too close to civilization! It's a teaser. at first you think oh this gonna be a nice quiet away from all the noise kind of hike but then you get surprised when you see cars during the middle of the hike and next thing you know you have to turn around. This is a good home for and older crowd.

If you want a good sweat this is the place to go! Awesome workout with great views. Highly recommend it

The trail is great,but beware of the bike riders on their way down.

I really enjoyed this trail, however I would say it's a little harder than moderate. It's completely uphill for about 2.5 miles until the trails diverge. It's a great hike and an awesome workout, but be prepared for a serious incline.

Also, while I was hiking my car window got smashed and my purse was stolen from my backseat. So if you're in this area be sure to lock up your belongings so they are out of sight completely. My windows are even tinted so it's hard to see in my car at all, but the thief was persistent. Would definitely go back despite the theft, but would leave everything I wasn't hiking with at home.

Great uphill workout for the legs with a pretty consistent uphill for the first 4 miles. Go early in the morning to avoid the hot sun because a decent amount of the hike is exposed. Hiking poles may help because there are a select few very steep uphills and downhills. Without taking any breaks, the entire hike took exactly 4 hours at a decently fast pace. The views of the valley and from the top of Mt. Elsombroso are very nice. The best views of the mountains can be seen if you walk 0.1 mi. to the left of the junction at the top of the hike to the second electric tower.

Snakes. Too many snakes

Great hike for a couple or a family. The trail is easily marked, kid and dog friendly, and the majority of the trail is shaded. There are multiple hills on this hike (nothing too drastic) and the views are ah-mazing!! I went on this hike with a gentleman who knew the area which was perfect because he was able to show and explain to me the various landmarks. As a heads up, mountain bikers and runners also use this trail but they were very respectful and friendly. I will definitely be coming back and hiking this trail, and the other trails nearby, in the future!!

Lots of elevation, good for your butt

I did not care for this one as there was brush all over and super dirty cuz of that and dog poop
I will not b back here plus not moderate I would say easy

Beautiful hike. Some of the best views of the South Bay Area along this hike. It starts trading off between up hill and down hill and then gets quite steep for most of the hike. It is about 4mi from the Kennedy Rd trailhead to where it meets the Limeklin trail, which can take you to Lexington if you go right or if you stay left you can connect all the way to the Mockingbird parking lot in Quicksilver.

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