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20 hours ago

Loved this trail. I hiked from Barkshed to Allison and was impressed by the scenery. Massive bluffs, rock outcroppings and formations much like you would see along the Buffalo River, only on a slightly smaller scale. Ended up camping at a great spot by a big bluff and possibly the smallest waterfall on Earth about 1.5 miles from Blanchard. I got a shuttle from Sylamore Creek Camp which works great just note they are located one mile from the trailhead. I would also add this is possibly the best marked trail I’ve been on.

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6 days ago

Very pretty!

7 days ago

Butterfield Hiking Trail 10-11 Nov 2018

Hiked the BHT clockwise doing an overnight. Weather was great with lows in the high 20s and highs in the mid 40s. No bugs, snakes or ticks. Foliage was about a week or two past peak.
Prep: No specific prep for this hike.
Hike: This hike is could be moderate or could be strenuous depending on how you hike and your experience level. The trail is generally easy to follow with sufficient blazes. Follow the natural line of drift and you shouldn't go too far off the trail. The only potential issue is where you may end up on another trail that crosses the BHT. If that's the case and you stop seeing the blazes retrace your steps and you'll be fine. There are mile markers, but while useful for landmarks, I would not take the actual distance as gospel. You will go 35 minutes to cover a mile while and with similar terrain and pace the next mile will be 15 minutes. There are some places where the trail is rocky, not as in you climb up rocks but a bunch of brick sized rocks littering the ground. Throw in the leaves covering the trail and this could be tough if you have knees or ankles that susceptible to being tweaked. I didn't use poles but some in my party really needed them to avoid bodily damage.

You need to stop by the visitor center and they will log you in and give you a parking pass for your car if you are overnighting. They will give you a copy of a sketch map and talk through any nonintuitive areas of the trail (get to the start, and the finish). With the map and a simple compass you are set as the trail is fundamentally a box bounded by two creeks. Once you start there is a some incline as you head up the ridgeline until about mile 2.5. You run the highground for a while and then by about mile 5 you are back by the creek. Once you pass mile 7 the trail becomes covered with the brick sized rocks. I edged up to the west (up the slope a bit) to see if conditions improved but they didn't. Around mile 9.5 the trail goes up and there is one chute of about 20m where you need to use your hands (about mile 10) but I wouldn't really call it a scramble. Then the trail rides the ridgeline. A little past mile 13 you have a downslope that gets you down the ridge and then you are at the creek. There is caution tape where the trail is closed by slide. Go about 50m left (as you face the creek) and there are some rocks where you can cross. If the water level is higher I could see getting your feet wet. After that another .5 mile and you are back at the parking lot.

Camping Sites: The great thing about this park is that there are primitive camp sites sprinkled throughout. Some are set along the creeks and some are in the higher ground. There are good concentrations about mile 5 and mile 9.5 (Junction Creek). We stayed at Junction Creek. It sits about 400m off of the main trail and the intersection to the trail that leads to it is marked. Previous campers have made 7-8 fire circles, stone furniture etc and there was plenty of deadfall to make a nice fire. About 5 groups ended up camping in the area. If you are looking for complete privacy JC isn't the place for you (at least on a weekend).

Gear: Standard overnight gear. Some reviews reported water resupply was an issue but you are near creeks for a lot of the route and the water levels looked good at this time of year. I used about 3l including camp stuff and rehydrating meals.

Additional notes: Check and see when hunting season is. We found out it was going on when we checked in. The visitor center will give you a flourescent vest to throw on your pack but the savvy folks brought a blaze hat or something similar. A lot of the trail in in the Forest where hunting is permitted and not the park . While we did not see any hunters you can hear them shooting fairly often so you know they are there.

There are some caves in the park but currently they are closed due to some disease that the bats are getting. If caving is your thing call the park for updates.

Overall a good hike with great camping opportunities.

We did this trail during the fall and it was great. There are a lot of cool trails and views to see in Petit Jean State Park and this goes by many of them. I definitely wouldn't consider this trail hard, there were only a couple small sections that were difficult.

Decent trail but make sure you don’t go during deer season. If you do, make sure to bring bright orange clothing as the woods are filled with hunters.

Not sure why it says 13.7 out and back. It is a loop that is close to 20 miles. My cousin, my dog and I hiked this Nov. 3rd and 4th. The leaves were changing and we lost track of the different varieties of mushrooms we seen. There was an abundance of places to filter water so there wasn’t a need to carry more than a couple of quarts and probably could have got away with less. There are some caves and a natural spring to check out along the way but one cave is closed during the winter. I would suggest taking a map and compass as the trails are not well marked and can be easy to lose during leaf fall. We tried using gps off of a couple of different apps but found non of the recorded tracks to be completely reliable. I would definitely hike this trail again.

very enjoyable and great overnight trail.

10 days ago

Fun trail! might be a little strenuous in some spots for beginners and if the water is up along with the rapids its a challenge to cross to the trail head safely, but a great day hike regardless! Seems like a great camping spot as well

Hiked this trail from Cripple Turkey trailhead to Allison Nov 4-6, 2018. It's a wonderful trail with massive sandstone bluffs rising from creek level. Higher up, the trail travels along the bottom of high bluffs. There are countless beautiful hollows and side creeks. The fall colors were spectacular. On this trip it had rained the day before and rained during our trip, so water was plentiful in the main creek and side streams. The entire trail was clear, well-maintained and not overgrown. The section from Cripple Turkey trail head is less used than the rest of the trail, so it is not as much of an obvious trail in some places.

