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This is a very good training run if you are looking for elevation gain and beautiful scenery. Can’t wait to run this again!

holy crap that was brutal! but so very beautiful! yes snow and ice. I used yaktrax and a pole and was fine. tough at altitude.

Great day hike on a beautiful day.

Absolutely beautiful hike! My husband and I took the tram up yesterday, camped at Round Valley for the night, and summited San Jacinto this morning. The camping was cold , apparently it got down to 22 degrees but we had the gear for it and stayed pretty warm. For the hike, we brought microspikes but didn't use them- we had grippy hiking boots and for us it was doable without the spikes. However I would definitely recommend bringing spikes because the trail was quite icy coming down -especially the part from round valley to the ranger station. It was okay without the spikes for us, but it might not be for other folks. All in all, the entire experience of staying the night and being the only ones on the mountain in the morning was just amazing. This trail is beautiful, the views are stunning, the quiet is rejuvinating. The tram ride was pretty cool too. Highly recommend.

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I have not done this trek since 1981 the first time ffom the idlewile ville onto sumit that got me hooked that first time was 1976 betweennthen and 1980 i did it both finding the ranger station non existent at foot of trail i had to doublestep it to get legal by closing and if it sounds ominous dont worry is at 500 feet elavation that mosquitos end snd pradise starts till i remember at the summit a cairn for a tiny fire and klook out never recall eating lunch then. Down down the well marked trail all 10000 feet w

Absolutely amazing hike! Did this yesterday. A decent amount of snow at the higher elevations, but it was packed down pretty well. Definitely need microspikes, trekking poles/gaiters optional...no other gear needed. Give the ranger station a call the day before to check on conditions. Was windy at the top but beautiful views the whole way up. Highly recommend taking advantage of downloading the trail map from All Trails app, helped us out a few times...would be easy to lose the trail in fresh snow. You grab a free day permit right at Long Valley ranger station after getting off the tramway.

Amazing hike and picturesque as well. The trail are
Rough with many tripping hazards and one should watch your step, specially when descending. done it twice and were very fulfilling.

Even though visibility was maybe 100ft at the top, this was still a fun and challenging hike. It took my brother and I 2.5 hours to get up to the top. Hiking poles or microspikes would be recommended this time of year even though it was fairly warm in the beginning (I only had a t-shirt on until Wellman Divide). There was a sprinkling of rain from Wellman Divide to the top which then turned to snow.

This was a great hike today especially after the rain.. If your looking to get a great workout in with some strenuous hills and open trails then this is the one to do. I actually used Strava to range the hike and it came out to to just over 9.5 miles. If you do the whole loop like I did then you will be very satisfied with it especially when the day is nice and it makes for great pictures when your along the PCH ridges.. El Moro Loop has some great views that overlook the ocean and you get some fresh air for sure.. The trail was very quite and peaceful, so if your looking to get away and decompress then this would be ideal. I will definitely do this trail again and maybe get a trail run the next time around!

So beautiful! Surprisingly steep areas, it takes a little practice not getting deviated on the paths. The map feature is priceless!

Many inclines but worth the hike. Great cardio workout!

My group of six backpacked this route in March of 2014 over a weekend. We started our hike late morning, camped at the Canyon Creek Lakes at the top, spent the entire next day hiking around the bowl and up to L Lake, and then hiked back the next day. March was a little early to be hiking up there and crossing the river (maybe too dangerous in hindsight). The river looked safe to cross on the way up, but on the way back the river had rose significantly and felt quite treacherous. The nights were brutally cold, but L Lake covered in snow was the most beautiful sight I've seen to this day. Climbing up to L Lake can be intimidating for some. I don't recommend bringing your backpack up there. Camp below and make a day hike up there. Did I mention we had the entire place to ourselves the whole time? Best part of it all. I highly recommend this trail; stunning views, waterfalls, rivers, beautiful boulders, and whimsical wooded areas. Be careful when you're hiking around on the rocks and boulders--they get slippery--and be cautious around flowing waters. Don't miss L Lake!

Great trail! It was a good cool day. Make sure you have plenty of water and some light snacks if you do the whole loop

Amazing hike and experience. The ranger told us it takes the average person 6 hours to complete the trail. We were racing the sun as we got a late start so we managed to complete it under that time. The trail is somewhat well marked. I did the trail in hiking shoes, nothing extra and I was fine. Hiking poles definitely would have been nice at some points. Also make sure to wear layers as the sun sets the mountain gets pretty chilly! I actually thought the view at Wellman’s Divide was better than the view at the summit.

Very nice warm day hike. Some minor snow and lot’s of ice!!! Ice cleats highly recommended! 2 ladies had injuries along the way and were rescued. Not an easy hike, not recommended for kids or beginners. But won’t call it difficult either. It took us 2:50 to get to the top with some breaks and a little less to get back. Overall, great hike!

Havent done it yet. Anyone tell me what footwear is suggested? Boots, Trail shoes?? How much snow? What equipment did you use?

2 months ago

This its an Amazing place i never have such a great experience ever i waiting to go back again and again and again and again........

Major inclines make for a great workout. Beautiful ocean and mountain views. I enjoy hiking in a bit more solitude and the 1st half is heavily populated, you walk along the 73 freeway for a bit and share with mountain bikers, which can be a bit scary on the more narrow sections. Definitely felt accomplished when we finished!

Beautiful scenic views and intense incline.

Great trail cold with 30-40 mph wind gusts and last bit was icy but an amazing hike with incredible views

Well worth it,amazing views

2 months ago

What a great hike. Couldn't pick the better day. Trail was good. I had snow spikes on me but i saw some people made it to the top without it. Will do this again before the snow melts. The views are stunning.

2 months ago

Strenuous hike due to altitude, amazing views.

Views were gorgeous on this trail offering a sense of escape from the city life. Aside from this trail being a longer trail, I’m not sure how it’s ranked as hard. Trail was well paved and flat for the most part. Would definitely go back and run the loop next time.

We had a great day with not a cloud in the sky to hike the perimeter loop. It wasn’t too strenuous. Great views out to Catalina once got to higher altitude. Trail is extremely well marked. Lots of mountain bikers and a few runners on the trail.

The inclines are rough. Took my kids and they could have been helpful if they had some hiking sticks.

Tough hike for the beginner. Made it to Wellman’s Divide but had to turn back cause I was spent and couldn’t make it up the peak before the sun went down but still great views and a great trail. Snow was great too!

One of my favorites. If you are in peak shape and have an extra 4 hours to blow then take this trail. Or take it easy and explore. It’s so fun! It can get busy but too bad past Welmans.

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