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Take the alternative loop back instead of simply turning around at the waterfall. It’s a challenge but you WON’T regret it! The views are incredible. Be on the lookout as this is a natural reserve and rattlesnakes (as well as others) reside here.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail. Water wasn't running hard down the falls but it is definitely a must see.. lots of blue bellies, huge tad poles, and a salamander swimming in one of the pools in the fall.. Amazing views at the top! We will be back!

This is always going to be favorite “go to” trail. I love the view and the length and variety that this trail has to offer. Free convenient parking is a short walking distance from the base of the trail on either the street or at the park. It’s also a perfect trail for strollers, dogs leashed, even children. Great trail the whole family can enjoy. Watch out for little critters passing by (just like you would encounter on any nature walk). Make sure to wear a hat and bring lots of water during the summer months because there isn’t a whole lot of shade. The trail can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours depending on if you do the entire trail or just the quick loop around. As long as you’re staying on the designated paths provided, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and fun exercise :)

5 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

5 days ago

All up hill to get to the falls but great views at the top. Bring extra socks Incase you slip in the pools. I know I have.

Beautiful and relaxing. It’s definitely an easy hike. Great for kids and dog friendly. Saw a couple of quails running on the trail for a while. So close to Malibu Seafood for after hike lunch.

Awesome! Just beware...where there is water, there be a-holes

Great trail! Amazing views!! Bring a lot of water & wear a hat :)

Great views over south bay and downtown

Stunning view! Fairly easy hike. Nice views on the way up too.

good for family. has nice views of the city.

Great hike for views of the los angeles area. Perfect to take family and friends to see the stunning views.

Fun hike!!! Enjoy!!!

Great local hike. We turned it into just under 8 miles out and back by following the fire road at the top of the Lake Ramona dam all the way to the yellow gate at the other end. Not very many people around for a Saturday is a plus. It's a very steep climb to the dam. Great views of Lake Poway and Lake Ramona.

Love going before the sunrise, the view is unbelievable.

Hiked up here on a beautiful morning. Great hike for beginners but I chose to scale some rocks up near the top as well. Architecture of the place is reminiscent of Old California. Missions and the like. Great hike and can’t say enough about the views from all angles of this trail.

Great for a quick workout. You can walk the trail or hike up the side trails. It gets busy with a lot of people depending on the time of day. I usually night hike which makes it a lot better to breathe.

Nice trail with great views, my kids love it!

18 days ago

Good quick trail !

Beautiful view and a great place to take your kids. My 5 and 4 year old enjoyed it.

great hike! Bring water, sunglasses & a hat.

Hike was short but nice! The only thing is the road to get there is VERRYY NARROW so be cautious and go slow. You have to cross a river not even knees deep to get to the trail that leads to the waterfall. Our pup took a nap when we got there and the hike back was easy.

Did this hike with my 4 & 6 year old. It was a great little starter for myself and even better that I could bring my kids along.

20 days ago

Great easy hike with 3 1/2 year old grandson, loved the Batman caves. Playground at parking lot entrance which was nice.

It was a fun and easy hike. I did it with family and friends who are much older. My family even had sandals and no water too lol.

One of my favorite hikes in San Diego. Love the view and some fun rockclimbing

Beautiful! Perfect hike for kids, waterfall and old mansion at the end are great motivation for little hikers!

good little hike with great views from the peak.

21 days ago

This hike is accessible for everyone. The Paths are paved and kid friendly.

First part of the trail is nice and flat. If you choose to take creekside trail, there are more trees and shades. Dogs are allowed only on the main trail, which has somewhat shade.
Second part of the hike has no shade, and constant uphill. Last part was paved road to go up on the dam which was steeper uphill.
You don't want to go there when it's very hot.
Otherwise, it's not very crowded and well maintained. a lot of parking spaces, and some picnic benches in blue sky reserve.

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