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Tons of springs relative easy loop to do in a day.

I have hiked this trail shown on the map and THIS trail on the map is not the Pinnacle overlook trail from the Iron Furnace. This trail on the map is from an area off Hwy 988, near Sugar Run. Great hike just not accurate.

17 days ago

A difficult trail due to the rocky terrain. However, the views of the valley offer a great reward. One of my local favs.

This was my first big hike. it's special to me because my family settled the areas on both sides of the mountain.. The Bowers family in VA and Heishman family in Trout Run.

So for me, the hike was worth the insane first mile uphill. Once it levels off, you get a bit of a break while you hike the top of the mountain. Lots of great places to stop along the way and see the valleys.

The bridge is really neat, and not something you see much of on trails. I really enjoyed just sitting alone at the summit, enjoying the breeze and taking pics. Believe it or not, you can get 4G up there!

I first went in April 2017. Then did Tibbett Knob later in the year with my daughters.

Very rocky trail... great workout.

Be careful of the drive up. Lots of blind curves and a narrow road. People take the curves pretty quick and we had to pull onto the shoulder a couple of times to avoid getting smashed.

First mile is uphill with plenty of rocks. After that it is still rocky but levels off. Great views along the way. Definitely worth dealing with the ascent.

very rocky, but worth the hike to the top. Great views, have done this hike 5 times and still look forward to doing it again.

We went for an overnight backpacking trip this weekend, expecting snow and rain.We got halfway up green mountain right before the plateau and the trees were so overgrown we had to crawl to keep on the trail. Finally got near the plateau and the trees were so close together that a human body could not push through. I wonder when the last time anyone maintained this route. The creek was beautiful and we had a good time camping despite not being able to finish the trail due to overgrown plants.

Amazing hike! Killer first mile uphill though

It was snowing up there it was cold but a good hike.

The first part is all uphill and is killer but it evens out about halfway up the trail. Views are amazing and worth it!!! So beautiful.

Rocky. Recommend good shoes. Excellent hike with beautiful views.

secluded narrow wet

2 months ago

Combined Tibbet Knob Trail with Big Schloss Trail for a 7.5 mile hike with 2000 ft elev. gain. A good workout. Highly recommended.

2 months ago

Completed this trail in December 2017 as a one night backpacking trip. Overall a nice trail. Not too taxing, and some decent vistas at the apex of the climb. The trail is overgrown in places, so be prepared to deal with some possibly wet foliage. Navigation was mildly tricky in a few spots, but less than obvious turns are pretty consistently marked with either cairns or, in a couple of spots, orange paint.

Just did an hour out-and-back at the southern terminus along 33. Parking was not fun- just a narrow strip along the road with ambiguous no-trespassing signs. Coming in from the north/west side (out of Germany Valley) requires a hairpin u-turn on a blind corner. However, once on the trail assuming you haven’t been run over it’s awesome. Big cliffs of Tuscarora quartzite and views of Germany Valley the whole way to Spruce Knob. Bring a good camera! Also read up on the local geology-makes the landscape even more amazing.

Great level trail. Great camping. Lots of water falls

Loved it was a great day so many different eco areas bogs, open plains, spruce forrest, oak forrest, rock sprees,creek filled hollers.....two thumbs and a smile on my face.....

2 months ago

absolutely breathtaking

great view from the bridge as well from the rocks at the very end. a great place to overlook 2 valleys!

backpacked down from top of spruce knobs the camped 2 nights on river hiked the trails beautiful scenery, waterfalls and campsites. hiked up and out hard hike but worth it

3 months ago

Great trail with good elevation change. The late fall views are amazing. Make sure to have enough water and sturdy footwear.

3 months ago

Not well marked, but if you follow the gps map on all trails and look up the direction on hiking upwards, it’s not too bad. Definitely would not hike this trail without using gps on the all trails app. All together a great hike, very difficult and treacherous footing at times. I would not hike this trail if it has rained recently as the trail is narrow and the stream crossings numerous. We hiked in late November and were easily able to cross the draft every time. Hiner springs is an awesome campground and well worth the hike to get there. If you hike counterclockwise like the directions say and camp at Hiner springs, the second day hike is a piece of cake and beautiful.

