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Beautiful hike. Not the most interesting or challenging trails, but the payoff at Indian Head is one of the prettiest views in New York in my opinion. A great hike

Moderate difficulty with great views of lakes. Don’t take fishing gear- no fish. You will see lions on all the lakes and moose tracks everywhere.

I really liked this trail because of how remote it was and I didn’t see anyone else. It wasn’t too difficult in terms of terrain and the length would make it a good overnight hike (I only did 4 miles total, in and back. I plan on going back and camping to do the whole thing). This would have been a rough trail though if I was a beginner. It’s well marked in some spots but not in others and not well maintained. There are many overgrown spots and downed trees that obliterate the trail making it easy to go off track, which I did once and thankfully realized quickly. The bridge about a mile in is damaged. Passable but sketchy. So, good for hikers with experience or looking for a more rugged hike. Not so good for the newbie.

8 days ago

Well-marked and maintained trail with a steady uphill climb to just short of the pond before a decline to the water, but my gps app tracked it as just over 3 miles out and back. Lightly trafficked, pond is reputed to be a good brook trout pond,

Easy trail, also went to Beaver Meadow falls. Rainbow falls is absolutely lovely and the view from Indian Head is amazing. Weather was perfect as well. Would do this again

Rainbow falls and the view from Indian head both well worth the trip.

Beautiful place to hike. Definitely recommend!

18 days ago

My family and I did this hike last week and it was not quite what we were expecting! Be aware that the actual trail to the falls was closed years ago to several deaths at the falls. If you are planning to hike to the bottom of the falls you may want some hiking experience, bushwhacking skills, and access to a GPS or topographical map. The trail to the lake was well marked and fairly easy to traverse. After the lake we had difficulty picking up the trail but were able to do so ( thanks All Trails app!). The trail to the falls was unmarked and difficult to follow, but followed the stream from the lake pretty closely. We arrived at the top of the falls and found it quite startlingly high! It was easy to see why many deadly falls occurred here, the top of the falls is bulbous, in a way that could invite hikers to peer too close. We started to try to make our way to the bottom of the gorge by weaving out around the falls but got nervous and headed back. If you are really set on seeing the full view of the falls then I have heard that there is another unmarked trail that comes in from Mountain Home Road that approaches the falls from the bottom.

Beautiful hike ! Long but easy. I took three non hikers and we all had a good time. The pictures really don’t do it justice. We decided to walk all the way on Lake Rd to intersect the trail to Indian Head and save some mileage. Will definitely visit again!

Fairly easy trip on old road. Sucker bay is very nice and Sucker Brook has a great waterfall and bridge structure.

relatively easy, but amazing views and add some difficulty doing it during full blown winter season

Really likes this hike. I wouldn’t really call it moderate. I barely broke a sweat. It gets a little steep towards the top but only for like 20 minutes. Everything before that is easy. The views are incredible. Lots of bang for your buck. Spent about an hour and a half at the summit. The only gripes I have about this hike is the boring road walking in the beginning. From the trailhead at the parking lot to where you’re actually start walking in woods is 3 miles and it takes you through a golf resort. Very strange. I went 7/21/18 and it’s been an extremely dry July so rainbow falls was kind of a bust. It was trickling. But it did allow us to hike up the trail on the boulders that would normally be covered in water

28 days ago

Nice hike today - temps in the 70's with a slight breeze. It hasn't rained much lately so there wasn't a real lot of water flowing down. Trails were well marked and there were some roots and rocks along the way. Not a lot of others out on the trail - especially to the 2nd & 3rd falls. My Garmin hike app said it was 4.2 miles with an elevation gain of 551 ft. It took us 1 hr and 52 mins to go up and back (not including our breaks). Bugs were not an issue.

Our Girl Scouts made it 4 miles in and spent the night at an old primitive site. Nice fairly easy hike not steep.

