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Excellent set of trails. I spent about 2 hours hiking the various trails, and could have easily spent longer.

Not to bad of a trail. Did it with my 4 year old son. We started on the west entrance to Bonnie cove trail. Good incline on some spots and also narrow. Wouldn't recommend strollers. You are next to the freeway so consider that as well for noise and scenic stuff.

Started off of schaubarum skyline trail of grand ave just slightly past Cameron and past hillside drive then trekked the trail all the way till I connected to the regular schaubarum trail and trekked downward to Amar street then caught the bus to go home. Easy to moderate hike would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge

Fun little trail. I do this weekly with lots of loops and switchbacks to add to the difficulty. Street parking is free. Lots of shade.

Loved this place, took my 3 year old grandson and he loved it too. He's used to hiking so did great, but can get steep for a typical child.

Was a beautiful day and a good hike, saw a hawk, road runner, coyote and a squirrel.

Not bad for a quick local trail. Rode bike today. Used to ride up here when a kid. Glad to see it open and maintained

First of all, I think that this trail may be considered on the harder end of moderate. Prepare for some brutal switchbacks, but a GORGEOUS hike. Be sure to check the signs where the trail splits to make this a loop, or else you'll have to turn back and go down the way you came, I am pretty sure. The sign is clearly marked as the Bailey Canyon Loop trail. As Ruben noted in his review it takes a little searching for the trail that connects to the Northern trail. It looks like you won't even want to go in the gulch, but pay attention on the right and you'll find it. The two main trails were very populated, but I was the only one on the connecting trail. I was grateful for that, because that was the most brutal portion of this hike. Bring your poles - I totally spaced on bringing any and paid dearly for it. The roadwalk back to the parking on Miramonte was nice - seems like those who live butted up to Wilson are used to seeing the likes of us trudging down the road to our cars after the loop. Bring a few liters of water. Wear layers. Get there early, if possible. I am not sure if this leads to the summit proper, but the views were gorgeous from the top. Take advantage of the benches on the down - your knees will thank you. Be careful on the roadwalk, as there are no sidewalks for the first bit.

love it a lot of green lush to savor

25 days ago

Very nice trail. Great informative signs and markers. Was easy to moderate. Lots of geocaching available along the way but I only was able to find one today.

I liked the trail. Surprised to see lots of trees coz some photos or comments said hardly any. Didn’t see many dog poop although some hikers have dogs. Saw horse poop here and there. I liked that there’s a bathroom at the tiny equestrian center. A real bathroom not a portable potty. Things I didn’t like are big potholes going up to the parking lot, very small parking lot, no trail maps, lack of post/signs in the trail and having to park on the side of the road coz the parking lot is so small.

I did this hike many years ago, and it and still remember very well how beautiful it was.

Nice short hike with a nice view of the city

They open at 9am

This hike should be labeled easy and not moderate. However, it's a nice hike for the area and a good place to do trail running. There is a small parking lot available.

Awesome Trail.. loved watching the Horses train.. it was an unexpected surprise. Lots of happy hikers on this trail. Will be back sooon!

1 month ago

first time hiking! im 250 lbs it was hot! i would stop frequently but i did it. cant wait to go back!!! make sure ti take water

I started my trail off of Fullerton Rd. You can start at Schabarum but FYI you have to pay but funds help the park. Enjoyed my hike overall as the trail was very clean, pretty wide, which makes it child and dog friendly, not overcrowded and had beautiful views of the San Gabriel Valley. My only concern was that some of the trails were not marked so there were moments that I was unsure if I was going in the direction I needed to.

Loved it!! Such a great and kind of quick hike. Perfect for a quick 30-minute/45-minute workout before work or any plans!!
The hills really get to you but the view is worth it all.
I’ll be back forsure!

very nice hike...short but a good work

DO NOT PARK AT START OF TRAIL! Myself and everyone else got a $51 citation. Other than that, great trail with alot of steep climbs and cool view at the top.

1 month ago

nice little hike from Fullerton Rd to schabarum park and back would of gave it 5 stars if the bathrooms weren't locked at schabarum park! but all in all a very enjoyable hike on a beautiful day.some steep parts, but the view and the solitude make it worth the climb

Easy and pretty trail, safe and well populated when I was there

1 month ago

Great workout! There’s a pretty view of the homes in that area. There’s lookout benches along the entire trail. It may be challenging for anyone with knee issues. It’s just as steep going down as it is going up

Really nice views & great workout, but as of last Saturday there was a lot of dog poop on the trail :(

1 month ago

Easy trail with a great view at the top.

Great views

Rude person lives on the corner with Murphy park shack. Some deliverance type people there.

easy short trail,nice little work out hiking up at a brisk pace your rewarded with a nice view at the top then you can take your time going down and enjoy the shade of the trees, will be nice in the spring with all the wild flowers.

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