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Trail is nice and wide. There are nice views of the bay from the bluffs. The beach walk feels long as there’s not much to see. The lighthouse is interesting but there is no info about it there. Then you have to walk through the park on a road until you reach your car. Meh. It’s good to get your steps in if you have time to kill.

great place to ride in every respect.

Lovely hiking trail. Well maintained yet secluded 5.3 mile loop. Be sure to have your dog on a leash especially when you reach mile 1.0; the bluffs come up abruptly and your dog (and eager trail runner) can easily go over the edge en route to a 50 foot plunge to the beach. Sunny and very cool, so ticks weren't an issue. But lots of deer tracks along the trail are a good indicator that it is an issue in warmer seasons. Definitely going back for another go.

nice easy walk but check your dog for ticks asap. just got home and pulled 4 ticks off if it. not fun..

1 month ago

Getting to the Preserve was pretty easy, I followed my navigating app on my phone.

The paths--and there are many--are pretty easy to identify. And there are markers, only the numbered/lettered ones are found on the map distributed at the Nature Center, making the map less helpful than I would have liked (which is why I gave it 4 stars and not 5). Bring a good sense of direction...and a compass!

The walk/paths themselves are an interesting mix--there are a variety of environments to explore--wetland, forest, field, kame; terrain varies as well--dirt (today mud), grass, gravel, sand. Mud made the trail a little slippery at times, but this was otherwise a pretty easy hike. Nothing too steep. I met a few (very few) people on the trails; saw horseshoe prints in the mud, but no equestrians.

I couldn't stay, as there was a threat of inclement weather, but I will be back! Expect the place will be teeming with wildlife activity in the spring.

Nice easy hike that goes to some really nice views

Parked on Sweet Hollow Rd . Walked west side first . Rolling hills and main trail easy to follow . Wide enough for a vehicle .
East side has much more elevation still same wide trails . There are some off shoot trails that fine to hike are not really well marked . Overall a nice walk .

Flat easy scenic walk

2 months ago

Could be good.

Just finding the starting point was a pain. Waze and google maps took me to the wrong part of the park. Had to use AllTrails to find where to go. Once we finally found the parking lot (near big dog park, not the little one) I couldn't find starting point of the trail. No noticeable signs. Had to ask around. Then the trails are all over the place so we too some wrong turns and did circles. Had to use AllTrails map to stay on track.

Seems like if you know where to go and if the trails are clear it's good. Otherwise I'd recommend finding a different trail. Wasted a lot of time figuring out where to go.

The paved trail is great for riding bikes with kids are going for a nice run. Walking down to the water is fun too. Like that you can stay on pavement or go off road if you want.

TIP: follow the speed limit when driving there. The cops on the way can give tickets for 5 over.

3 months ago

Family and I had the preserve for ourselves as we hiked in the cold weather. We had a blast exploring the ruins. Place is dog friendly when not crowded ;0)

great views

Part woods, part sand. Easy hike with lots of white tail deer. Peaceful this time of year.

5 months ago

nice easy warm up hiking trail

5 months ago

Good trail but it was poorly marked.

6 months ago

The first time I went here they had just closed off the street road on one side..the one that you can drive down to a parking lot and trails. On the news they said there was chemical dumping in this park so I can only assume that's the reason many of these trails are closed off. We went back a few months later and tried the other side with the dog park. We walked into the woods and to the left and found the trail was closed off here too.
I do plan on giving this place another chance once the trails are opened (and hopefully cleaned of any chemicals).

Great hike. Dog on a leash, great open areas and shaded trails. Nice people at the dog run. Easy parking.

trail running
7 months ago

RE: Trail Running
Positives... Very challenging single track, lots of elevation change.
Negatives... Their budget to maintain their park is GONE, I mean horrible disrepair beyond the dog park/main area. East side the trails are the worst marked I have ever seen, blazes faded or missing, signs falling apart, trails overgrown in areas. They have perma-fenced off many trails now for who knows why, they had the white trail blocked with temp fences. And the west side is not marked at all, good if you want to get lost I suppose.
Just avoid this place for trail running like the plague, it is not worth the aggravation.

Great trails for hiking with your dog, some uphill and downhills are easy/moderate. Been here multiple times never came across horseback riders tho have seen fresh scats. Lots of blue jays, robins, and other birds I'm sure. Some of the trails are in disrepair and hidden on the Northwest corner of the park where I believe it crosses over to Boy Scout area, but still manageable. They were clearing some trees along the outside edge near the free way near the Sweet Hollow Rd entrance. The park entrance with the dog run area on Sweet Hollow I was also told is contaminated with chemical from a poorly executed treatment, so I'd advise NOT to take your pet there.

This is such a beautiful & historic place! I'm a very new hiker and I found it fairly easy & wanting to go back again to do the entire loop next time! It was overcast & rainy on & off so to me it was perfect! It's one you should definitely try if you live here on LI ☺️

9 months ago

Trails are not blazed, but there are numbered markers to help you find your way. Many forks, so bring your sense of direction. Easy (difficulty) trails.

Great Park. Biking was a lot of fun. Difficulty was easy to moderate depending on the trail.

10 months ago

good place to chill walk around, really enjoy my time :-)

10 months ago

This is a great place with easy trails. Ruins from the old King Zog's Estate.

10 months ago

I think the only trail on LI that features some long range views. Not so impressive, but still.

Probably better to bike this, but it's still a nice hike.

We love this trail. take your time coming up the hill, it looks easy, but don't rush into it. it's pretty steep and jf you are not condition you will run out of steam half way through.

This is a nice quick get away where you can off track and end up at the beach.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I absolutely love this trail and seeing the old the foundation of the mansion is awesome. It pops up out of no where sometimes, even when you don't realize where you are going. Seriously love these adventures!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Just discovered, kid friendly !

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