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15 hours ago

Climbed, went awwwwww! Hard day.
Started the hike from the Logan pass parking lot. Needed to arrive by 7:15 AM in order to secure parking. Headed out immediately onto the trail. Very busy so want to start as early as possible. The hike is just totally awesome all the way through to the chalet. Once leaving the chalet it is a 4 mile fully sun exposed hike to the shuttle stop. You will want to double your water if you going to do this hike in the summer.

22 hours ago

On Sunday My husband dropped me off at Logan Pass. I was on the trail at 8 am. Spectacular views.the whole Highline Trail to the chalet. Went up Glacier Overlook. I took many breaks coming up. None coming down. Very windy at the overlook. I saw 1 goat and three deer. Got to chalet at 1 pm. I purchased a Gatorade at the chalet and used the pit toilet. A woman 15 minutes ahead of me on the Loop Trail saw a bear. The people ahead of me periodically whooped and yelled “here bear”. I did not see a bear.
I got to the Going to the Sun Road at 2:50 pm, just as a shuttle bus went by. The shuttle buses were only taking 2 people at a time and there were over 10 people in line, in full sun. The line moved more due to people hitch hiking than due to shuttle buses. After waiting an hour, an off duty ranger asked the group a few questions. Then suggested that one person per group get on the shuttle. Then drive their car from Logan Pass to the Loop and pick up the rest of their group. The next shuttle to arrive took 12 people. . .

3 days ago

8/01 - 8/03: Went in to Aneroid Lake via the east fork then over Polaris Pass and up to Glacier Lake finshed through the Basin and down the west fork. Awesome trip!! Stunning scenery, Bugs a non factor, water refreshing, and fish biting!! Trails down from Polaris Pass in pretty rough shape, but worth the extra effort!!

4 days ago

Amazing hike, especially early in the morning. I hit the trailhead at 6:15 and was the first on the trail. Saw tons of sheep and some goats later on. Breathtaking views.

We did it in 2 days, 53km (we went the wrong way for 5km ). Very nice hike but not that easy as we did a lot of km each day. Views on the 7 summits are breathtaking. Don’t worry for the water, there’s a lot of place to refill all the way to Galehead Shelter. Make sure to have enough water at this point because the next water supply is on the way down. So you must have at least 2L from galehead to the end of the hike ( if you do it in 2 days ). Many campsite are available all the way. Make sure to not have to much weight in your backpack and hike sticks. For the rest, you must be in shape to do this trail. Definitely recommend.

5 days ago

Made this Clockwise hike with Dan M (previous review). I’d like to emphasize our selection of camp sights as I felt ours was a great way to enjoy the best part of this loop. If you’re hiking the Rae Lakes Loop why not spend some time at Rae Lakes?

Day 1 - Ranger Station to Upper Paradise

Day 2 - Upper to Dollar Lake. Sure, with an early start, you can make it Rae Lakes, but this would be a tough ~14 mile day with ~3,600’ of elevation gain putting you at Rae late afternoon when most of the better Camp sites are taken. And then since you can only stay 1 night at Rae you’re out the next morning having only spent the evening and night at the best part of this trail.

Day 3 - Dollar to Rae Lakes. This is a short 4 mile hike. The crown jewel of this hike is Rae Lakes. The Dollar Lake stop puts you at Rae before noon, with your choice of any Campsite. We selected the little peninsula in the NW corner of Upper Rae just to the east of the little strait or stream connecting Upper and Middle. We were able to relax here all day, swimming in both Upper and Middle, fishing, talking with the exhausted clockwise hikers coming from Upper and the counterclockwise hikers coming thru the pass. Also enjoyed talking with all the JMT’ers and PCT’ers. This was an awesome, relaxing, well-needed restful day for some Hikers from Louisiana (elevation 12 feet).

Day 4 - Rae to Sphinx - up early to enjoy the views from Glen pass at dawn. It’s all down hill (stairs) from here. This is about 14 miles. You can make it all the way but for us it would’ve been late and we didn’t want to drive the 2 hours back to Fresno on that winding mountain road at dusk.

