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3 hours ago

Loved every step of the way! Plenty to see, a lot of shade, plenty of uphill and down hill to get your heart going and quiet! Perfect for a walk with your loved ones!

Did this hike Monday January 21, 2019

hard hike if your taking the poopout/punkout trail, but doable dont get discouraged and dont look up just keep going you will reach the top sooner. straight up hike lots of loose gravel if going when dirt is dry.

1 day ago

I really enjoy this trail especially right now the viewpoints are great. I recommend taking a picture of the trail-map at the beginning of the trail because there are different ways to go through this trail and might get confusing if you are not familiar with this trail. There are some steep parts and tons of stairs....so it will be a great hike and way to exercise

no shade
2 days ago

Awesome morning hike #RecoveryWorkOut

2 days ago

Trail was great, super steep. Dog owners though don’t follow rules, I saw a dog without a leash, & a lot of poop not picked up.

Way too many mountain bikers!!! Look out!

7 days ago

It’s a great trail for a casual hike or a run or cycling. Some parts are a bit steep. Great views. Pretty safe area.

9 days ago

The Bonnie Cove Trail starts off inauspiciously, about a hundred feet from the 210, and rises to a ridge with high voltage power lines. I would recommend a slightly different loop, descending on the Alosta Canyon Trail back to the trailhead. The Alosta Canyon Trail is a switchbacking single track, with interesting views of the canyon and oak woodlands. Plus, it is a lot quieter on that side of the park, without the freeway noise and the sizzling power lines.

Very quick trail but the steepness makes up for it. Don’t go on a rainy day because it will get very muddy and you will ruin your shoes like I did. I would definitely want to go back on a non-rainy day

Great place to take a long walk.

I like it medium hard

Would give this a 3.5 if I could. The view and scenery were just okay and you followed a path that was close to the road, which I am never a fan of. If you’re looking for a workout, this hike is 5 stars. You start off hard and don’t stop as you move along from the poop out to the punk. Serious incline the whole way. Following the other trails down is highly recommended as I feel like it would be too steep to descend. The trail entrance to poop out is a little difficult to find, but is right at the corner of where you turn into the park and the main road.

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

We took the poop out trail up and mystic canyon down. The first mile is petty intense but doable.

Great trail! d : )

18 days ago

Very good

lts ok for a mild hike nothing to crazy flat easy to hike.

Very well maintained. Beautiful in the summer!

Great little hike, especially for young kids. Can even take a stroller if you wanted.

No parking, permit only for at least a 4 block radius. Basically it's limited to those who live nearby or are willing to walk half mile to get there once they park legally. Disappointing to say the least.

24 days ago

Fun hike, with some beautiful views! You can even see Downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. Some steep hills so you get a workout, but it's not too long, so it's good for the whole family.

Beautiful park, duck pond, trails leading up mountain...

trail running
26 days ago

I love this place!!! Great workout and the views are amazing. Watch out for the bikes but for the most part we all have shared the trail without a problem.

Nice short moderate trails. Just a caution: As I left today (about 5:30- dark already), someone was making a police report as his truck had been broken into.

We just hiked this Christmas day. Gorgeous canyons and vistas. It feels like you’re in another country. Venezuela or Columbia. A pill was surprisingly doable considering it was 2500 feet straight up. Down hill was smooth sailing.

There are multiple little trails so perfect if you want to explore or need a quick workout. Fairly easy with a couple inclines here and there.

27 days ago

It's alright. Yea, there's a lot of side trails and whatever, but it's easy enough to figure out since the trails are shade free and you can see your way around pretty easily. The 210 is audible from most of the area you'll be hiking on, so it's not exactly a peaceful quiet walk. But there are lots of city views all the way around.

This trail is kept clean. The view from above is pretty. There is a portion that is steep downhill, which can be a little hard on the knees.

29 days ago

It was a nice trail for a workout and enjoying the scenery. My backbone and waist wasn’t good condition. I felt pain even walking. However, hiking in this trail worked on me well. I’ve been there over one month, almost every day for treatment purpose. It’s enough steep for setting body pose. Anyway be healthy ~ and be happy everyone.

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