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Easy 8.1 miles in 3.5-4 hrs

The Parkway was closed so I came up from 221 on the Asuiti trail. Some ice but more mud. Great winter views. The Calloway trail and Nuiti trail are closed for supposed “storm damage.” Well I might have gone down both to make it a loop and didn’t see any storm damage besides one fallen branch. The park service is saying they won’t open till July. It would be nice to know the real reason they are closing these two prime trails for such a lengthy time. It certainly isn’t storm damage. Overall a good steady climb but I wouldn’t recommend it without poles. If you solo hike like I do and you fall be prepared for a being in the woods along time before anyone finds you. Extra clothes, lighter, whistle, etc.

3 days ago

Great multiple usage Trail.
Primarily a mountain bike trail so pay attention to the hiking path direction so as bikes will be coming from the opposite direction.
Head on....so there’s plenty of time to see fast moving bikes.
Some real pro riders full speed ahead!
Appreciate the mixed usage. Thanks trail maintainers!

The dogs and I enjoyed this trail. There are a lot of mountain bikers on the trail, and we were hiking, but they were considerate of us, and I hope they feel that we were considerate of them. The trail is moderately challenging, and although there are some spots for great views, you have to wander from the trail a bit to find them. Otherwise, it is excellent for an uphill trail running workout, mountain biking, or hiking.

Started out great..lots to be seen last few miles are strait up hill. Sorta took the fun outa it.. but great workout all in all good day hike

We started on long bottom road and walked up grassy gap fire road made it to the top had to call a friend to come get us this was very strenuous and up hill for 6.7 miles. You need to be in good shape and hike a lot to enjoy this trail. I plan on working hard so next time I will be ready for this climb

12 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Like many others in the comment thread, I recommend counter-clockwise. The views from the lookout we're awesome. It's a great workout but nothing to be afraid of by any means. This is the type of hike I was hoping for when I moved to NC!

This trail is great in the winter. A lot of the overgrowth described on other guides and reviews is simply not present (however you still will be plowing through stems, thorns, and evergreens), making the views great throughout most of the trail. The Rock Jock section is definitely the most overgrown, although not the most strenuous (until the final 1/2 mile climb back up to the road). Several rocks to scramble up and get a great view, lots of bouldering, lots of stream crossings in the winter.

A note on intersections: they will all be obvious (i.e. sign is basically right in the middle of the trail) except the Linville Gorge Trail to Conley Cove Trail intersection. This is described as at the second of two campsite areas, however we passed about four campsite areas before coming across it. Keep heading north as long as the trail sticks close to the river. The sign is backed up right against the river, so you should see it, however the trail tends to widen/disappear at the campsites so it doesn't force you to run into it.

on Boone Fork Trail

14 days ago

There are a lot of stream crossing, which are probably fine normally. But after heavy rain or snow melt it'd be best to wear water proof shoes, go bare foot, or be prepared to get a little wet

20 days ago

I did a little extra but ended up with 13 miles and 2867’ elevation gain. Very technical foot placement while running but awesome trail and beautiful views at the top!!!

24 days ago

I have hiked this trail several times and love it! Beautiful terrain that the whole family can enjoy. I prefer to hike this trail backward. The front end of the loop is usually crowded with families at the falls area. I tend to like to avoid crowds when I first start hiking so I go the opposite direction (which also ends with a beautiful walk by the falls when you're tired and sweaty. Perfect day hike that lasts a few hours. My 9 year old daughter did this as her first hike (which added several stop and took a bit longer) with no issues. Lots of creeks to cross over so that adds an element of fun. Just be prepared that your socks might get wet!

Absolutely beautiful trail: Rhododendrons all along and the creek with little water falls! Will cross the creek several times, so wear waterproof shoes.

One of my favorite trails: Rhododendrons all along and the creek with little water falls, just beautiful!

very nice, easy trail, not much scenery though. beautiful after snow, with lots of rhododendrons. the Cone Manor house is beautiful, but needs the restorations badly.

