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Great place to ride mountain bikes with pretty shaded areas in trails on hot day and some cool bridges to cross.

Just visited a short post of the trail near Duvall. Pretty kid friendly lake area.

it starts getting quite enjoyable the further you travel as it’s more silent- not bad at all.

the best running views and waterfalls if your going for miles

This is great for running and getting in those beautiful Washington views when you get the miles in.

Biked the trail under an amazing October sun. The colors were just beautiful. Many leafs lay on the trail that first runs through the valley parallel to the road then winds trough a beautiful forest. The trail is mainly flat , not many people were around. I left the trail for the street to the Snoqualmie Falls.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Peaceful. Stunning trees . Best of the nature you can ask for

mountain biking
Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I took Trail head to Cedar Falls, Twin Falls. Great 10.8 mile hike with 2,048 elevation. I definitely recommend this hike if your trying to train for bigger hikes. Hike took me about 5 hours.

Easy to walk, beautiful scenery, great for the dog.

nice easy trail

Trail is open! Rode from Duvall to just south of Carnation. Flat all the way and low traffic especially outside of Duvall on a Sunday late morning. Also good for walks, dogs, and running.

The work done on the trail has definitely improved it, with the only downside being the fresh gravel in the Duvall section is not compacted yet so there is some bog for bikes and trail running.

Completely flat and varied scenery in some parts.

really enjoyed the trail ride. we rode about 12 miles in a cool drizzling day, trail use was light being a Wednesday. will definitely visit it again in the future

A friend and I hiked about 6-7 miles on the trail leaving from the Iron Horse State park parking lot across from Rattlesnake Lake. It was an easy walk on a wide gravel "road" w/minimal elevation gain. The trail was also shaded in the morning which made it nice and cool. We only saw a handful of other people. We were looking for the Cedar Butte trail head but managed to miss it. There's always next time!

Friday, December 12, 2014

We walked the first seven miles up from Rattlesnake Lake. It's a pleasant hike along a wide gravel way with scenic views and old bridges. I look forward to going farther the next time out.

A broad, crushed-rock strewn trail with a gentle slope up from Duval to Rattlesnake Lake the Sno Valley trail offers a gentle ride for most bikers, with the opportunity for some serious single track action at Tokul creek. On sunny days the trail provides distant views of the Snoqulamie Valley, Tokul Creek and the Snoqualmie River.

I loved hiking here. The water from the falls makes the trees very mossy. And the falls are so pretty if you go there! Make sure to bring something water resistant :)

Starting at the iron horse trail and working our way up to the snoqualmie tunnel and heading through to the hyac trailhead takes about 6 hours at a moderate pace but considering you are going up 1600 feet at a 2 percent grade or less. The trails are beautiful and the views are amazing. The up hill battle may be tough but the ride back down is well worth the trouble! My friends and I do this ride once a year and would like to increase that to twice a year considering the difficulty of it.

Nice wide rail to trail route through the Snoqualmie valley from Duvall to the Iron Horse trailhead in North Bend. This trail is popular for horse riders, mountain bikers and trail runners. There are some nice views as you climb out of the valley toward between Carnation and Fall City, and then into Snoqualmie.
One downside of this trail is that you have to detour from the trail, up some stairs, along paved roadways, and then up some more stairs to continue the trail a mile or so away.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good trail for bikes as long as you've got fat tires. The gravel is relatively well packed and the grade never exceeds 2.5% (iirc). Scenic and well worth the time. The biggest problem the trails faces at this time is that there are several tunnels closed due to their deteriorating condition.
My wife and I took the Rattlesnake Lake to Snoqualmie pass route the first time and it was a great ride. It's about 18 miles one way from Rattlesnake to the tunnel with about a 1600ft elevation gain. There was a wash out about a quarter mile from the tunnel, so if you decide to negotiate the small creek, you'll have traveled as far as you can and you'll see the old tunnel. Two and a half mile long tunnel, you don't see the other end :)
Our next trip was from the other side of the tunnel which is the Hyak area. Traveling from Hyak to Easton is about a 16 mile trip one way with a slight elevation drop (about 800ft). Scenic, with a couple detours for closed tunnels, but a good ride.
From Easton to Cle Elum, is about 14 miles one way and relatively flat. Here the trail starts to follow somewhat closely to the freeway, so there is a little more civilization to deal with. On a good note, the Yakima river starts to make itself seen.
Due to two tunnels out, we haven't done the Cle Elum to Thorp portion of the ride yet. The detour is mostly country roads, dealing with traffic with little to no shoulders to avoid speeding autos.
Thorp to Kitittas is the next section and that ride takes you through the city of Ellensburg. It's about 15.5 miles one way and it crosses the Yakima river and takes you along farmer's fields. Again, relatively flat. While not as scenic, it is still a charming ride. I recommend getting an early start as the winds can blow steadily later in the day and you'll find your pleasant little ride turn into a slog as the dust will make looking into the wind a pain.
The last leg my wife and I want to do is the ride from Kitittas to Army East as it's called. I wouldn't want to break this into two trips so we'll try this in one shot. It's about 29 miles from Kitittas to Columbia river. Our plan is to over-night at the state park near Vantage at the end of the ride and have two cars so we don't have to retrace our steps. It's a decent climb the first half of the ride, 11 miles with a 900ft gain, but then it looks like a decent drop after that as you descend into the Columbia river basin (about 2000ft).
I can't speak to the trail condition of that last section of the trail, but the rest of the trail is in good shape. Gravel bed with fairly nice trail heads as I have outlined above. The exception is Kitittas which didn't have working water or bathrooms.
Do bring your hydration packs, do bring your bike tools and spare tubes or patch kits. Do bring a picnic lunch, there are many spots to have a very nice picnic. If you wish to brave the tunnels, bring your lights, it's really dark in there! I personally like breaking the trip into short rides so that you can do each step in a day. My wife and I are in decent shape and we found these were big enough bites for us. If you're in better condition, you can tackle two sections at a time or more.

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