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Great trails- walked 4 miles and ended up back at the starting point- signs are confusing- but trails are a good workout- went up and down hills for an hour and a half! Traffic is loud, but saw a beautiful deer.

Took an early morning hike today and it was beautiful. We saw several deer on the main (blue) trail which we walked in a bit under an hour. It's a fairly easy walk, but we did not venture off onto the black/purple trails.
We came across a few cyclists, but it was nowhere near as busy as say Cathedral Pines and the folks we did encounter were friendly.
We will definitely be returning here for more hiking.
Bonus: I'm 99% sure there's no hunting here, which is a rarity for trails on eastern Long Island.

A variety of terrain, topography and scenery made this a terrific day hike with the wife and the dog. Some stellar views of LI Sound (with Connecticut & Rhode Island in the distance) from atop the rather abrupt bluff edges. Be sure to leash your dog and watch your step; some of these trails literally bottom out after years of exposure to the Northeast elements. We went when it was cold so tick activity was not a factor. But I can see it being as issue when the mercury rises. This 8 mile loop route was just what we needed. I'd definitely do it again.

Me and my wife enjoyed the view! Great trails


This map is misleading and needs to be updated to account for the inlet caused by Hurricane (Superstorm?) Sandy in 2012. Prior to that, there was a time when you could hike from Fire Island ranger station at Smith Point to Watch Hill. Not anymore. This straight line hike ends 2 miles west of the ranger station. Stay close to the beach to avoid ticks. Lots and lots of ticks. And one piece of obvious advice: don't even try to cut across the new inlet.

Hard-packed sand makes for easy walking. Lots of cool rocks on the beach. You can only go out for around two miles before getting to the breach. There are actually signs saying that wading and swimming in the little channel that separates the islands is prohibited. So even if you're an Olympic-caliber swimmer, not supposed to do it.

1 month ago

10/24/2018-took my Webelos den for a required hike after school. A few bikes, and was not easy to get the boys in tune with the right of way. Lots of turns an change in terrain. Boys thoroughly enjoyed the area. Next time I would take a smaller group. Parking limited, and close to a busy hospital exit.

Good quick HIIT style workout, no real scenery and for such a hilly walk there are no real good vantage points.

Lots of ups and downs on the trail, great workout, very beautiful!, near the harbor.

2 months ago

Great view, it’s really small.

perfect trail for biking and hiking

I would recommend deet for this trail as there is a tick warning at the onset. The surrounding town and the harbor itself are beautiful. The trail is at a continuous incline so a nice bit of a challenge for such a short trail. Loads of chipmunks and spiders and a chorus of hawks waiting for those furry little chipmunks.

This is the best place if you want to do some adventure biking!!!

It’s a beautiful trail.

Great for a quick workout

This is an easy walk about 2 miles to the new inlet the Hurricane Sandy opened - best done in late fall or winter due to the tick population - high dunes have been leveled by the hurricane and subsequent N'oreasters that come through every season - the area is undergoing a lot of change. I hike here every winter and there are times the trail is not passable due to washovers from the ocean - usually before or after a N'oreaster or lunar high tide. There are many areas to explore from the bay side marshes to the ocean. I've seen Fin Whales blowing in the ocean at times and there are also Humpback Whales that can be seen from the beach if you're lucky.

Good workout trail because of the hills. Serious erosion problems on many of the stair step portions of the trail. Watch your footing.

Starts out with an incline of steps and is very up and down make sure you are ready for it. Good shade and just bring water :)

on Meadowlark Trail

3 months ago

Much more interesting than many other LI trails. Only gentle elevation changes, just enough with the switchbacks to keep interested. Saw a doe and her yearling. She wasn't worried about us.
The red lined "map and 3.6 miles" must be false, as the map on site (in the middle of the trail, only !) shows the perimeter as a bridle path, there are many interior switchbacks. We usually average 2-2.5 miles per hour on trails, like the AT/LT.... this one took us 2.5 hours.
Other than that, the blue trail is definitely well marked. Take the red subtrail...adds to the fun.
We will return !

Perfect for interval energy exertion...the topology rises and falls like a HIIT workout.

The perfect trail! It goes up, down, around, over, under. It has a great flow to it. Even better at night.

A bit chewed up do to high traffic. But has the advantage of decent hill climbing. Lots of trail erosion. Trail needs maintenance badly in spots.

Nice trail to run. Not too crowded and is challenging enough that it doesn’t bore you after running it a few times.

Nice trail!! Close to home..

Terrain was fun and a great workout. It goes up and down and up and down - footing is pretty good. Most of the trail is in the shade so that was nice on a 90+ degree day. Unfortunately not really that scenic and no clearings or peaks or lookout points. The trail keeps going past Lawrence Hill Rd but is much easier south of Lawrence Hill Rd so I would stop and turn around there next time. They had kayak rentals at the trailhead which might be fun in the future.

These trails are located just off route 83 and it provides a surprising amount of nature for being set so close to the highway. The trails are fairly easy to walk, though I just did the blue square trail because of time constraint, I am not sure how it would be to walk the black diamond trails. All trails are clearly marked and have distance markers too. Trails are shared with cycles so be aware! Plenty of deer to see. It’s a little lengthy so I wouldn’t recommend small children on this trail if their prone to short attention spans, but easy if they enjoy hiking. Overall, good trail to spend an afternoon on. :)

Most beautiful horse trails on Long Island. No dogs or bikes allowed so it’s very peaceful. Never gets boring because there are so many trails to choose from. There are summer trails which avoid most bugs and have shade.

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