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Lots of fun. Definitely a family trail but the incline is definitely there depending on which way you walk the loop. Overall did it with ease. Places to stop for breaks and even a bathroom at the far side of the loop.

Beautiful trail and scenery. It’s a bit rocky in some areas and some of the trail was washed out. There are parts where you walk on the fire access road.

Anyone know how far into the trail is the hike? anyone know?

6 days ago

Amazing hike, great views, and fun.

This hike was awesome! Beautiful scenery pretty much at all times and a ton of opportunities to go on small offshoot trails to get some cool views. We did this during the day on a thursday and it wasn’t too busy which was nice.

Awesome trail! Great photography possibilities for Los Angeles and the Channel Islands.

21 days ago

One of my favorite LA hikes; nice views and a good workout.

I believe this trail is 9 miles. I'm not sure how anybody lost the trail. Maybe they've cleaned it up a bit but it was very clear to me. There are even steps up the boulders.

There is nothing difficult about this trail. It is moderate at worst.

Parking is worth noting...as there doesn't appear to be any. I parked in what looked like a tiny lot a few hundred feet north of the trailhead. My car wasn't told or ticketed so, perhaps it's legal.

Having said all that, the payoff at the peak is fantastic. Lovely view of the ocean and San Gabriel Mountains. Nice steady incline throughout. I ran about half the time going up and ran all the way down and it took me 2:45.

25 days ago

1st mistake I parked at Meander Ln. and my 2nd mistake was I didn't wear my hiking shoes thinking this was going to be a super easy hike. This is a moderate hike suitable for dogs. I did it in the afternoon and there was nobody on the trails so my dog didn't use her leash and was so happy. The views are beautiful and you can see the ocean....this is a good workout (steep climb at times)

Great trail and beautiful views. Part of it was closed so we couldn't do the full loop.

A very pretty day today. Lots of ocean views and a good view of the valley side from atop Eagle Rock. A longer hike for me, but not too terrible on the uphill. At this time of year (2/17), with a 6:45am start, I had a lot of shade on this hike. I’d do it again for sure.

1 month ago

Lovely hike on a cool morning. First 2 miles or so is steady ascent (nearly all of the elevation gain). Highlights: oak trees cluster during ascent, views from the crest (both north and south), rock formations & wind caves near the end.
Note: the map shows leaving from a locked gate, actually the Puima trailhead is the right spot, 100 yards or so south.

Great work out !

This is NOT a hard hike. Moderate IMO.

Great ocean views.

I have hiked it both ways. Please use gps directions given here as there are a lot of side trails.

Ran here a week after the rains and trail was pretty torn up. There was a “trail closed” sign 8 miles in that I ignored. Lots of rocks, hard on the feet. Most of the elevation gain was at the last 5 mile stretch. The best trail I never want to run again!

Not a great trail but not bad. There was tons of dog poop on the trail and very little shade. We went at 10am in January and it was still too hot in the sun for my dog. It’s 2 stars for dogs but 3 stars for people. You can hear the traffic from the 405 freeway and you can look right into peoples’ (multi-million) backyard. We went out only 2 miles so I think the city landscape lessens. But I like trails where you immediately feel hundreds of miles away from LA.

Great hike to do with your dog. Very mild, but you have the opportunity to make the trail harder by taking the inclines. Bring lots of water, there's not many shaded areas!

Did this trail about 6 years ago. Did not plan well for it, but made it. Took is about 8.5 hours, we came down in the dark. Parts of the trail are unshaded, so wear a hat and sunscreen on hot days. Otherwise, amazing views of Southern California. We could see Catalina, the San Gabriel Range, down to the hills around Hemet and Temecula.

Nice moderate hiking terrain. mostly not shaded so bring extra water and hike during colder months. No dogs allowed on the trail.

This was the first long hike ever. 20 miles to be exact. We started at 6am and ended at 4pm. We climbed to the towers/ summit ate lunch, and headed back. It was an entire day of hiking and we added an extra 5 miles by going a bit off trail but it was fun. I must say it was very busy at the top. There was a motocross race, a hike/ run, and some sort of jeep off road event all on the same day. Made it interesting though. The views looking toward the west (orange county) were amazing. The mountains just went on and on forever! Very cool to see from the summit. Definitely going back soon!

Great views of the Santa Monica mountains and the ocean. Not too busy or strenuous but a nice workout. Highly recommended!

Stunning views from the ocean to the valley, to Santa Monica, Hollywood and Los Angeles. I suggested a change to the distance - total of 11.27 miles, but I also lost the trail for a bit at the top. Solid 11 out and back. Well worth the journey!

The views are fantastic!! Good calorie burner too

This was a fun hike! It climbs about 4000 feet, but really most of the trail is long switchbacks, so it’s a slow burn. The summit is not spectacular but getting there is.

Love this trail. Definitely technical and a tough climb but so worth it.

Did this plus Sullivan Canyon. Ends up being over 10 Miles. Sullivan gets steep and challenging. Lots of mountain bikers. Views at top are nice and refreshing.

Pretty boring. Goes through a lot a shaded scrub. Go to Trippet Ranch right nearby instead

Tends to be a bit crowded at times, but a nice hike overall with very nice views.

No access through the directions, took us to a giant wooden gate. We took Old Ranch Road

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