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5 days ago


Had a perfect March Saturday morning for this fun hike. The loop is moderate and gives you a chance to explore the ruins of a stately estate which must have been a lot of fun to visit is the 1920's and 30's. Follow the Cornish trail to the notch trail and end the loop with the Washburn trail back at he parking lot off 9D. There are several glorious viewing points on the Washburn trail

We did this in a few inches of snow, which definitely slowed it down. It made the hike really fun and pretty so would recommend. Hiking in the snow actually means less mud and mess but definitely need to be careful with you’re footing. We aren’t experienced hikers but pretty fit and this took us 2hours 45. I’m sure on a dry day it wound have been a lot quicker, more like a 2-2:15.

We went clockwise around this trail and I think I would do the same if doing it again. The ascent clockwise is longer but more gradual. The descent then was pretty steep but nice and quick. Doing it clockwise means you have done the majority of the trail when you see the lovely views at the peak.

on Lover's Leap Trail

19 days ago

Easy Hike and beautiful views

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall. I took the red trail up. Blue trail looked pretty taxing and I was worried about footing in the snow. Continued to the end of the red trail but did not explore orange trail area with the 9/11 memorial. Next time.

quick 2 hour hike. added Little Stony Point after. once you get to the top. great views and MUCH easier on the way down.

Great hike. The start of the white trail up is more of a road and there was recent clear cutting to widen it (not very scenic) but once past the quarry the trail thins out and you get great views of the Hudson. The actual summit is a bit inland past the river views and has a bit of tree cover. Past that it’s a long gentle down hill. Then you hit the Cornish estate Ruins which is an awesome treat on a somewhat uneventful descent. We went in winter so it was empty but I hear summer is a zoo.

Pretty difficult because of all the ice but well worth the trek!

Easy walking pace or moderate running, this stunning gem should be on your list of HV hikes.

Quite a frigid day to hit this trail but it was lovely despite the fact it was 8 degrees when I started it. Began on sunken mine road and took the yellow trail to the blue trail and back to sunken mine road...overall slightly under 4 miles for the loop. Overall Trail was nice and easy

4 months ago

Beautiful views. Not too crowded

Rigorous for the first mile or so, but relatively easy the rest of the way. Spectacular view looking south rewards the climb. Easy 15-20 min walk from Cold Spring Metro North.

It was a good day for hiking. But in the afternoon the trail was a bit too crowded. Some groups monopolized the scenic overlooks. Normally I would give this 5-Stars.
Also I am very pleased with the improvements Governor Cuomo is making to the NYS Parks, Thank you.

Nice trail with a good ascent and a bit of rock scrambling. Unfortunately it was also absurdly overcrowded with loud annoying hiking groups, it felt like we were still in the city, so much so that we decided to go off trail to get away, which was nice. A tip for hiking couples and groups-most of us come out here to get away from the noise of the city and enjoy the peace of nature, so keep your mouths shut or at least have the courtesy to use your inside voices. We want to hear the wind blow through the trees, not your constant blathering at full volume.

4 months ago

This trail is awesome! A bit challenging during the first mile or so but after that it's quite easy. The ruins are amazing!!!!

Short hike with easy access to beautiful views of Lake Lillinonah. You can cross the bridge and take the wide gravel path straight up to the largest cliff, but there are other awesome viewing spots farther up the mountain if you don't mind steeper trails. Lots of interesting building remains and historic sites too, for those who are into the history of the region!

Great trail, great views

5 months ago

beautiful view at the top! The first white arrow you see up the white trail leads to a great vista. Don't miss that!

Nice trails, cool waterfalls and little ponds. Trails aren't too narrow (most places) which makes it easier to avoid ticks. Trails are well marked. My dog and I enjoyed our hike and will definitely be back.

Not well marked about halfway through so we ended up going back the same way we came up but very nice trail

Great hike, there is a map provided at the beginning of the trail and markers along the way which make it much easier to navigate. Went on a Monday and it was pretty empty and great with our dog:)

Took the blue path up and red back down based on other reviews. All accurate that blue is more difficult. I wish I had more time to explore. I thought the trails were well marked. There were no trail maps, but I went online and downloaded a PDF from the Putnam county website.

6 months ago

Great little trail..beginning is unique by crossing over one of 4 iron bridges that still exist in Connecticut. There are also other hiking options in the park with several other trails

Trails themselves were fine. Nice waterfall and some scenic viewpoints. Downsides were no trail maps, a sign of the trails that appeared to be drawn by a 10 year old, very confusing to follow. Wouldn't say this was hard, more easy to moderate

We hiked the white trail, going over in the yellow then red and at last blue. This map doesn't tell you the colors but you can get a free map at the station where the trail starts. Took about 2,5-3 hrs to get around the 8-9 kilometers. The first bit is definitely steep but once you get up there, the views are fantastic!

Really cool old structure, took the opportunity to head up yellow trail and back down into cold spring on the white trail. Awesome views. Highly recommend, nice combination of easy hike and progressively got more difficult upon descent into gravel pit above cold spring parking area.

Ruins and views and streams, oh my.

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