Day 5 - Sphinx back to the Ranger Station.

If you have 4 nights I recommend this itinerary. If we had to do it over again we perhaps make Day 4 shorter and Day 5 longer.

All in all a great hike! Enjoy.

5 days ago

We were a group consisting of two 50 year old boys and three 20ish year old men. We did the loop clockwise camping 4 nights. Camping spots were Upper Paradise, Dollar Lake, Upper Rae Lake, and Spynx.
River crossing at Upper was fine as we utilized a log jam roughly 200 yards downstream from the bridge location. The only issues we had was with water filtration due to our filter choices but it did slow us down to enjoy the views and catch our breath. We carried each one liter and I would recommend 2 liters for the pass as its a long haul over to the next fill up area. I would also recommend an early start for the pass as it does get warm fast. We started at 6 A.M. to cross over Glen. Saw bears at upper and spynx.

Nice hike on a well traveled trail. 95 degree day plus the elevation makes for an interesting day. Flies are normal. They got to live somewhere and they are not really a bother. Take water. Slighty cooler at the top of swiftcurrent lookout. I used trekking poles for return given the switchbacks. This seem to made a big difference in joint and calf strain. Anyway, a great view of many glacier, the garden wall, lookout pass, mount cleverland, heavens peak, etc. Enjoy the day. No complaints whatsoever!!

6 days ago

I've read somewhere that this is the most often done hike in the High Sierra and it is easy to see why. You really get the taste of just about everything here - from lush meadows, pleasant forests and swift rivers with waterfalls to snowy mountain passes and crystal lakes, and all that beauty in a loop that can be done in a couple of days! You really can't go any better than this.
We did our hike in the clockwise direction in 3 and a 1/2 days and it wouldn't be that difficult to do it in 3 if needed.
On the first day, we started from the permit station at around 10am and reached the Upper Paradise by mid-afternoon. The bridge over the river is still out and we met several groups of people who turned back at the sight of the river that needs to be forded. That said, with hiking poles for extra support and sandals or water-shoes to give you some grip, we didn't really feel that it would be quite that bad. Mid-June, the water reached to just around the upper part of my thighs (I'm 6'1") and I'm sure that later in summer, it will be lower than that (if you're not unlucky with rain).
On the second day, first thing in the morning, we forded the river and hiked up to where the trail meets the PCT/JMT (in the upper right "corner" on the map) and followed those to the Upper Rae Lake where we set up camp at around 5 or 6pm. This was by far the most strenuous day of the hike with 3600+ feet of elevation gain and quite a few up-and-down bits, especially in the first part, which added some extra feet to boot. Nevertheless, the views along this section are just spectacular as you slowly ascend above the treeline, and the lakes themselves are simply breath-taking.
On the third day, we started with the first light in order to reach Glen pass before the sun would soften the snow, making it more difficult and dangerous to walk on. Especially since we didn't have any micro-spikes or snow-axes, we were a bit worried but, as it turns out, with hiking poles and sturdy boots, the pass was nowhere near as bad as we had feared. Later in summer, things are bound to get even easier, but I would definitely think twice about doing this when there is a lot of snow. After you reach the pass, it's all downhill from there and there was no snow at all on the southern side, making the descent a walk in the park. We reached Charlotte Meadows by around 3:30pm and for a moment we debated whether to stick to the plan and set up camp there or hike all the way back to the car. In the end, we decided to take it easy and spent the rest of the afternoon bird-watching, but it's easy to see how one could make it from the Lakes back to the permit station in a day, albeit a fairly hard one.
On the fourth day, it only took a couple of hours to get to the end.
So, in summary, this hike is definitely right there in the top best hikes that I've ever done and I can happily recommend it to anyone who likes the outdoors and is not afraid of backpacking.
As other have said, the clockwise direction seemed easier with the ascent being more gradual, and I also felt that it worked better in terms of dividing the trail into manageable sections in a way that you get to camp by the lakes, which I can't recommend enough.
Finally, while on the trail, particularly in the lower sections, keep an eye out for rattlesnakes - we encountered two, and one of them let us get within striking distance before it started rattling, all coiled up and scary as hell. We froze and it slithered backwards off the trail while still coiled (I didn't even know that they can do that!) never once taking it's eyes off us, so no harm done, but it did scare me a lot. We haven't seen any bears but plenty of deer, a variety of lizards, birds, some marmots and a pika at the top of Glen Pass.

