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awesome brings me back to my love days

on Beaudry Loop

6 days ago

Perfect climb and great views. a bit too much for 11 and under. I'd rate it an easy hard hike or a hard moderate.
we did this hike on a moderately warm spring day. started at 8:30am. that was almost too late (for the entire loop).
did it in 2.25 hours with little stopping. bugs were out.

7 days ago

There wasn't a waterfall, but if you like lizards, this is the trail for you!

the trail down to the waterfall has a lot of shade but coming back is a lot of uphill also we got within 75 yards of the hermit Falls and the last part of the trail is almost too difficult none of us wanted to go up it but next week we're going to do Sturtevant Falls it's worth the trip

Great Hike!

11 days ago

This place is great for mountain biking or horseback riding. For hiking which is what I do I found this place to be quite boring. Except for the wild flowers there is nothing interesting about this hike. As far as hiking is concerned I give this place 2 out of 5 stars.

Arrived at the trailhead at 815am and was able to snag a free parking spot on the road. Took the fire road up as it was before the sun got too hot. Little coverage, but beautiful views. Eagle Rock was empty, only one other gal at the top. Make sure you sign the journal in the ‘cave’! Took the Musch Trail down, which was only single track and quite overgrown. Only saw a few places with horse poop. Not too many people at all. Overall the trail was great, I would do it again. But where were the ocean views????

14 days ago

Great hike but when we got back my car had been broken into and my credit cards stolen. They broke the lock and left everything else very neatly in place. I didn’t realize until I got home. This seems to be a trend here. Beware.

Beautiful views! Was insanely windy when I went which made it slightly more adventurous. But very easy hike, not too many inclines.

mountain biking
15 days ago

This trail should not be listed for mountain biking, or at least rated as a black diamond for biking (definitely not a blue). There is a sign that says no mountain biking along the trail as well, and the entry to the Hogback trail is essentially unmarked and is not maintained. I had to go off trail to avoid the no MTB section and missed the Hogback trail entry twice.

Beautiful views. Lots of different trails to take. Few things though, it has absolutely no shade so I recommend going early in the morning or on a cloudy day. Also the creek was absolutely dry. And if you take your dog, beware of ticks. Found a few on my dog, one during the hike and one after during her bath.

Nice loop for beginning hikers. Lots of shade and some nice scenery. Can be combined with Mt. Zion Loop or even with hike to summit of Mt. Wilson. Lots of options.

19 days ago

Love this trail, the only bad thing about is that is can get pretty crowded and no parking.

We went on a day it was a little overcast but the views were still amazing! There is a bathroom on-site before you hit the main trails and a nice little picnic area. The main trails were pretty clear and there were also many small run offs for the adventure seekers. I loved that the trail we chose had a loop rather than a dead end. Will definitely go here again.

Nice view...

Such a great workout! My butt and calfs were sore for days. The bench at the peak was my fav with, one if my fav quotes engraved into it. Burned about 1800 calories doing this hike. Major incline on the way up.

boy we found a shortcut that has a lot of overgrowth but it's very steep and it cuts off almost a mile of the trip to mount Hollywood Peak

Did the hike starting on the left (clockwise) IT IS HARD. Steep incline the entire way up to the top. Zero shade. Bring extra water. Once you get to the top it is well worth it. Cute little box with pens and paper to leave a note. Nice view. Second half of hike is relaxing and all down hill.

23 days ago

As someone else said, I ended up missing the loop and going towards a housing area a couple of miles down. Since It had rained I came upon a gnarly mud pit that almost took me out

Nice Hike! Lots of cool little cabins and dams along the creek. I regret not taking the little detour to Sturtevant falls though :(


Great hike. As others have said the description on this hike is NOT 4.4 miles. Ended up doing 8 miles today. If you hike to the falls and hike back that is about 4.4 miles as an OUT AND BACK trail. Not a loop. Tried to do the loop as described without a map and it took way longer than expected.

Loved it. If you take the left side first you get a beautiful view of the ocean at the top.

This is a beautiful little place with several trails and options. Went after a storm and everything was incredibly lush. It is a steady incline on the Dunsmore Trail from start to finish, but the Le Messanger Loop is a bit nicer on the legs. We actually started from Foothill Blvd instead of the trail head in order to add a few more miles and about 500 additional feet in elevation...a decision my legs are paying for now.

Chantry Flats our favorite go to any trail here is a good trail. Draw back parking sucks! Get there early, or maybe Uber to and from from the REI on Santa Anita, pack station has WiFi.

Some great view of the entire Griffith Park, weekends are a little crowded for my taste.

Definitely go early if you could. Trails get busy later during a day. Valley loop part is usually nice quiet. Really pretty and satisfying trails.

A view is beautiful and rewarding. Quiet early morning. Busy and noisy later during a day.

26 days ago

This trial was awesome after the rain!! Everything was super green and not to many people. Which I enjoyed

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