I took my 11 year old sister on this hike and it was FABULOUS. I parked on 73 right by the end of Ausable Rd. There is parking on Ausable Rd. as well for hikers (follow the signs). The first half of this hike is flat, basically a road through the ADK woods. Lake Rd has multiple trail options to hike to other areas as well. We took the gillbrook trail as this suggests and on the way back we took the "lake road" trail back to lake road instead of going back down gillbrook which was an easy & fun descent. This post implies that there is no rock hopping or scrambling but there is, however not much and pretty easy. BRING BUG SPRAY of some sort. There were quite a bit of gnats and such on the gillbrook trail bc you are basically hiking along the creek most of the way. All in all, this was an enjoyable hike & the views at the top are AMAZING. No picture you've seen of the look out will compare to when you're there in person. Also, we went on a Wednesday. The trail was not very populated & we had the entire look out to ourselves for a bit.

We did this trail on a bright sunny July weekend. We started from the parking lot(Ausable road, right off the main road). We went to the Indian head and back, which was around 11 miles round trip. We took about 6 hours 15 minutes with a good 45 minutes stop at the top and a few stops on the way as well, and one of us was a beginner. On the whole, the hike was very easy, I found the final ascent to be quite easy as well, as compared to several other Adirondack hikes. It was jus ta bit long, but the views were marvellous, and the lake was beautiful. I would certainly do this hike again.

1 month ago

Trail was well marked, easy to figure out where we were going. Went first weekend in July and the deer flies were terrible!!! Nice view of the lake. The lake did have leeches and was a little mucky. Falls was cool, but we couldn’t see the front of it. Could easily been a one day hike to falls and back, but we decided to camp out and make it a two day trip.

1 month ago

Hard hike with a pack. Mostly covered woods. Very hard not to get your feet wet in Marcy swamp. Panther Gorge is the spot. You are surrounded by Marcy, Skylight, and Haystack when camping. Great water with some small mountain swimming holes. Save energy for the hike out, especially if you’ve been climbing those mountains! Saw two Moose near Panther Gorge!

A nice, easy hike that has great views of the upper and lower Racquette falls. Was able to get very close. Has a portage route near the end that I did not use. Along the way there is a ranger cabin and a large campsite that seems to be used for scout outings. Kind of ruined the seclusion aspect for me. Other than that it is a nice interesting hike.

Amazing View! Just beautiful! Can’t wait to hike it again!

Anyone and everyone should make this hike. Absolutely amazing views all over. Definitely worth the time and effort put in.

Les pistes offrent peu d'espace pour marcher, nos batons sont souvent dans les feuilles. Plusieurs tron d'arbres sont on milieu de la piste et empeche le passage ...ils sont haut et gros. La cabane est vraiment la seul attraction a cet place, belle vue de cette endroit mais tous le reste est desagrable a acceder! Nous avons l'impression que personne y est passer depuis des années... je ne conseil pas !

We used hybrid bikes and I would suggest they are best. Some sections and curbs would be rough on road bikes. There are many road/street crossings to deal with, but on a Sunday afternoon we had few that required a full stop. Neat trail that you should try out!

Incredible view. One of the most unique in the whole park. Long and flat up until Indian Head. Then it is a quick but steep ascent. We went straight down to the end of the road, then made a sharp left and ascended to the outlook. DO THIS HIKE!

My favourite hike by far. Gorgeous scenery the whole way. Long but definitely worth it.

Worth every second !! Beautiful trail. It’s a must hike! :)

2 months ago

We were looking for a good 7-8 mile hike with some elevation gain. The Moreau Lake State Park trail system is perfect for making your own loops, which you can change en route according to weather, and your time and energy constraints. We used the Grant Mountain Trail recording as a basis, but modified it to include some bushwhacking but mostly staying on trails (and avoiding the steep descent/ascent towards the end of the track shown on this page). See "Loop De Doo" track for our 7.7 mile jaunt which also has some notes on "new" Red Trail to connect from Eastern Ridge (blue) trail to Lake Ann (purple) trail. (https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/loopei-doo)

We do it every year great fishing we pull kayaks up the trail then float down to Axton Landing on Cory’s road. We have been told we are the first and only ones to pull kayaks up this trail so say high when you see us in July

One of our favorites! We’ve done this loop twice and it’s definitely worth it for the view at the top.

Best hike I've done yet! Definitely a long one but like everybody else has said it is worth the way. The ending does get a little steep and slippery, so be weary of that. It also pays to wear the right shoes. Happy hiking!

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