A great day tour of the Linville Gorge! Physically demanding with beautiful views throughout the hike! Save up some steam for Pinchin! It’s aggressive! Highly suggest this one for people up for the challenge!

1 month ago

Went right after a decent snowfall, and boy was it muddy! Very fun trail with tons of water crossings, and decent markings. Its been said a million times to do the loop clock-wise (vs. what the mileage markers would suggest), and that's what I did; I would submit that the markers aren't as easy to see if you do it this way, but still very feasible.. If you don't want to do the full loop, I would say do the loop counter clockwise to hand-rail the Boone Fork River and get the most bang for your scenery buck before you turn around.

I admit I was surprised how technical this trail was. I fancy myself pretty good at balancing, but even that didn't keep my feet dry as the melting snow contributed to higher than normal creek levels that just overflowed the stepping stones that probably work fine other times of the year. When I say you cross the water, there are many bridges, but there are many many MANY more unforgiving stepping stone crossings that will test your balance, and leave you wet if you aren't perfect. I imagine its the same way after heavy rainfall, so BRING EXTRA SOCKS...maybe even extra boots, especially if you're planning on doing anything after the hike.

I can't imagine bringing my dog on this hike, as there are practical ladders to climb/descend. I saw like three other people on the trail (winter time, Monday afternoon); I see a lot of others on here brought their dog; more power to them, I'm glad I didn't have mine.

This trail was FUN, but don't let the 5 mile distance fool you if it just snowed or rained a lot.

very good climb. the trail is nice and wide. seemed well maintained but there were some trees on trail from the recent ice storm. it is not as hard as doughton recreation area's bluff mtn premitive ridge trail which gains the same elevation as this trail in 2.8 miles.

1 month ago

As they say hiked it and liked it. Good trail for family not to much elevation gain for the kiddos. And good views of the lake.

1 month ago

I came over from the Tanawha Trail and went right (easy part first). That side is easy but boring. The other side of the trail is gorgeous and definitely more challenging, but nothing the average person can’t accomplish. Be prepared to stray from the trail at creek crossings or to hop from rock to rock.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great flow and good length with options to tailor the trail to your level of riding. Don’t recommend hiking here - dominated by fast mountain bikers.

I love DBST. It's one of my favorites. Last I heard it was closed due to weather-related damages. I would be glad to help repair it!

Very nice area to hike on a day trip from Charlotte

Did just the Moore’s wall part of the trail today and it was absolutely lovely!! The trip to the top was a good workout but totally doable. Views spectacular without having to go all the way to the “big” mountains of N.C.!!!

Fantastic trail. lots of great views and good campsites. Pretty tough though, and the trail isn't always the most well kept. A challenge, but a welcome one.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great flow!!

2 months ago

Great hike during the first Hanging Rock State Park "Reach the Peaks" event on National Public Lands Day in 2013. Lots of views, great ups and downs and be prepared to sleep well after.

2 months ago

Great loop with amazing views!

Wonderful hike w amazing scenery but was very wet and slick. You have to take very deliberate and cautious steps.

Very nice.

We hiked the loop counter-clockwise. The first 1/2 of the trail is poorly marked and our AllTrails app with the download trail was referenced frequently to ensure we were on track. The trail itself was fairly easy to see but there was one 300ft section on an uphill ridgeline that we could not see a trail at all. Once we got to the top of Bee Mountain the trail was easy to follow to the end. The last 2 miles have several creek crossings. This fall the water levels are a bit higher than average and rather than take our boots, socks, pants off for each crossing we new it was only about 40 minutes of hiking in wet to get to the end. Even picking the "easy" places to cross the water was calf to knee high and pushed on you pretty hard... doing that barefoot on the slippery rocks would be tough. We finished the hike with wet feet, tired legs but a big smile.. would do it again!

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