6 days ago

Epic views and ever changing scenery. The Wonderland takes you through subalpine meadows, old growth forests, over talus fields and raging glacial rivers. Challenging elevation gains and losses, I think there might be 10 feet of flat path on the whole trail! Challenging terrain in places and smooth forest path in others. Snow crossings, sketchy washout sections. Always, ALWAYS check trail conditions report before heading out, especially to see if bridges are in and never underestimate the danger of the water crossings, never ford alone. Be prepared to change plans or bail out if you cannot cross safely. Campsites all have backcountry privy and bear poles. Cache points at Sunrise, Longmire and Mowich, and abundant water sources make it easy to travel light. Trail is well marked and traveled.

This is a gorgeous trail, but very heavily trafficked. I was a little disheartened at the number of loud, obnoxious people, off-leash dogs, and trash left in the bushes in the campsite I stayed in for the night. :(

Highly recommend clockwise. Took me 4-1/2 days— hiked out the morning of the fifth day. There was a flash flood at the washed-out (former) Paradise Bridge- I heard some people got stranded for hours on an island in the middle of the river. A couple guys went out to rescue them— was touch-and-go. It was a little scary and also inconvenient, with rushing brown water you could not filter because it would clog/ jam up your water filter.

No-one told any of us there is a log jam- not even 1/8 of a mile downstream- which features a huge tree you can waltz across the river on. This info would have come in handy for a lot of people that day.

This is one of the most stunning hikes you will ever experience... but you’ll have to work for it.

It was a good trail, but I would not recommend it for anyone’s first time backpacking or camping. It had rained the few days prior to me and my gf doing it and the creeks were so full and crossing them was pretty dangerous. But overall a great trip. Plan for it to take 2-2.5 full days to complete the trail if it has rained recently.

Hiked on Saturday morning. If you want to avoid the crowded trail and throngs of day hikers, this would be better hike during the week days. I was worried a little about the biting flys, however they were not as bad as I had expected at least on the south and west side of the mountain. The water level at the Zig Zag river was very low even when we crossed it a second time in late afternoon.

I hiked this from Granite Chalet to Many Glacier hotel (about 9 miles total). Not so difficult in this direction, as other reviewers state. I don't think there is a more beautiful, diverse hike around. There are lots of overlooks for glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls, also an abundance of wildlife (we saw deer, mountain goat, moose). As you approach Red Rock falls it becomes very crowded with families. I was not a fan of the last few miles (esp the last mile on the road at Swiftcurrent Inn and the nature trail), but the first 4 to 5 made it all worth it!
A must do if you are at Glacier and you are able.

9 days ago

Amazing and beautiful place to backpack! So glad I was able to do this one! I did a four night loop with my son’s scout troop. Other reviews have covered most of the info, but I would emphasize that you watch out for bears and rattlesnakes (we encountered a Mom and cub on trial and two rattlers during our hike.). I’d also emphasize that it seems like people are not exaggerating when they say counter clockwise is tougher: we did clockwise and as we went along I was grateful every step toward the end that I was descending that section and not ascending. There’s plenty of water everywhere and a lot of space to camp and the main sites and those have bear boxes for stuff that may not fit in your bear can. Also, be prepared for the oft encountered Sierra thunderstorms and rain.

