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on Bonita Falls Trail

3 hours ago

Finally got to go this morning and I loved it. Yes it took us a while to figure out where the trail started, and since there was no one around to ask we almost gave up. Thankfully some couple showed up and led us there. You have to cross the creek and head up the trail of rocks, so where comfy or hiking shoes, just be careful. Then there’s a trail towards the left side that leads you up to the waterfall, I know there’s a lot of graffiti, in some way it helped a lil because of some arrows leading you the way, but the trash wasn’t nice seeing. I mean I’d love to chill and relax too but make sure to take your trash with you, it is disgusting seeing clothes, dirty diapers, beer bottles, broken chairs etc. Cmon peeps let’s keep it clean! But other then that I’d definitely go back and hike.

I have been here a few times now and really enjoy scenery. When the creek is full, it’s absolutely stunning and I love to walk through it post hike! An amazing cool down. The waterfall is beautiful and not too difficult to get to. I highly recommend!

Pretty easy going down to the waterfall only about 1.8 miles but on the return it can be a little difficult due to the incline. Plan accordingly.

nice with 4 kids

It was very hot and dry, so carry plenty of water. Trail is well maintained with great views. The last half mile or so was very steep. My GPS recorded 7.2 mile to the top of Bertha Peak.

It has been said that it changed its beauty due to the trash and graffiti. But we still saw how amazing it was getting there. We did a short video of our trip. https://bit.ly/2MSX59I

Short hike down on steep, cliff hugging trail but plenty of shade. Great for year-round hiking and especially in the spring time. Check out the diving pools near the end!

Nice place! Really recommend it

7 days ago

easy hike, not too many people were there which made it nicer.

It was short, easy hike with beautiful scenery. I thought the waterfall was going to be larger, but it was a great relief. Everyone traveling to it seemed to have the need to bath in it!!!

9 days ago

Awesome trail.. I recommend heading up early due to parking and crowds. It has a beautiful view once you hit the top. I would totally do it again.

trail running
9 days ago

Nice hike. More easy than moderate. Many people seen wearing only very simple shoes. Than it can't be very difficult. Great views but the lake disappointed a little.

I love this....

the trail was great not much water but still a great view and great pictures. but like everyone says the last part of the hike is all up hill to get back to your car so defiantly prepare for a work out

Great trail, well constructed and maintained. A push for this 71 yr old

A beautiful water fall.

Fun hike, great views.

Beautiful, scenic hike. There are paid parking lots but there is a small parking lot next to the chamber of commerce which offers free parking. The trail can be accessed at that area near the picnic tables.

Nice day hike. Wasn’t much water at the waterfall but did find a garden snake and turtle there.

Lots of rocks, would recommend hiking shoes and water shoes for when you get to falls. It’s really nice though, I’m for sure going back.

20 days ago

Lovely walk around the lake. The trail is mostly dirt or gravel and mostly tucked away, with a few paved sections. Shady and lots of opportunity to get down to the shoreline.

21 days ago

The waterfall itself is currently a trickle ending in a small pool. It’s still pretty. The hike to get to it was lovely, very green, lots of shady trees. Like folks have already mentioned that last half mile back up to the parking lot is rough and exposed. Almost no shade. Be prepared to sweat and get a good thigh workout. Also watch out for the gnats that follow you all the way through the hike. They wouldn’t let up!

23 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike to the falls. So disheartened to see the graffiti along the way. I support art and expression, but please don't use Mother Nature as your canvas.

Great walk, beautiful views with a refreshing stop at the falls. The only problem is people trashing the place and not taking care of the mess they leave behind.

27 days ago

Great hike...

Given the heat and lack of rain lately, the waterfalls were more of a faucet left on by accident. Still, would come again because of the hike to the falls. Shaded and beautiful.

As others have said, the first half mile or so from the parking lot, on the paved road, is a doozy. Be prepared to work to get back to your car.

Come early, bring a lot of water and yes, bring bug spray.

28 days ago

This one is a great family hike. Very kid friendly. Incline is not bad at all and trail is well traveled.

The first part is a bit difficult on the way back. Other than that it’s a beautiful trail.

Good for beginners! Really nice place!

Nice hike great views

Crowded. Graffiti. Wanted to see what all the hubbub was about this place and was right: There is hubbub and therefore too many people. Probably won’t go again, but the canyon was pretty enough and I made sure to stop by the nature center on the way out of the area which was informative and lovely.

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