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7 hours ago

Great hard hike - second time up and it and it takes about six hours and three liters of water in January. Tried it in September last year when it was about 90 and ran out of water before the final climb. Lots of water this year in the creek and a bit in one of the washes.

12 hours ago

Very nice loop. Many flowers in bloom. Great hike.

We loved this hike, especially the north side of the Goldfield Mtns with spectacular views. Our Apple watches measured it at 8.05 miles though, rather than the advertised 6.9 miles. Take plenty of water and some snacks. It got a bit warm for mid-January on the south side for the last couple of miles.

One of my favorite afternoon and sunset trails. The park is open till 10pm on Friday and Saturdays so work backwards to figure out how much time you’ll need to end up back at the trailhead about 30 min past sunset :)

Hiked 2nd time in honor of my Dads 83rd Birthday 1-16-19!!! Happy Birthday Dad xo

It’s a good trail to hike. Not too difficult and has great views. Enjoyed it.

5 days ago

Good initial trail all up hill. Camped on the mountain after the trail split to the falls. Set up our tents then scrambled to the falls that were trickling. If you see the juniper tree camp site open, grab it up because it is by far one of the best spots and makes hiking out much easier as well

on Horton Creek Trail

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8 days ago

Beautiful, easy trail. Elevation may bother you if you are from the Valley.

8 days ago

Pretty decent hike, nice if you like flat hiking for several miles before ascending. A little tricky to find the trail to start going up, but we used the GPS marker on the trail map (AllTrails) to back track when we accidentally passed it. Kept us on route

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

It was gorgeous, but definitely not well marked so don't go alone and don't go if you've never hiked in AZ before. The views at the peaks were unbelievable, and even the sides of the mountains are something else. I highly recommend this trail in early spring months.

If you plan on taking a mountain bike, only ride on the west side until the the trail starts to get rock on the north side then turn around. east side of the mountain is too rocky to ride.

11 days ago

Hiked this yesterday, Jan 9. Nice trail, fair amount of loose rock. Agree with previous reviews in that it's necessary to watch for cairns because the trail has not seen a lot of use, at least by humans. Plenty of evidence of burros. Fantastic saguaro forest - huge ones in the creek beds. Some hunting activities - shotgun for quail and archers are hunting javalina, but none once we were back on the trail a ways. The beauty of this trail is that after the first 200 yards you are totally alone in the desert. I am amazed how little traffic this area gets from hikers, but they may be discouraged by the usual excess of motorized nuisances. Intend to return and continue on to the mountain summit, but abundant water will be required. Anticipating a 6 to 7 hour hike on that one.

The trail isn’t too difficult at all. There were some extremely wet/slushy spots that made some parts rather slippery. The waterfall itself was nice, and the water was still a decent temperature to swim. Scenery is nice, but again, nothing out of this world. Wouldn’t rate this hard like AllTrails has it, but it is a decent hike. Happy to have done it, wouldn’t be one that I did twice.

So many wildflowers! hiked the first 3 miles (lots of elevation) ran back down.

13 days ago

This is a beautiful trail for the area . The views are epic and there is a wide diversity of plant life. We went in the winter after a rare snowfall in the area . The 4 mile gravel road in was a muddy bog. The trail was pretty wet but no problem and there was a lot of water running in the creek and at the waterfall. We turned around at the waterfall because we started to late in the day . Overall my favorite trail in the Tonto Basin Area.

14 days ago

This was a very secluded trail for an overnight backpacking trip. Fun scramble to the falls, which were frozen. Climbing out was tough. watch the cactii---they are "biters" but worth every footstep since there was a dusting of snow everywhere. just lovely.

A great trail, up to the saddle - at which point it becomes a search for the correct route. Be prepared for a couple of false summits and a glorious view from the top. If you hit it early enough in the summer (4 am), you'll have the whole mountain to yourself on the ascent. Round trip can be run with a bit of effort in under 3 hours, but it's nice to give yourself enough time to enjoy the views and allow for at least 5.

My favorite hike I've taken in Tonto Forest/Superstition area! I absolutely loved it. Parking available across the street in the Marina lot (the trailhead/hiking spots are nearest to the fence/road). Super varied trail with phenomenal panoramic views of the lake, Four Peaks, Battleship, Weaver's Needle, and Superstition area. Was moderately crowded on a Saturday, but thinned out the further we went. Agree with other hikers - trail was well maintained and well marked, just be sure to pay attention to the rock cairns at the river bed near the end. There isn't any specific "end point." If hikers want to try this one out but are intimated by the "difficult" rating or other reviews, I'd recommend trying it out and going the first 2-2.5 miles or so. You can always turn back whenever! The incline was the perfect workout. The only difficult part, was just the length and by the time you're coming back up on the return, you've already been hiking for 6 miles or so. Overall though, it's 100% worth it. There's also a steamboat tour at the marina and the Goldmine/Ghost Town on Route 88/Apache Scenic Drive. Not hike related, but would they seem cool if you wanted to add other nearby activities to your day.

Hiked this trail two weeks ago with my husband. We started out at 7:30am and it was around 34 degrees. We parked at Mesquite and hiked Waddell to Ford Canyon. After the first mile and a bit of the hike, the upward elevation begins. The views are amazing. It is lightly traveled until you rejoin Willow or Mesquite. We didn’t pass another hiker for 3 hours. We chose to extent the hike by a couple miles and took Mesquite back, bypassing the shorter Willow route. I will hike this trail again and again, it’s one of my favorite in the area.

16 days ago

It’s a nice trail for the cooler weather months and if you stay well dressed (well covered) it’s a easy hike not being drained afterwards

Nice hike (ccw) very scenic and good excersize. Dont think I would do this in the summer months.

We enjoy this hike. The initial two miles with its switchbacks and elevation gain make it fun. After that, it's not as challenging but great views, some additional elevation change, and occasional deer sightings.

This trail is rarely as crowded as some of the others.

18 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences! Love the hike. Very hard as I was not in such good shape.
I loved the 360 degree views this place has to offer. It was cold in the morning and evening... but as we got to the top the sun shined on us and kept us warm... Not to mention the activity.
Highly recommended to train prior as much as possible and be prepared for the high elevation effect!

I hike this regularly. Beautiful hike, dogs love the water. Any level of hiker can hike this. In and out as far as you wish. Parking can be an issue on weekends so come early.

Nice trail great views... easier doing counter clockwise

19 days ago

What a beautiful day! It had snowed the night before, so the trail was a bit hard to follow for the last miles-and-a-half. The summit of the mesa offers great views of the Cave Creek drainage. I saw several animal tracks along the way (coyote, deer, and bobcat).

Loved the challenge!! So beautiful! Can’t wait to go again! The waterfall left me speechless

20 days ago

Arduous hike, great vistas. Easier if hiked through from the lake to First Water instead on in and out.

25lb weighted vest. Shoutout to the couple who gave me water lol. Great Sunday trail.

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