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15 hours ago

Great local trail! So much to offer in the city.

1 day ago

nice easy trail. it crosses a WPA era dam. some of the rail is missing on the dam. Don't let kids cross it alone.

Fun but crowded. Only second half of the hike was fun once off the stone path. The cave was awesome and definitely be best part!

beautiful waterfall!!!!

13 days ago

So so beautiful, especially if the falls are going. We went in March after rain and it was rushing. The hike has some climbing in places, and can be slick, but my 5 kids handled it pretty well (the 3 and 4-year-olds needed help). The cave was kinda claustrophobic because so many people were trying to get in and out. I would definitely hike it again, but skip the the cave.

me and my little family loves this place ♡♡

15 days ago

Seeing this place after a good rain is sooo much better! Liked it before, loved it this time.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail. Got hammered by a thunderstorm just before getting to Cob Cave, so at least we had some cover. Loved it!

Perfect hike for our family! The waterfalls were beautiful, and the cave at the end was so cool! If you stay to the right when it starts getting narrow, you don't have to crawl really...It's just a tight squeeze. Well worth it to see the waterfall inside. Our boys (4 and 11) loved it!

23 days ago

Great hike! With all the rain that fell this last week the falls were flowing good! The cave was very busy so didn't get to spend a lot of time in it. This is another popular hike in the area so be aware if you don't like crowds. There is a picnic shelter and bathrooms at the start which makes it nice if you are planning to do several hikes in the area.

Cave falls are amazing. Easy hike up to the first falls, but has the extras for those who want to explore

The two waterfalls are gorgeous following rains. The Redbud trees were blooming and that made the scenery spectacular , too.
The map does not show the route to the second waterfall. It is a bushwack to it, but someone has tied pink and orange ribbons along the way. We went in circles a bit, but I marked waypoints on my recording on 3/31/18 if you want to look at that map.

24 days ago

This was a great hike! We went clockwise and close to the end of the loop there was a hikers sign with an arrow pointing left. We followed it for a few minutes when I began to think we were going in the wrong direction. I opened this app to this trail and it clearly showed that we were not where we should have been. We turned around and went the right direction, which would have been straight ahead instead of that left. Thank AllTrails!

Came to Eureka Springs to explore the city, but I wanted to check this place out first. its a beautiful lake with pretty clear water. I didn’t get to make it to the dam, but i will definitely come back.

Nice trail. More easy than moderate. Lake views are nice

Great afternoon hike. Not too busy, and it is dog friendly!

This is a nice scenic trail. It is not very difficult but very enjoyable woods.

1 month ago

Pleasant Hike

Perfect weather. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, and a nice breeze. Well marked and plenty of overhangs, ancient trees, and a clear spring fed stream to check out. Bridge on Low Ride is being built so might avoid on a bike. Popular for bikers so keep your eyes open if hiking. Connects to the other trail systems in Bella Vista.

Great trail. The view from the dam was amazing. Took my dog with me and had no troubles.

Beautiful, well maintained trail. Lots of moss and the falls were beautiful

1 month ago

Well maintained trail, easy hike with short steep sections near the end at the caves.

1 month ago

Great trail, prob closer to easy vs moderate but enjoyable terrain

I loved this trail. As you begin your hike don't let the dry creek bed concern you. Most of the year the creek flows underground. It remains dry until just before you reach the natural bridge. You can walk beside the creek under it. Be careful of slippery rocks. There are two small caves just above the natural bridge. They are fun to explore but are not the one with the waterfall. The trail gets steeper as you hike to Eden Falls. There is a nice overhang to explore there. The trail continues very steeply up to the cave. At one point you must crawl before it opens to a room with the waterfall. There were plenty of children and elderly people who went back successfully, but it gets so low before it opens up the you start to believe you can't go any further. Once you get to the back it is well worth the bumped knees and head. I recommend a strong flashlight the will illuminate the room well. It is always recommend to have at least three sources of light. I was in a cave once and accidentally broke two lights. I always carry plenty now. Have fun!

1 month ago

We hiked this trail this past week. It has a waterfall, caves, and beautiful rock formations. The trail is not difficult and good for families. Highly recommend for those that love nature.

It’s an alright trail. Probably better when the trees aren’t all dead in the winter. It turns into a long stretch of the same thing towards the end, good views though.

Loved it! We went on a sprinkling and foggy morning and arrived around 9am and had the whole place to ourselves until about 10:30! It was great! Beautiful scenery and fun to explore!

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails! Great length and well maintained for the most part. However, there was no way to get across (fairly deep) water in one area. Had to take off my shoes to walk across.

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