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6 days ago

beautiful views! for my first hike it was well worth it!

This trail was a lot of fun to run. The only suggestion I have is to be familiar with the trails before you head up the mountain. The kiosk at the trailhead has a trail map, but it isn't very specific and doesn't show distances per trail. Being a first-time on the mountain, I ended up talking to several friendly trail runners who gladly helped me out. Super nice weather!

shows signs of a lot of people. too much bike activity with riders thinking mud is fun with no respect for the trail damage.

Good for a close, early hills hike.

Hard to find the trailhead, but worth it when you do. Park at the final parking area before the road turns into a ranch private road. Then when you see the fire ring, turn left and walk through the grass until you see a small trailhead. It is near the Rifle Water sign. You’ll cross a covered log over the creek and the trail is easy from there. One of my favorite hikes. It has great variation, isn’t too challenging, and it has AMAZING views. In the summer, the wildflowers are amazing. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

Many bikers- great for a workout especially if you start the trail to the left.

trail running
2 months ago

Awesome for trail running. Good elevation gain and totally runnable. We started at the east entrance near Morrison. We did a loop of about 18km and it took us at a moderate pace like 2h15min. You can run this trail in the Winter, bit it all depends. We did it in January and we only found a couple of patches covered with snow.

More of a mountain biking trail. Not great for hiking.

This is a very nice trail extremely close to downtown Denver. My girlfriend and I hiked the largest loop possible starting from the lot west of C470. We started off going up the step incline to the left by the large rock outcropping... this may have been out first mistake. This path is nice and wide but a straight incline for well over a mile. We really liked all the different trail options and for being just an open space with no trees it was actually very pretty. Our only complaints about the trail is the different trail options aren't defined very well, gender the reason we took the largest loop, evening ending up on Alameda at ones point. The other HUGE complaint is this trail is an excellent mountain biking trail. We must have yielded to no less than 150 bikes in our 2:45 of hiking, and in some sections they are flying well over 20/30 mph.

Beautiful hike and has an amazing view of denver when you make it up! Wonderful for our dog as well

We took our ATVs up transfer trail to Windy point today it was fabulous challenging hard fun fantastic views Rocky and spots steep in spots winding if there’s everything really fun just got to pay attention and stay on point on your vehicle and it was a great time I do it again

5 months ago

So pretty! You can see everything... downtown, the Flatirons, the mountains.

This is a 10 mile chunk of the beautiful Colorado Trail with amazing views of the Aspens during the fall (like right now). It starts off of CR 306 and ends at CR 322. While this is a beautiful hike, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

-THERE ARE NOT HOT SPRINGS ALONG THE WAY!! The image and description for this trail are extremely deceptive!!! The image is not even for this hike, I believe it is a picture of Conundrum Hot Springs outside of Aspen. Also, as stated, the trail doesn't even "feature hot springs". Which was the whole reason we decided to do this it in the first place, so that was pretty disappointing. We hiked over 17 miles trying to find them, only to come to the realization that the only hot springs are located in town, if you continue on the Colorado Trail for 3 more miles on CR 322. These are obviously NOT remote like we were made to believe by the picture, but instead commercialized and ones that you have to pay for. The hike into town is also on a paved road, which is not friendly on the feet. Especially after already hiking 10 miles with packs on, and then having to hike back up on the same road to get back onto the trail to find a place to camp. So, if you are looking for a trail with remote hot springs, you will not find them here.
-There are no campgrounds. There are spots that are ideal to camp within the first 5 miles, but the last chunk of the trail there are not many spots to set up camp, especially the last .5 mile which runs through private property. Yep... not very remote when you are walking though peoples properties and can see their homes.
-This trail stays on the outskirts of the mountains, and doesn't go deep into the range. So, you are walking next to the street and next to the town the entire way.
-If you start on CR 306, you will have to cross three roads within the first 3 miles, before starting your incline up the mountain. I would have preferred to already have been working my way into the mountains after that distance, and not still on a main street, and been a little more rugged. That being said, if you feel the same way, I would recommend trying to park on CR 343 or CR 344 where the trail intersects.

With all that being said, it is a beautiful trail with a challenging ascent to two clear openings with exceptionally breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and aspens. I am rating it 3 stars for the inaccuracy of the picture and description, and hope that this information will help other hikers/backpackers/campers know what to expect!

Beautiful trails, many options of paths to take. I ended up doing right around the 12 miles listed here within 4 hours. Get there early if you're going on the weekend, the parking lot was overflowing when I got done and left around 11am. No shortage of hills, so depending how far and which trails you take it can be a leg burner.

very well marked and maintained. great views.

6 months ago

Killer trail
mud rocks up hill down hill beautiful scenery.
well rounded trail!

From the 470 side it's a good short vertical gain of about 700 feet in 1.1 miles great for repeats especially time is limited.

Simply beautiful!!!

Amazing bike ride out and back!

Ride this path all the time. Watch out for the wet spot on the down hill section if riding a road bike and going fast. It swept out my back tire at 30mph and the road rash was brutal.

Beautiful place to hike with lots of options to branch off (ie to see the waterfall). It was quite busy on labor day, though. Great for a hike close to denver.

Very boring hike. There are some great views here and there, but the rest if very boring. Zero shade - I mean zero. Not even at the trail heads. No picnic tables, no water sources and poorly marked trails. A lot of mountain bikers seem to be enjoying the terrain - not too steep and some great single track. I would not recommend this for a hike. I needed to get a 20 miler in with my son for his Hiking Merit Badge and the 20.8 mile loop looked great online - but you have to watch the route closely on the app to make sure you don't miss the turns due to the poor marking.

trail running
6 months ago

I did this hike in the opposite direction shown here and started from Waterton Canyon Road. It is about 6 miles of dirt road before connecting with the Colorado Trail. Wonderful for running- very slight uphill if you're going from east to west and lots of room on the dirt road to avoid others. Follows the river the entire way and feels safe. There are bathrooms almost every mile. Once it hits the Colorado Trail it gets steeper and was difficult to run. Very exposed- bring water! Saw TONS of big horn sheep!

Amazing hike!!!!

road biking
7 months ago

I have a terra trike, It is equipped with an electric motor, level 2. I have MS and walking and riding has become very difficult for me. My power assist trike has become a major God send for me as I now am able to do things that otherwise were impossible to me. I am looking forward to riding my terra trike from Carbondale to Aspen one day. However I was informed that E Bikes were not allowed on the Rio Grand trail up to Aspen. Is this true? I need to know. artheart1978@gmail.com

Pee before you hike or at least don't guzzle water. There's no place to drop trou without a biker zipping up on you or in plain view of pretty much anyone on your side of the mountain. ;) It's pretty but hot! Absolutely no shade. Lots of routes to choose from.

Love hiking in Staunton State Park, so many trails and it's very beautiful. Even in summer, the trails are not very populated and the further back you get in the park the more magical it is. Those with little to lots of experience hiking will enjoy this area, one of my favorites!

Super easy to get to from Denver. Trails are pretty wide which makes conversation really convenient. The trail itself is pretty woodsy with a few Aslan forests, but there's no real 'peak' to the trail. Biggest minus is that you can't drive to the trail head, you have to get in a trail to get to the right trail.

8 months ago

For a lazy stroll on Day 1 of vacation - 5 stars. In general, 3 (especially if you you are in the afternoon sun)

8 months ago

No shade, which was not the most pleasant in the summer, but scenic views and wildflowers. I'm pretty clumsy, so my foot slipped on the loose rubble coming down, so be sure to wear shoes with good traction.

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