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9 hours ago

This was a great tail. Very muddy/slippery in places (came early January) so use caution. Offers amazing views from the top of Lake Berryessa and the valley. It is difficult as the uphill climb can be brutal in places, but if you’re up for the challenge then I would highly recommend!

nice riding

Great views of the lake.
I would say this is a very difficult hike. Switch backs, stairs and bouldering add to its difficulty. Also, slippery conditions throughout the trail.
I would absolutely do it again, but there is little shade so likely in fall or winter months.

So beautiful. Extraordinary experience for life.

Awesome day hike! We went on a January sunny afternoon and took the “shorter” trail straight to the top. Yeowch! Beautiful and steep with switchbacks. It took us about 45min to get up there. Gorgeous views of Lake Berryessa, but little did we know that the absolute gorgeous views were waiting for us on the longer hike down. Well, we had to traverse a few more peaks and ridge lines before we actually started moving down in elevation, but the views from those ridges were fabulous and being a little later in the day, the lighting was great for photos. We left vehicle around 1:15p, got to top around 2-ish. Dinked around for about 30-45min, then started the trek down. Got back to car at 5:15p - right when sun was saying goodbye. Would love to do it again, this time in the opposite direction and maybe hike over to see the homestead ruins. Bring water, sunscreen and layers.

bella passeggiata ragazzi consigliatissima a tutti!!

I gather from recent comments that as of 1/12/19 the trail is open. Which answers 1 out of 3 of my questions. The other two are:
1. Are dogs allowed on the trail?
2. Is there a parking or trail fee? If yes, how much is it?

It was a beautiful, crisp day here today. This is a great hike with awesome views of Lake Berryessa and the surrounding areas, and the trail is well maintained by UC Davis. Quite a bit of steep incline and there are stretches without shade due to a wildfire in 2015, but definitely worth it overall. There are lots of cool birds and other animals to spot. Will definitely come back!

Easy hike overall with rock scramble right when you get to the top. Beautiful views from the top. Lightly trafficked throughout.

I’ve been wanted to climb this hill for a long time. And then here comes an opportunity to climb with dozens of HS wrestling students plus their family members on January first 2019. I almost wanted to give up at first half mile bcaz it’s boring. No trees, no rivers, no rocks which I’ve heard of it, but still. High-light is probably the peak part, I very much enjoyed climbing up the short rocky hill to get to the top. It was fun ;)

Hiked this trail about two weeks ago and it was perfect. Very lightly trafficked. I recommend going counterclockwise to go through the neighborhood and “trespassing” section. Trail was a bit overgrown. About half the trail gets shaded. Great vistas and forest environments.

Beautiful crisp New Year Day hike. Lower layer foliage is growing in nicely around the burned trees from 2015 fires. Great views, and gratefully was not a hot day since there isn’t much shade.

Really fun, dynamic hike. Views from the Sierras to the Coast Range, and all across Lake Berryessa. Lots of variation in the trail from steep switchbacks to gradual grades and even some bouldering along the spine of the ridge. Really comfortable hike during the winter but I imagine that it would be grueling from May to September. Can't wait to go back and try the Tuleyome Loop.

mountain biking
17 days ago

nice ride. Went new years day and it was brisk and windy..the wind certainly didnt help as it was blowing towards us. the grade can be kinda difficult as the horses make a mess of the trail as it dries. but we powered through..an amazing view of Mt. Diablo summit and the valley. there was a downed bridge in the beginning but its easy to navigate through. probably wont do this trail again though.

I’m 57 years old and this hike kicked my butt. The ridge has many boulders and can be a bit disorienting I thought navigating the trail ridge was the most difficult -and I started on the switchback trail.! Take plenty of water and give yourself plenty of extra time.

Beautiful trail, BUT WATCH OUT FOR TICKS. Did this trail December 30, 2018 and found a tick on myself after the hike.

Great hike. Amazing views. Elevation change can be a bit strenuous but totally worth it. I also really enjoyed going through the welcome center at the summit.

Wonderful trail. Some tough and technical climbing and descending, but overall enjoyable and well-maintained. Could be tough during the rainy season.

Pretty! I don’t feel like the Hard rating is correct. There were times that it was a tough climb, the beginning is just climbing. I think it should be rated as moderate. Great views of the lake at the top.

Best hike. I have been doing this hike since I was a kid and now get to explore it with my boyfriend and dog. Tiny section with rock climbing but amazing areas where you can jump into the river

Great hike and found a mid-point to practice a little fly fish casting!

Great workout. Great view. Lots of cows and squirrels along the way. Definitely bring lots of water.

Beautiful ride..however the cows are free roam including the bull..yikes..so that threw us off our planned trail a bit avoiding him lol... Had a beast of an incline starting, and almost too soft gravel on the decline in certain areas..overall a good Saturday morning strole through Sunol.

This is a great time of year for this hike, when heat isn’t a factor and the hills are green! Just gorgeous.

Great hike not hard at all

Great view, breathtaking when it’s windy.

Just a little strenuous and good views. Usually not too crowded.

Great variety of terrain and views. Exciting mud in some places- bring appropriate shoes in wet season. May have to detour around cows+calves on the trail.

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