9 days ago

We hiked the Highline Trail on August 28. We weren’t planning on hiking all the way to Haystack Butte. We really didn’t know what that was. Wish we had. From what I can understand now, Haystack Butte is the switchback at that takes you up and over the mountain for a overhead view of Grinnell Glacier Lake. I couldn’t convince my husband to do the switchback. He and I both regretted it!
The hike on this trail is awesome! I have never seen such amazing views! We hiked Hidden Lake trail to the overlook first and then crossed over GTTSR to the Highline Trail. We were definitely intimidated by the cables and the height at the beginning of the trail, but you get used to it. At one point we had to back down the trail, there was a male goat on the trail and he was eating coming our direction. So, the only choice was to watch him eat until he decided to move higher up the mountain. We also saw a female goat and her calf close to the end near the road when we were finished.
Hike this trail but get to Logan’s Pass early for parking and bring more water than you think you need. The hike to the Butte is long and tiring but the view at the overlook was amazing I’m sure. But even if you don’t make it to the Butte switchback the views of the mountains and valley is breathtaking!

10 days ago

7/30 - left trailhead at 8:30am and arrived at 6-mile meadows at 11:30 am, crossed river and had lunch, started up Lakes trail at 1pm and arrived at Horseshoe Lake at 2:30pm, made camp on August Island, swam in lake, weather was stellar, bugs not bad, bean and rice burritos for dinner
7/31 - up at 7am, breakfast of eggs, biscuits, and prosciutto, swam in lake, packed up and onto Mirror Lake at 9am, arrived at Mirror Lake at 11am and made camp on lake with great view of Eagle Cap, hiked to both ends of Mirror Lake in afternoon, briefly saw a group of bighorn sheep in west meadow that were quickly scared off by another hiker's dog
8/1 - headed for Eagle Cap at 7:15am and made summit by 8:45am, trail was very good and clear of snow, unfortunately a haze of smoke was in the area, diminishing the incredible views, on return made scramble to small peak on other side of Horton Pass and had lunch, unable to traverse ridge further to Minam Lake trail, but had nice views of Minam and Blue lakes
8/2 - late breakfast and broke camp, backpacked to Glacier Pass around 11am, absolutely beautiful at Glacier Lake, arrived around 1pm, jumped in icy cold lake and had lunch, considered staying, but headed for Frazier Lake around 2:30pm, gorgeous views on downhill traverse to Frazier along creek coming out of Glacier Lake, arrived at Frazier around 3:30pm, an underwhelming lake in comparison to Glacier, decided to keep hiking for 6-mile Meadows, crossed back over river about 4:30pm, arrived in meadows around 6:30pm
8/3 - broke camp and hit trail at around 9am for easy 6-mile descent to trailhead, arrived just after noon, great trip and beautiful area, would highly recommend and plan to go back

10 days ago

One of the most amazing things I've ever done. We did this 4 days ago. We parked at Loop parking lot to catch shuttle. That was a mistake because we were about 24th in line for the shuttle to Logan Pass. So we didn't get on the trail until 9:30. The shuttle driver told us they purposely only take two or three at a time because the Highline trail gets saturated. However, there was one shuttle that came empty from Logan Pass that took 12 up at one time. My husband wasn't as in shape as he needed to be so by the time we got over the main pass with the snow caps he was pretty tired. I was carrying a much too heavy back pack at 30 lbs. Live and learn what you really need but it was for both of us. It was also pretty hot and we were drinking more water than expected. We refilled our water bottles on a snow melt right around 4 miles into the trail. We stayed the night at the Chalet and loved it!! I wanted to hike up to Grinnell Glacier but not alone because of the Grizzly bears and my husband was too tired to make it. There is free potable water from the park service .25 miles behind the Chalet on an easy trail and they also sell water for $5.50 2 liter bottles. We hiked down the Granite Park Chalet trail to the loop parking lot the next morning and passed the pack mules on their way taking supplies to the Chalet. I loved both trails.