This is a beautiful trail. I will edit this with track and pics soon.

Me and a buddy did the loop starting at Camp Five Pond Trailhead heading CCW. The trail was fairly well traveled (met 2 couples doing the same trip we were doing) which made it easier to pick up but was still tough in spots. The leaf fall is late this year so we didn't have a lot of new leaf litter to deal with. That would have likely made it pretty difficult. There were still some tough spots. We had a compass, this map: http://www.ouachitamaps.com/Irish%20Wilderness.html and a GPS for backup/redundancy against our orienteering skills. The map from Ouachita Maps was very accurate, even more so than the trail that the GPS showed (I think that was USGS data). Even so, we lost the trail a couple of times but were able to pick it back up fairly quickly with a little scouting around. Be careful coming out of White's Creek after the float camp (heading CCW). The ascent is tough and the trail is really easy to lose there! There was a curious 'encampment' at the Fiddler Spring access, we weren't sure what to make of it but it wasn't a backpacker's set up. Didn't see any of the inhabitants, though.

Beautiful wilderness area with great views/scenery as the trail goes along the river. We did it in 2 days, camping only 1 night. About 11.5 hours total hiking time. Map and compass/GPS (and the ability to use them effectively) are critical - I wouldn't do this trip without them.

This is a beautiful trail, especially during Fall and leaf off. We like to go up the West side and down the East but it’s great either way. Park at Redding campground and start directly across from the restrooms behind the campsite. The trail is well blazed and easy to follow. It took us about 5 hours to complete but that was with a long lunch break and some photo stops along the way.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail featuring multiple creek crossings and swimming holes. But very overgrown with brush varying from ankle to waist high - perfect for ticks! Pulled over 150 ticks off me after hiking from from Allison to Gunner Pool. Got Lyme disease. Would not hike this trail again unless there is some serious trail maintenance.

on Twin Falls Trail

21 days ago

This place was awesome

26 days ago

A nice walk in the woods. Some nice elevation changes that will get your heart pumping. The highlight of this trail are the fantastic camping spots by the creek. Several have pre-made chairs made from rocks with good back support. The trail has nice rock formations with moss and lichen: typical Ozarks.

Will definitely be back to do this trail again

A really nice hike. Many great views, the water level is high as a result of the recent rain, but the trail has held up pretty well, waterproof hiking boots helped

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1 month ago

Classic Arkansas Ozarks trail. Went up the east and down the west on a moderately cold (45F) wet October morning. 7.4 mi, 1,390 ft in 2:50. East side is more interesting with a couple of small waterfalls. West side is dryer with more scenic views. Saw 3 white tailed deer. No humans. The west is also easier. I was able to run most of it. About half way the loop connects to the Ozark Highlands Trail right at the Spy Rock Trial. On the Spy Rock long pants recommended. There are a couple of fire rings at Spy Rock, which would be a great place for hammock camping.

1 month ago

Hello twins. ;)

Fun over nighter!

Just gorgeous!!!!!!!

Awesome trail so much to see. Agree with the other positive posters.

The trail is in rough condition; very overgrown and easy to lose with no markings. It is definitely low on water right now, but plenty of spider webs! I think I took home most of them on my face.

This was my first ever over night. It was a fantastic 2 days on the trail. beautiful scenery and a great trail to test your skills! Can't wait to do it again.

Awkward beginning of the trail, very overgrown and not well marked. I recommend starting at the turnoff for the campsite and not where google maps takes you. A wonderful view at the top, definitely a good one! Took about 4 hours round trip.

2 months ago

A friend and I did this hike in two days over Labor Day weekend. Definitely a challenge if you pack in your water (which I suggest since there isn’t a lot of water on the trail). Plus, the trail markers are a bit hard to follow at certain points. Between miles 6 and 8, pay attention. I went off a few times following a four wheeler trail. The last mile there’s a Galen tree and a landslide, but hopefully they fix that soon. Fun adventure!

I always use a short section of this trail for an out and back day hike along Lee Creek. Starting from the parking lot across from the pedestrian bridge I hike in along the left side of the creek on the BHT. Yesterday I discovered that a HUGE section of the trail has collapsed in to the creek and is impassable. We had to scramble down the side of the mud and hike downstream a bit to pick up the horse trails on the other side of the creek and made our way back to the car via the Lake trail from the RV camp ground. I never check in at the office because I am not backpacking overnight but I will next time. Be careful!

hiked this over a 2 day period to relax and have some fun on the trail. highly recommend starting at the parking lot at the back of the State Park and head in a CW direction. great camping out on the trail around mile 5-5.5.

This starts in pretty dense vegetation that rubs on your legs. Wear pants. Lots of ticks and chiggers too, so bring bug spray. Otherwise a good trail.

Love Richland creek, falling water and all the other falls along this beautiful creek

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