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Great views of the city

Hiked on 3/17/18. No snowshoes needed. Bringing micro spikes of some kind is probably a good idea, there were definitely some icy spots but everyone in my group managed without any additional traction. The lake (we didn’t venture up to the top lake) was beautiful and even for a beautiful Saturday there were not many people on the trail. Excited to come back in the summer!

2 days ago

This was harder than we thought it would be. We wore micro spikes most of the hike. Quite icy. Lots of tree coverage. It’s a steady climb the whole way but it really got tough once we passed the tree line. It was hard to see the trail due to snow. We saw lots of moose poop but no moose; but they were close. It’s a beautiful hike. We will do it again.

Hiked a few weeks ago. Cool historic site early on, heavy traffic, pretty challenging on the way back up. Great day hike!

You have a decent amount of ascent through trees until you get to the breath-taking views but they are SO worth it! It gets snowier and icier the higher you get (until you pass the tree line then the snow was scattered, lots of open ground). You could do it sans extra traction but YakTraks/micro spikes would definitely come in handy! I will say the actual trail is hard to find once you start to pass the tree line, mostly you're just following other people's tracks or making your own way (the vegetation does seem fragile so I wouldn't recommend stomping around all over up there!) If you can make it high enough though the views of the surrounding mountains are stunning! You hear the creek for a while which is nice and there's a pretty large parking area at the trailhead, it was really empty when I went around noon on Saturday 3/17. This trail was a bit of a workout since you're going up the whole time but with lots of water and some breaks you'll definitely be rewarded for the hard work!

off road driving
3 days ago

A few of us took a great rzr ride today! Great weather, beautiful sky & a casual chill ride!

3 days ago

Beautiful walk through the woods and gorgeous views once you’re above tree line. I definitely recommend spikes. It is almost all uphill for the first half of the hike.

Loved it

As of March 17, most of the trail is snow and ice free but there were a few sections that required spikes. We witnessed a few mountain bikers that were turned around at around mile 10 or 11 due to a long icy section in the trail.

Overall pretty hike. We stayed at the camping area near Bear Creek and had a beautiful, clear night with 25 degree temps. Bear creek was fairly silty so a filter would be helpful. I was using UV and had to strain the water.

The 10 miles from the dam to the South Platte River trailhead should have a rating of 4 but the crowds in Waterton Canyon tend to hurt the overall Segment 1 trail ratings.

bring lots of water regardless of time of year. Little shade.

8 days ago

I hiked this trail last Saturday and there was no snow to speak of at all during my outing. My pup and I only saw one couple on our way back so it was a very quiet and secluded hike. The creek in the beginning of the trail did have some ice on it and looked very beautiful. I am guessing this will be a busy trail in the summer due to the campgrounds there.

We hiked this trail yesterday (3/11/18) and it was quite wonderful! We hiked 3 miles in before turning around. The part of the trail we hiked is packed and easy to follow. Microspikes/crampons recommended after the first mile or so. Definitely don’t need snowshoes right now. For such a popular area, there were only about 15 other people the trail. Great hike, in close proximity to Denver.

This trail has incredible views throughout! It starts of with a lot of up via several switchbacks but then you get to cruise and enjoy the views so the hard part is worth it. As of March 11 there were a few areas that still had some hard-packed snow and/or ice but overall not very much and I didn’t have any trouble with it in just boots. There were a good number of people hiking and biking on a Sunday afternoon but it didn’t feel crowded to me on the trail. You do need to keep an eye out for bikers- we always had plenty of time to step to the side though. Great trail!

Great hike, moderate incline, lots of gorgeous views and pretty long. Feels like a workout, but just keep going! If you reach the picnic benches, you are almost to the ruins!! Still some ice in the shadier places, but mostly dry and warm in the sun.

