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great time . made a 15 mile loop from here

Pretty strenuous and I didn’t run into anyone on the trail so I would recommend to go with someone but views are awesome at the top!

15 days ago

My wife and I have a habit of being at Nat’l parks during government shutdowns. Last year (early 2018) on ice at the Smokies with micro spikes and now this year at the Gap. We did Iron Furnace to TriState and the up to the Overlook (via Harlan Road rail partway) without seeing more than 5 hikers. Zero cars! Our version was about 1800 feet and 5.8 miles. We also intentionally overshot the return back to iron furnace for a look at the top of Gap Creek waterfall. I recommend this combination of iron furnace to TriState over to pinnacle and back down.

15 days ago

This trail leads you to a stone road in the middle of the woods. No views, pretty muddy, and not worth the effort.

some fantastic views, but extremely rocky and uncomfortable hike. fire road is kind of a drag too. not sorry I did it, but not one I plan to repeat.

Walked many miles on this trail.

Great hike, the first part offers a nice set of switchbacks t get to the ridge. The view Friday from Big Schloss is awesome.

I definitely recommend this trail if you are in area. the first half mile or so is a steep incline but after that it's smooth sailing. great views of both Virginia and West Virginia. I only saw one or two other groups while on my hike. the parking lot was easy to find and there were restrooms (no sink though)

My wife and I have vacationed there and hiked the whole trail. Otter Creek is a beautiful place for a couple to camp and get away or a great place for the whole family.

1 month ago

A fun hike. I went in late November with a dusting of snow on the ground - absolutely beautiful. The falls are gorgeous but the hike in and out is even better.

1 month ago

Beautiful view of the creek entire hike. Absolutely stunning. Very family and dog friendly. My dog Jack had a blast. Please leash your dog as many pups hike out here.

1 month ago

Where Oak Park was located.

Fun but be ready if you’re not used to such vertical climbs!

1 month ago

Backpacked this in 2.5 days 2 nights counterclockwise. A pretty good loop to with a variety of scenery along the trail. There are some decent overlooks on the first half of the loop and then you hike along the stream on the second half of the loop. Overall a nice trip.

1 month ago

nice trail for most of the way, it gets a little hairy when you pass the tucker gap sign and the trail is redirected to aboid private property. I'd suggest not going when leaves are on the trees so you can see all the markers more easily. i got pretty lost in the summer for about an hour before finding the trail again.

I loved this trail! Beautiful rock formations and seen a timber rattler! Unbeatable views! Didn't seem like 4 miles at all.

2 months ago

Great quick hike. It was a chilly day but very clear and sunny, perfect day out. I saw 25 or more people but had nice bits of quiet time. The campsites were half full.

So worth the climb up. Walk passed the Big Schloss cut off and go about a half mile more to look back at it.

Awesome hike today! Lovely weather, amazing views.. a bit crowded on the trail, but I suppose that's to be expected on one of the last warm weekend days of the year! Went up to the top and ate our sandwiches sitting on the cliff and enjoying the silence...ahhh

My self and two of my friends did this trail from north terminus to south. my plan to do it this way was so that i could begin the hike at 0400 and be waiting on top of chimney rock for the sunrise. My god was it worth it. I sat on that rock brewing coffee and enjoying the perfect scenery until 9am.

This was my favorite spot on the entire hike. I will be going back just to spend a weekend here. You must see it.

the trail has countless overlooks, some with beaten paths, others you can just walk west to the ridgeline. plenty of campsites premade around and the trail was pretty well kept even after all of our recent storms.

to the east is private land lines in and out of the hike. so be cautious of hunters/hunting dogs.

THE ONLY WATER SOURCE IS A SPRING AT THE 12MI MARK. this is crucial for correct planning. its very easy to walk by as i did.

from south to north the trail will continue blue blaze onto a fire road (nice well packed black gravel) down and over pipeline clearings, then downhill to campsites where the trail begins into the woods again. It is at THIS point, a grass fire road to the left of the trailhead. walk roughly 30y down that road and the spring is on the left with rocks holding down some chickenwire to prevent leaf n debris from entering it. (It looks like a rectangle stone storm drain with chicken wire ontop)

when i was hiking this i had spent a long time trying to find it and i wanted to make a point to give a very deffinitive location of this "spring" its yeild will depend on rainfall but all 3 of us got 6 litres and it didnt budge. plenty of water for us in october.

in total, this hike is beautiful, quiet, relatively easy, short distance from town, and offers alot more than you will put into it.