11 days ago

Great loop gets a little busy at the suspension bridge but you get a great mix of loop hikers and through hikers that can chat around a campfire

My husband and I hiked this loop in two days. We got the summits knocked out the first day. The 5th summit is by far the hardest depending on which direction you start. If you have the time you should camp out on top of one of the mountains. They each have a campsite set up and the views are amazing (and the only part of the entire loop where you get some cell service). We hiked the first part of August and there was always a great breeze....never too hot. The Little Missouri trail had some areas we got turned around and was not marked very well but beautiful views. You definitely need water shoes!! Make sure you have great shoes...the majority of the trail is over rocks so your feet will be sore! Beautiful hike and highly recommend

LOVED this hike!! We parked and started at Logan Pass and hiked to the Loop and then took the shuttle back. We started around 7:30 AM, which was great because there were fewer people and it was much cooler. This hike is gorgeous throughout. We added on the Glacier Overlook, which was a lot of work, but worth it! Really appreciated the trail etiquette on this hike. Would definitely recommend this trail and would love to do it again! Be sure to pack extra water to plan to wait for the shuttle. They have specific shuttles that solely go back and forth between Logan Pass and the Loop to pick up hikers, but on a crowded day, you could end up waiting for awhile.

13 days ago

My family actually ran /jogged this trail which I thought was crazy. I walked it. It is not a recommended trail if you have younger children. It has extreme drop off from trail and would not be worth the anxiety. There were plenty of older adults. Great views and the trails height and drop off is pretty thrilling. I saw one mountain goat just chilling. The flowers were beautiful. I just hike 45 min out and turned around. I saw two waterfalls. Was pleasant overall but not my favorite hike in Glacier as I like a water destination however my husband loved it.

13 days ago

We did this loop 5 days 4 nights. It was 42 miles including a hike to Dry Diggins lookout, Baldy Lake, Horse Heaven cabin and Lower Cannon Lake. We camped off the trail except for Baldy Lake and hiked packs off for the remaining. We found excellent and/or adequate camp sites every night. By the end of hiking in 80+degree heat, you will sleep anywhere. Bonus of heat is mosquitoes were minimal. Lucky to have had volunteers just finish cleaning out the trail between Echo and Baldy, made for great trail conditions on 90% of the loop. It was a harder hike than we anticipated, but the extra day was good for resting up. Beautiful country and amazing views until the last day the smoke from the fires in the area was rolling in.

14 days ago

Loved this loop. We did it in 3 days and saw a few black bears. Bring bug spray.

14 days ago

Stunning trail. We did the Logan loop which wasn’t quite as long. More like 20km.
Parked at Logan pass and hiked down to the loop, then hitchhiked back. (The shuttle service was not running very regularly.)
The glacier overlook is not to be missed!! Adds an extra 2-3 km to your day.

Loved this hike! Long, challenging, plenty of wildlife. Be loud if you're alone-hikers in front and behind me saw a grizzly w 2 large cubs! The lake is gorgeous, crystal clear and super refreshing on the feet. Nice place for lunch before heading back, or continuing up to the tunnel.
From the lake up, it's long switchbacks. The reward is a cool walk through to an amazing view of Helen lake and rock walls. Watch your belongings, the chipmunks and marmots will steal them!

15 days ago

This was, by far, the best trail I've ever hiked. It wasn't easy, but it was totally worth it. So much beauty and every different kind of terrain that Glacier has to offer. We saw a lot of marmots, but that was it for the wildlife. We started out around 7am after reading other reviews regarding the parking situation at Logan's Pass. We stopped and ate our lunch at the chalet. Awesome people and a much needed break. Then we continued on the Loop to the end. The Loop was ugly. Just rocky and not very pretty. I was initially excited about the decline, but the excitement ended fast because it was just rough. Although it was worth it to finish. Definitely hike this trail!

16 days ago

Chances for lots of wildlife!

Amazing hike! Amazing views into the valley, amazing waterfalls, and solitude in the upper parts of the pass. If you want to do this pass the "easier" way, come from the Highline from Logan Pass and come out in Many Glacier. It makes the trip only a little longer and you can save yourself from climbing Swiftcurrent from Many. Make sure to stage a car or be okay with hitchhiking back. In the lower elevations its easy to see a moose along the lakes on the way out of the valley or jump into Red Rock Falls on a hot day! My only complaint is the FLIES, FLIES, FLIES on the lower stretch of forest on the trail; bring bug spray!

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