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Loved it, challenging (especially w/wind) but easy down!! Beautiful!!

Still one of our favorites close to Denver. We take Mountain Lion counter clockwise to Windy Peak. The creek is currently dried up but is usually flowing pretty good. Steady climb to Windy Peak with a somewhat tough half mile push to the peak. Generally pretty quiet and although this trail allows bikes, we rarely seem them on Mountain Lion stretch to the peak. Great views at the top.

Great hike!!!

Got to the trail head at sunrise and there were 6 cars in the lot. when I got back down the lot was full and cars waiting for spots. Nice and brisk at the start, needed a jacket, but once the sun started hitting the mountainside, little by little ended up in shorts and a tank top. Initial start is up hill but nothing real strenuous and then it levels out and is a very relaxing walk. Saw a bull moose in the first mile of the trail off in the willows. Nice fall smells and colors. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike. Not too strenuous once you get past the initial incline. Great fall colors, beautiful stream that the trail intersects with often. Recommended.

5 days ago

wasn't sure where Jones Pass started so we walked up where the cars were coming. I had my dogs off leash so we ended up taking Butch trail because we didn't know where Jones started and there were too many cars going up and down the road. it's nice and quiet. Please pick up your dog's poop before you ruin it for everyone.

Good trail (road). There is not a lot of shade, so would definitely advise doing it earlier in the day. Was able to see roughly 20-30 mountain sheep, I always enjoy seeing wildlife.

Nice, well maintained trail with some great views near the top. Great for beginners or children.

Love this trail! But I prefer biking it to hiking it. I'm always hopeful to see a herd of bighorn sheep and some rams (my mother in law saw a bunch of rams by the dam a couple of months ago). I've seen a few bighorn sheep (loners) and a black bear.

A couple good lookout points and overall great hike. Went with 5 children (15,13,10, 2 and 6 months old).

road biking
7 days ago

Biked this today. Good amount of people for a Wednesday morning, but was alone for most of my time out there.
I am not a mountain biker, but enjoy biking so this was a great trail.
Saw a few small sheep and a dead snake.

Autumn colors are coming in and it looks beautiful. Excellent place for a backpacking trip without the crowds.

mountain biking
10 days ago

I’m pretty happy we found this area. We have hiked it and have bikes it. The scenery is absolutely beautiful; you might even spot some sheep on the side of the mountain. It is easy walking it biking.

This trail alone was worth the trip. It was a great scenic hike on a gorgeous blue sky 70° day. So much easier on the body walking over soft forest floor than climbing hard rock 14ers yesterday. We went in 4.6 miles from the lot, where we lost the trail in a swampy meadow and turned back, total 9.5 miles. Turns out, the official trail ends at the intersection of the Gore trail. This is a great off the freeway stop for families too.

Beautiful scenery. Great place to go for a walk, run, or bike ride! Flat trail, but surrounded by the mountains!

(Aspens have not yet started to change color on this trail) Great trail for beginners to those looking for a little challenge. If you can make it through the first massive up hill climb, you're good. The rest of the trail evens out and is a lot easier. Great scenery with lots of places to enjoy the river and the view. Watch out for the 10-15 water crossings, many were muddy around the water when we went through. If you turn left where the trail ends there's a great place to enjoy the river and relax. We suggest getting to the trail before 9am if you want to find a parking spot. Even on a Monday the parking lot was packed when we made it back to the car at 1:30pm. Definitely one of our favorite trails in Frisco and it's easily accessible right off the highway.

mountain biking
28 days ago

1 month ago

This is a 4wd road that climbs from Henderson Mine to Jones Pass. So that makes it a great beginner hike. No challenges for route finding or footing or terrain. Vehicle traffic is light enough to be a non-issue. And dogs can be off-leash, which was a nice change.

About half of the ascent is above tree line, so you do need to be equipped with appropriate clothes at ANY time of year.

Fantastic views and doable by anyone with enough baseline fitness to walk a steady uphill for 3.5 miles. I’m a fan; I’ll be back.