Great trail. Steep climb for about a mile, then levels off along the ridge. Beautiful views. Trail is pretty rocky - so would only recommend sturdy hiking boots. Looking forward to completing Tibbett Knob next.

Lovely. Not well marked.

3 months ago

I hiked this today. Gorgeous hike, plenty of camp sites.... cross water 4 or 5 times and very muddy but the rocks that are everywhere serve a massive purpose!!!!! If those rocks weren’t strategically placed on the trail, you’d sink in the mud!!! Kudos to whomever did that! Also, the terrain changes a lot! You’re in thick woods then crossing water then in an open field with views of the mountains then you’re in the woods with leaves surrounding you....it’s definitely a trail I recommend! Next time, I’m camping

3 months ago

You'd never know somebody could be so happy finding a trail. About a year ago this time last year, I entered the Kaylor's Knob (or Ridge) Trail at the Massanutten overlook in the afternoon for what I thought would be an out and back short run, having never been on the trail before. Well it was a little late in the afternoon and all I had on were my running shorts and a tee shirt. Somehow I missed the "end" of Kaylor's Knob and never turned around. I thought I was doing a big circle, but little did I know I was just going farther and farther north into the woods. It finally got too dark for me to see safely, so I sat on the little path, (prayed a little that it wouldn't rain) and spent the night shivering in the woods. Why didn't I call someone? - I was "that guy" in this case - no phone on me! as I thought I would be back at the overlook in no time. At 6:23 a.m. the next morning (I remember the time precisely) I started off again. It was only about 25 minutes later I came across some overnight campers that were camping not too far from the path entrance off of Airey Lane. The park rangers who picked me up said they help find about one hiker a month, but I was the farthest from where I had entered from anybody in a long long time! So anyhow, I've been searching for this path (I'm not from the area) a couple times I've been back and yesterday I finally found it! I had never asked the park rangers where it was they picked me up - I just kept searching the maps and I knew it was a long way from Massanutten . I would do it all over again - but next time will be much more prepared. Thanks for reading - I loved the path btw. I'm not sure what the section after Kaylor's Knob is called heading towards Fridley Gap, I think it called Second Mountian Trail , but there were some pretty knarly paths and dangerous slopes and rock formations. If you get a chance and are in up for it - go for it!

Be prepared to get your feet wet. Trails pretty much consist of walking somewhat dried up creek beds. Nov conditions this weekend, icy the first day, wet and muddy the next day. Wasn’t prepared to get knee deep in mud! Trails were not well marked until they intersected, then there were wooden signs with distance between each trail. Nice and quiet trail, great for dogs. Lots of great camping sites along the way with fire pits made by others

Fun trail to go on, Ì went 11/5/17, about 4 hours round trip. Basically walking up a hill half way then down the hill half way. Easy marked trail with blue diamonds (and yellow rectangles) on the trees. You’ll come to the top on the hill where it forks, left will take you on the Allegheny Trail, and right take you to the High Falls (there are signs). Once you come to the railroad tracks make a right and follow the tracks down stream around a few bends until you come to a train stop and you’re there. Ì suggest reading Scott C’s post down below on how to find it because ì had trouble finding the trail head myself.

Great trail, definitely going back in the summer. Ì went 11/11/17 . Started at 9:40am finished at 6:20pm. Did all 20 miles, started at the suspension bridge off rt 72. Made my way down to the fork in the trail (left will take you up the mountain, right will take you along the creek). Ì took the creek way where you have to walk across the creek 4 times. After Ì crossed the 4th time Ì was 8 miles into the trail and headed up the mountain. The trail up the mountain wasn’t bad, just steep, but going down was rough on my knees due to the loose rocks. But Ì made it back down to the fork and headed back to my jeep. Ìf you’re planning on doing this in a day Ì suggest bringing : a head lamp: sandals : extra socks : waterproof case for your phone : and your basic hiking necessities. Ì had no service at all, but this app did track my location on the trail the whole time.

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