I will be going back.

NOTE: North Fork Mountain trail is roughly 24.3 miles long. From One Terminus to the next. One water source at 12mi. And a shuttle service is offered at the north terminus for the 25-30min drive back to where you started.

The start of the trail was rough. It rained the night before and so some parts were pretty washed over. We did the trail counterclockwise but because of the heavy rain, you couldn’t jump on rocks to get across the river. We were about knee/mid-thigh deep. The rest of the first day was pretty dry, so make sure you do have plenty of water especially because it was almost entirely a steep incline. We spent the night at the hiner springs area which was really nice. There were plenty of places to camp and running water. The second day was super easy and all downhill, but you cross the river a lot (minimum of 15 times). You can’t avoid getting you feet wet. A lot of trees were down too. I would say the two biggest things about this trail that we didn’t like were 1. There wasn’t a really great overlook for the work you put in 2. It was poorly marked. You needed the app to make sure you were going in the right direction. However there was a trail crew doing maintenance, so maybe that will improve.

Loved it!! Watch footing lots of big rocks among the leaves.

Went on this hike last May and loved it. First hike in the States after seven years overseas. Great rock formations and views from the top. Recommend going as early as possible to avoid crowd and experience the hike in at best viewing time.

A must do for any Kentuckian! Historically important locale to America! Stunning scenic views and just a must!

3 months ago

Great hike. However going counter clockwise thru the loop, after the first overlook (1.5 miles) there are several rock piles across the trail and rocks off and on for the next mile or two. Be sure to wear the proper shoes and take care. The overlooks are quite spectacular. I was however disappointed at Signal Knob overlook looking west as the small Maple trees have grown to block a lot of the view that was so breathtaking just a couple of years ago. I hope the trail maintenance crew in that area can trim those back as the view really has been compromised. Saw 4 solo's and 3 pairs of hikers all day. Temps in the 50's and cloudy.

The trail/fire road from the main road is very overgrown and flooded in some areas. Huckleberry trail can be easily missed. I had to circle back after missing it, and noticed the red marker only from the opposite side of the trail. Huckleberry was less muddy but still a lot of wet spots. It started snowing on my trip and it was beautiful. A lot flatter than I expected for a high point, but the 11.5 mile trek was still tiring. Took me just under 5 hours with lots of stops for pictures along the way and at the top.

was good trail from red bridge to chapple cove along lake but no camping back tracked to other side of lake along highway 31 found campsite an was just getting set up for sleep when we encountered someone or something throwing rocks in water an making weird noises so we packed out in the dark which ruined our morning hike out trails were not maintained like was told an saw evidence of fresh cut trees to make a bed with not impressed at all with ratings that you people gave you must be blind ..

Didn’t do the whole trail maybe 40% if it and the views were underwhelming. At least for the eastern side of the loop.

Lovely hike. Started in Harpers ferry and headed north on the AT, stopping at the Ed Garvey shelter a few miles north of weaverton cliffs. Ended up camping there due to rain but the shelter was very nice and there is a spring available to refill water, though it is a steep half mile down the mountain to get to it I recommend filling up there as there aren't any other options for water on the Ridgeline that I saw.

3 months ago

Firstly, it’s not easy in and out. The first .5 mile or so from trail head is easy but as you approach the hill/mountain you’ll be surprised at how the description says, “easy in and out.” There are switch backs both up and down the mountain and a pass between the two peaks/hilltops. Heavy stone and root systems everywhere which was a bit interesting when it was wet. The way down the other side was pretty steep so expect a substantial climb back out. Once you crest the hill and make your way down you’ll see a set of train tracks. There is a blaze and a path directly across the tracks but please just make the right and follow the tracks about another .5-.75 miles to a small little train stopping area. You’ll continue to see blazes down the tracks. The train stop area is the falls. If you are making a few days of this expect a lot of visitor traffic. There is a scenic train system that regularly stops for site seeing. Not many camping areas tbh. If you are looking for wood for camp fires, expect laurel and it didn’t burn well either, and everything is picked clean. Very pretty falls and great rapids which make for some good white noise camping. Don’t bring a horse. It is not safe for that. I don’t know who put that.

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