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amazing views of the flatlands and mountains. gorgeous hike for so close to Denver. loved the history!

The historical ruins are very cool! Took a visiting family member from out of state and it seemed like a good fit for her while still adjusting to the altitude. Pretty crowded with lots of familes and dogs. No amazing vistas, but some decent overlooks and views to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's nice how all the little side trails connect so you can add or minus mileage as you like. Found the historical information and ruins to be the coolest part of the day.

Lots of variety.

It's pretty much a reverse version of Dakota Ridge and Red Rocks Trail. First mile or so was boring, but once it gets closer to Red Rocks, the view gets better. Good and fun trail for beginner hikers. Have fun!

An enchanted forest! Evergreens, lots of shade simply beautiful and good workout.

easy, with some nice views

Very nice hike.

Nice easy hike when you are short on time. We didn’t do the whole thing because of that reason, but it’s an easy hike up. Nice views of the city and mountains in the distance. Great workout

It was a good trail for hiking. Lots of rocks, didn't wear the proper shoes for this trail. Very nice work out and got the blood pumping. Would do this hike again.

11 days ago

A bit crowded on a Saturday, and most of the trail is totally exposed so got pretty hot even in the mid-morning. No incredible vistas but decent views throughout. Ruins were neat.

15 days ago

Nice workout and decent views

15 days ago

Nice historical hike.

Beautiful view of Denver, Golden, and Front range. A Quick climb.

Nice trail! Not magnificently scenic but it’s pretty in its own way. We went on Labor Day morning and there were very few people there, so it was great. I can see how it would be a pain if there were a lot of bikers on it though. Overall a pretty trail! Our dog had a blast!

This trail is dope! Great for mountain biking and hiking! This open spaces provides: Filtered Water, maps, lots of parking, and clear instructions. Please note, biking one ways on ODDs is enforced.

20 days ago

This was a great trail. Nice views!

We live near this trail, so we hike it about once per week. We typically walk up one side, across or along the rim, down another side, turn around and retrace to get back to our start. The uphill portions are a great cardio workout! The entire mesa is like a different world. We’ve seen deer grazing - and twice this summer we’ve seen rattlesnakes on the trail. The second time was this morning as we came across a baby one stretched across the trail for the sun. My advice: Take water as it’s hot up there when sunny, and, honestly, watch for snakes. Lots of people hike up wearing open sport sandals. I wear snake gaiters that go from the ankle of my hiking shoes to my knees. Whatever you wear, just be in the lookout.

Four stars because there really isn’t shade after very early morning on one of the uphill paths.

Not at all what you would expect a top a mesa. wonderful walk, floral, geological formations, views.. best climb in Golden.

Great exercise- The incline was a bit difficult for a beginner like myself. We followed castle Trail the entire hike. During the incline of the trail rocky walkways, the remainder paths were pretty wide.

We were hiking but kept having to stop and move over for bikers, Trail is too narrow for both hikers and bikers.

mountain biking
26 days ago

This was a pretty and fun ride but it is definitely rated wrong. I got here thinking this would be a green level ride and the exact trail shown is mostly blue with some black, we walked our bikes for a good portion of the up hill and some of the down hill because it was way too steep! Overall a good ride but I wouldn’t bike it again.

Did a little over half of the trail as part of what I hiked today. the Western trailhead is definitely the easier place to start if going all the way through, but I hiked from the Western trailhead to the Walker homestead ruins and then over to the Summer White House for a great scenic hike. I didn't get there until about 1000 so it was beginning to get hot. make sure you bring lots of water as much of the hike on the Western side headed east towards the meadow is exposed.

Great views, would definitely hike it again.

Really enjoyed this trail with our dog. Beautiful scenery in and out of the trees/sun. The parking and facilities at the trailhead are top notch.

I love this hike. It’s close to Denver so it’s easy to get to quickly. The views are spectacular! Just wish there was some water.

Awesome trail! I would recommend doing this backwards from what is shown on here, as the “back half” is much more fun and up and down. The “front half” on this map is very much the same, sloping downhill the entire time. The lookout point is also great. Great trail for running, biking, the lot! Should be rated more difficult than it is - the evergreen mountain trail is shorter and follows nearly the same route but is shorter, and it is rated as “hard.” This, however, is longer and somehow rated “easy.”

This was a nice quick hike! We brought along our doggo and there were many shaded areas to stop and rehydrate.

Some hard steps in the beginning then trail. Bikers are hard core as they pass!

it says moderate, but we thought it was closer to hard. beautiful hike, though, some stunning views of the city when you first start out. from the top you can see Golden to the left, and way in the back you can see downtown Denver, so you really can see it all.
the sun would beat down during the climb up, and then In the forest it cooled down.

1 month ago

Very windy and I almost stepped on a tiny baby Rattler on the trail! A bit unnerving.

1 month ago

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