Hiked about 5 miles up this trail to a trail junction. There was patches and stretches of snow at higher elevations but not enough to post hole or need snow shoes. The first mile and a half has current logging operations and is kind of a mess. On the way down, there were a couple of men who drove about a mile to a mile and a half up the trail where a lot of the logs were stacked and were shooting rifles. Made a very unpleasant last half hour. They were fairly close to the trail and when we passed them, their gunshots were very loud and we didn't have the protective ear plugs they did. I wouldn't hike this one again unless doing a backpacking loop in the area.

Great steady incline with beautiful views. I was just expecting a little more at the top.

Fantastic trail. We hiked up Turkey Trot (no bikes) and down Castle Trail (bikes on it). We didn't go all the way to the end of the Castle Trail. We turned around at the pavilion with picnic tables.

We did the hike between 11am-1:30pm on a Saturday, and while the parking lot was packed (and cars were parked up the road a 200 yards) the trail didn't feel that crowded. Everyone was super friendly. There were a lot of dogs on the trail but all were on leash and the trail was wide enough so plenty of room to pass.

The trails were very dry...just a few short patches of slush/snow but easy to navigate and no risk of slippage.

A little slick today, but my footwear was comprised only of Mukluks - nothing with much grip. Conditions have been so variable this year that it pays to keep an eye to the west almost daily to really grasp the spacial variability in the Front Range this season.

Bring water, layers, cheese and why the hell not throw your yak tracks in your bag as well. They don’t take up much space and you’ll be happy you’ve got ‘em at least once.

Happy trails!

Gorgeous views all along this heavily trafficked trail. Lots of people, even for a Monday morning. Some icy/snowy spots - spikes would be handy but not necessary. Overall good hike, I will be back!

off road driving
15 days ago

Not open until April 1st. There is no gate, however signs are clearly visible that the area is closed.

loved the trail for it's amazing views! Bring a buddy and another car if you don't want to hike up the mountain. you can just hike down. go on a weekday if you hate people. for the reviewers who are bummed out about unleashed dogs - how is the opportunity to pet a friendly pupper a bad thing?

Beautiful hike and the loop is perfect for a a hike you can just fit into your weekday or weekend morning

cross country skiing
16 days ago

A solid intro to back country skiing. Pretty easy-going. My dad and I did this about a month ago and there was just enough snow to ski, but plenty of snow-shoers and micro-spiked hikers did just fine out there.

Good trail but pretty muddy and icy in patches and lots of hikers and dogs.

First 14er. The gain in elevation was harder than expected for my friend and I, which meant the hike took longer than we had planned. Best views I've ever had and the experience was exhilarating! Make sure you have plenty of water, protein and healthy fats snacks(nuts, bars, etc.). Went in October 2016, temp went back and forth between just a hoodie and needing a wind resistant, thermal coat.

Great hike, wide paths, easy to follow. Dino tracks were amazing. We went 2/17/18, weather was great. Plan enough time, we got back about dark, and temps fall fast when the sun goes down.

19 days ago

My all time favorite mountain (despite it being a few hundred feet short of being a fourteener)! I absolutely love the Spanish Peaks Wilderness in general and West Spanish Peak is the pinnacle of this region's beauty. The first part of the hike is quite easy and gradually ascends through the forest until you reach treeline. After treeline, the hike gets abundantly more difficult. The trail is mostly easy to decipher on your way up but at times you may have to look for cairns. You pretty much trudge straight up through the talus and scree with the occasional switchback here and there. I would definitely recommend poles for balance and security on some of the trickier, steeper parts of which there are quite a few. Traction devices may be necessary if you're hiking before April/May or after October. The 360 view from the top is incredibly beautiful- particularly looking toward the Sangre de Cristo Range immediately to the southwest. East Spanish Peak is also gorgeous to view from this summit and you really get an expansive perspective on this wonderful area of southern Colorado, my favorite part of our state!

spectacular trail with much to see and experience!

24 days ago

Great hike in the snow. Snowshoes not needed. Gradual climb, windy! In the forest the whole time.

25 days ago

Absolutely beautiful, even better in person. If you want to avoid crowds, snowshoe up on a February day and I’ll guarantee you solitude. We were definitely the first people back there in a long time, had to break trail. A long slog back but worth every moment.

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