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Sept 20- still closed :(

UNREAL views the whole way up. no warmup as it starts steep and stays steep but really enjoyed this hike. even got hit with a short 45min snowstorm at the top! solid leg burner but certainly worth the effort!

Great hike!! The trail was a little bit muddy due to some light rain but there were no issues doing the hike in just hiking shoes. Poles are recommended and there was Very Minimal snow closer to the top.

This hike is worth all the tourists at Lake Louise! Once you get passed all the people and make your way to the actual trail it’s a beautiful hike. My friend, my dog and I walked to the end of Lake Louise and headed up to Big Beehive that way, finishing the hike with Lake Agnes on the way back down. It was nice because we hiked the opposite direction of everyone else. Amazing views from the top of Devil’s Thumb. There are no signs or mention of Devil’s Thumb around. So many people just finish their hike with Big Beehive. The last trek up to the Thumb is quiet and a bit of a hidden gem. Highly recommended!

8 days ago

Amazing. Hard. Long. We did go counter clockwise, thank goodness, the other way around would have been madness. We are mid 30s, fit and used to strenuous hikes. Still took us 8 hours (with lots of photos). The scramble on loose rocks felt iffy, we heard an avalanche while standing on the top in an adjacent valley. Bring plenty of water. We had rain, snow, mud, loose rocks, sunshine,... everything, so bring your layers! Breaking through the clouds to the sunshine above was glorious. Stunning 360 degrees views. The ridge hike was delightful. Overall, strenuous and no joke, be prepared and know your way.

Wish this trail was closer to my home. It wasn’t easy to find and stay on the correct trail so we ended up blazing our own. Turned out to be more difficult than it could have been but we still loved it! When starting out, definitely go to the right and you’ll be on the correct trail. Seems like a common mistake.

We did this hike yesterday morning, it took us 4 round trip to the helipad including lunch at the top. Nice inclined up with a few sections of steep and a boulder field cross. Views from the top are amazing, on one side you have Canmore and on the other side alpine meadow where we saw a family of grouse.
Hiking poles and boots are highly recommended.
We started hiking at 8:40 and nobody was there, we saw a whole bunch of people on the way down.

A terrific hike starting through a pretty much straight pleasant hike through forest. At around 2.8 km you will be at the bottom of a majestic range surrounding you. Breathtaking views in every direction. Small rocks and earth dot the rest of the way up. We made it to 6800 feet when heavy rains forced us to turn back.

Moraine Lake parking lot was full by 6am so this was our backup hike. We started by 8am and avoided most of the tourists. The views of the lakes are outstanding! The reward/difficulty ratio is very high for this one. Only downside is how busy it can be; the trail was a gong show on the way down. Get there early and you will not be disappointed!

Closed for another month :(

15 days ago

Beautiful hike all the way through. Breeze through a beautiful mossy forest to start this awesome hike, but don’t let this easy section of the hike fool you, once you break through the alpine you have a hard steep road ahead, but the reward is far worth it. Beautiful scenery of the Spray Lakes is viewable from the peak summit. Carry on for another 30 minutes along a loose rock ridge and you’ll find yourself at the glacier doorstep. I would recommend a good pair of hiking boots and poles as the loose rock becomes unstable at times.

This ones on my top five under six. Beautiful quick incline all the way up, trails are quite clear; lots of foot traffic. If you make it to the flag at the peak the views are spectacular.
On a side note if you head right at the top you can also do Miners Peak so you can check off two amazing hikes in one day trip. Happy hiking.

Amazing hike!! Well worth the effort and steep climb near the finish

wonderful pretty hike

Expérience incroyable! Quel ascension! Un vrai bonheur! La vue est incroyable!!

I love this hike and was hoping to squeeze it in on sept 8th. Can anyone confirm if it’s open? I was there two weeks ago and the sign said it would be open by aug 28th.

trail running
17 days ago

WHAT A GREAT HIKE ! It will challenge you because of its steep trails and the rocks but it worth it ! We did it pretty fast and didn’t take much breaks...it took us about 3h30 up and down! We went a little higher after the helipad but it was a bit beyond my limits and I didn’t want to fall ot hurt myself...we didn’t have poles and I think it could be helpful for the last part! You have to do that hike absolutely!!

The spectacular views from the top makes all the effort worthwhile. The very last section is steep as you scramble up.

Still closed on Sept. 6.

This is incredible and easily one of the best hikes in Banff. If you are afraid of heights, may want to rethink. This is difficult because the trail is hard to follow at parts and has a mild scramble. However, there are many trails that are more physically difficult compared to this one. Must do - best near Lake Louise.

Pretty walk through the forest for the first bit of the trail next to a stream. Totally lost the trail once we got to the scree though. Went up the wrong way and had a heck of a time getting back down lol. Keep hard left once you exit the trees and look for the small rock piles to re find the trail.

That was wonderful!!!!!! This is the best hike that I’ve done in Canmore.

Thinking about hiking it Sept 8th, 2018. Can someone confirm the trail is still closed?

Added this to Lake Agnes hike and was so very worth it! The switchbacks are pretty killer, but the view of Lake Louise from the top is amazing. So glad we did this!

Devils Thumb is a challenge but I would classify it between easy to moderate hike. There is a very short scramble made up of large rocks that is like a stair case. At the top of the first short scramble, turn left there is a defined trail. The trail that goes around the back of the mountain is narrow so you do have to watch your step. If you are afraid of heights have someone with you to talk you through it. The most challenging part, even though not long, you may have to do a bear crawl up. I wanted to challenge myself for my 59 birthday and this is my second scramble and the first time I ever completed. The view is well worth the effort. Take your time going down.

Great aerobic hike to the helipad and scramble on for additional burn.

Hard but rewarding! We got lost at the beginning (went left into the woods rather than up the rocks), but luckily turned around before we got too far and ran into more hikers who were making the same mistake. Together we all backtracked and eventually did find the right way. It’s not well marked until you get higher up, but you’ll know it when you’re there. Super rocky climb with lots of scrambling, but I loved it! The way back down wasn’t so bad either, despite being steep. Sadly I didn’t make it to the peak because my asthma started acting up, but we made it 90% (there and back) in about 3.5 hours.

First time doing a hike like this and really enjoyed the challenge. Made it about 90 percent of the way due to asthma getting in the way at higher altitudes. Took about 2.5 hours to get up and just a bit over an hour to descend.

This is rated hard for a reason. It’s a continuous steep uphill hike with lots or rocks. There were lots of people hiking Lady Macdonald (we went on a Saturday long weekend).

We did the climb for 3hrs having to stop from time to time to rest and make sure our first time hiker is okay haha. The age of hikers we saw ranges from little kids to seniors so if they can do it, you most definitely can! We stopped at the helipad to eat our snacks while basking in the gorgeous views and watching others brave the ridge to reach the summit. The summit is out of my physical and mental ability.

The way down, which took us about 2hrs, was not the best. Heard lots of complaints and whines from my group saying things like “My toes hurt”, or “Ughh my knees!”, and “I hate this hike!” LOL. In the end everyone were proud of themselves. Hiking Lady Macdonald sure is a butt kicker. It’s a good work out and is definitely one of the most challenging trails we all have ever done!

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