Beautiful trail, easy to access near Frisco just off I70. Our group got to the trailhead early just after 7am so very few others there for a Saturday, but a friend said it gets very busy later. The trail meanders near a small stream that you can walk in if you love the mountain water in summer. Mostly forest punctuated by the occasional meadow with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. I plan to go back in winter because I hear it’s great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Beautiful trail! Definitely something you could do all day if you wanted to take your time! It follows the Creek all the way up and the trail is really well taken care of! While it is steep at times, the trail is easy enough to walk on. Do not be discouraged by the moderate rating! What the app does not tell you is that you can begin this trail in Copperhead. If you start here, you run into lakes along the trail as well! From Copperhead to Frisco on the trail is around 15(ish?!) miles, and if I could do it all over I would start in Copperhead! However, the hike was beautiful and very fun! Would do again and recommend highly!

Our family of 5 (parents and kids age 12,13, and 16) hiked this trail our first day in Dillon. We live on the east coast, at sea level, and this was a great hike for us as we acclimated to the altitude. Beautiful scenery and surprisingly great views/ scenic overlooks. I'm not in great shape, and stopped occasionally on the steeper parts of the trail for some water, but this trail was perfect for us!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail, slight incline up to the dam. Was hoping to see the big horned sheep but they were nowhere to be found. Will bike this trail again.

on Waterton Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Happy 100th Anniversary Denver Water! Hello CT Segment 1! I'll be back for more when the cooler weather starts setting in! My husband and I took our kids, 7 and 10, 3 miles through the canyon. We saw a REALLY big snake (either a Bull snake or a Rattle snake that just shed it's skin) cross the road in front of us. I would say it was about 3 feet long. We also saw some kind of small lizard and tons of birds. Bring your binoculars! Keep those kids on the trail and eyes peeled for snakes, especially just off the roadsides. This 'walk'/hike was a warm one for sure, but very mellow at the beginning. Would love to make it to the dam sometime.

1 month ago

Great day not a cloud in sight. Smoke from the California wild fires was very prevalent. First time this hiking season that I wore a short sleeve t-shirt over 12,000’ even the slight breeze felt refreshing because it was a hot day.
Ran into 40 people who were doing memorial hike for Peter McInerney

The road was in good shape and it’s a very good workout.

Views were mostly blocked by the smoke.

off road driving
1 month ago

Very easy trail. Some narrow spots and switchbacks but very basic - great for beginners. We also camped to watch the meteor shower. Camping spots were plentiful. Really nice, open spaces. It was a great weekend trip!

on Jones Pass

off road driving
1 month ago

A great, straight forward trail with tremendous scenic beauty. Numerous places to pull off and enjoy the scenery, camp, or picnic. The trail is open all the way to the summit at about 12500 ft. Once you head down the back side, there's a cut off that trail called by some Crashed Truck Trail. There's a crashed Toyota 350 at the end of the trail. The trail is definitely not EASY and has a few sketchy parts. Don't attempt with a full sized truck!

I’m not an experienced hiker so not sure how to rate... but very enjoyable... 2 hours ( for me) up to Gore Ridge Trail... then turned around ... I went slowly with plenty of rest stops .... beautiful views along the way... and wonderful smell of the lodge pole pines ... 1 hour 15 minutes down ... although parking lot at trailhead was just about full I really didn’t encounter many people ... the people I did see along the way just gave a friendly “Hi” and carried on ... I post a pic I took at the bottom... pretty much says it all ... steep initially but levels out ... don’t get discouraged! Some areas require navigating over tree roots and rocks but nothing too daunting .... after you get to the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area the trail becomes more interesting... passes in and out of meadows and trees ... very nice!

Begins with incline and becomes more gradual. Along creek for most of hike.

off road driving
1 month ago

Went yesterday afternoon 8/5/18. Made it to the top where the snow/ice was blocking as most people mentioned. A few of us used ice picks and were able to chisel away enough room that a 2018 Toyota Tundra got through the pass. We even had a Subaru Outback make it through as well. Pretty narrow but doable. Other than that, the views were amazing and the trail itself is perfect even for first timers. Not too technical.

off road driving
1 month ago

Two Conservation officers were clearing snow/ice around 10:30AM this morning. By the time they left, enough was cleared that a side-by-side snuck through....our Jeep did not. A few good hands and some sweat for an hour or so would allow for vehicles to clear....although the drift is heavy ice, not just snow. In any case, we navigated a 12-Point turn in the Jeep at the drift and headed back down. Great trip, great views, worth it! Next time hope to camp.

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