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Pretty steep walk up to the lake but it’s beautiful there and great spot to stop and have lunch!

Bring cleats, was very icy and slippery, not easy but worthwhile getting up there for those views.

Beautiful! definitely a favorite! Great overnight at Lillian. Completed with kids (5 and 7 yrs). we will be back!

Great trail and great views! The first half of the hike was cloudy but the sun broke through just as we started climbing!

4 days ago

It was a great trail, although it was too misty out to see the views, I will come back on a clearer day. Oh, also we had to turn back halfway because we ran into a bear!

Good inclines with a lot of rewards along the way.

This trail starts off easy but definitely becomes more difficult as the elevation increases. It’s a steady climb up to the tea house. Make sure to go past the tea house to the look out, it’s worth the extra effort! We stopped at the tea house after hiking to the lookout and had a bite to eat. Expensive but you are eating halfway up a mountain. I recommend trekking poles and possibly crampons as it was slippery after the recent snowfall.

Fairly challenging hike...there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground which made the trek even more difficult. View from the top is stunning.

I went September 15th and there was already snow and would recommend wearing boots and if going to the view point then bring cramp ons.Was totally worth it to go the extra to the view point

Fun hike, although I wouldn't say it was a favorite, except for the extra part after the teahouse, which was really fun! I tend to enjoy hikes that are a little more difficult though, so if you're looking for something pretty steady and with great views, this is definitely a must! We started with the first bus at 7am and it was cold and rainy. On the way up, the sky cleared a bit and we had good views of the glaciers at the top. Coming back down, it started raining and we were frozen by the end. Worth it!

10 days ago

Hiked on 9/15 to the overlook. About 6-8 inches of snow from the prior storms. Sun came out for a little while at the top and it was a winter wonderland! Snow on trails was packed and easily passable. However, the trail could become icy overnight if temperatures stay low, and then would be treacherous. Overall, it’s a fantastic hike!

A great hike with wonderful views every part of the way, def a moderate hike; hard to some that don't hike often! I did the loop starting by going up to the tea house at Lake Agnes and continuing around Big Beehive and connecting to the 6 Glacier trail. The trail is moderate and should be attempted by folks in decent shape as it is a longer hike (lots of visitors not knowing the scale of this hike and I found lots of ill-equipped people on the trail, such as no water, wearing jeans, no day-packs). Plan on spending 4-5 hours on the trail if doing the loop, more if you plan to have tea at both houses. Side note, horses use the trails so beware of poop ;) If you like, you can continue for another 30-40 mins on from the 6 glaciers tea house to a closer view of the glaciers. This trail is narrow and steep in sections but wonderful, you get to hear the glaciers/snow cracking! Also, 90% of the hike is exposed to the sun and you will get hot.

Excellent hike with excellent company. The little tea house at the top is quiet rewarding. I saw my first avalanche standing at the overlook past the tea house. The hike is long, but is quite nice.

Only completed the portion of the route up to Lillian Lake. Approximately 13kms round trip. Lovely route, following the creek a majority of the way. 10 walking bridges on route. Path is mainly rolling hills but near the approach has a sudden steep incline to the lake. The lake is a great photo op. Brought the dog and he loved it until he became a bit tired near the end of our return back. Took about 2hr 15mins there and 1hr 45mins back.

My most favorite hike in this area so far. The new trail to Guinn's pass is well built and offers unbelievable views all the way to the pass with balanced an steady ascent. We did end to end hike from Galatea trail head to Ribbon creek parking lot in about 8 hours. Beautiful and rewarding hiking trail.. highly recommended!!

The extra hike past the tea house is difficult, but one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen! It took me an extra hour including the time I spent at the end seated, listening to the glaciers crack! Definitely worth the extra sweat!!

The views are gorgeous. We saw some goats on the trail as well.

17 days ago

For sure it's NOT a hard hike. I'd say moderate. Absolutely stunning views at the top!

This trail was wonderful (though a bit muddy in spots) - scenic all the way through, and led to an adorable Teahouse where we had a small lunch. Bring cash - they accept USD but there’s a small surcharge.

The hike is manageable in a few hours and the incline isn’t too bad. Go early to avoid the crowds.

18 days ago

Nice walk on a fully paved trail. Beautiful views and vistas (except for the haze from the BC fires), we couldn’t see the mountains. Lots of open space — wear a hat and bring plenty of water! Was disappointed that the gates were closed for cattle and we couldn’t get to the supposed lake, but overall a great hike.

19 days ago

What a beautiful view at the top! I wouldn’t rate this trail as moderate...it was pretty easy ! We went around 9 AM and there was a lot of people down by the lake and on the way to the Lake Agnes’ Tea House. The trails to Little Beehive and Big Beehive were less traficked and it was perfect ! Have a nice hike!

awesome hike! challenging but the views are insane! you can spot Yamnuska and Ha ling from the ridge so watch the horizon! on a Wednesday we were the only ones of the trail and it was amazingly quiet at the top. Went all the way until the drop. 2h up, 1.5h down.

Did this hike yesterday morning, beginning in a downpour that trickled off after entering the trees. As we climbed the views opened up with morning mist intermingling with cloud breaks. I’d rate this as a fairly easy hike overall, with a very tolerable grade most of the way up. The view from the Tea House is great, but expend the extra effort to get to the end of the lookout trail, as the vistas are amazing. The trail to the lookout point follows a lateral moraine that is a bit exposed, and on this morning there was a dusting of fresh snow, but going slow rewards those who persevere. We even saw a few avalanches calving off of the hanging glacier on Mt. Victoria.

21 days ago

We did this hike on September 2, cool day, little bit windy...but we mostly had sun and met a half dozen mountain bikers, a few other hikers, two horseback riders and one trail runner (in a pear tree -lalala ;-)

The views were infinite. Moose Mountain was clearly visible despite the haze from the forest fires in BC and the grade wasn't too steep or rough.

Great trail, i did 3 times

Great hike but the weather did not cooperate. Left early and hiked up for 1.5 hours, then lightening, rain and snow helped me make the decision to turn around and head back down. Will try again another day.

22 days ago

Not a bad trail. We were going to do Moose Mtn, but it was snowing hard and we woulda been soaked and it was too much in the clouds to see anything, so we tried a lower elevation trail and this one was good for a wet rainy/snowy day. Once past the campgrounds you’re in mud if it’s wet but a nice walk for family and dog. Not strenuous.

We did this hike yesterday and it was awesome. Great trail, right in the trees and with some open areas. Bridges, waterfalls, and lots of great photo opportunities. Easy walking but moderate difficulty as most of the trail is uphill. Some challenging spots but completely do able. Fairly heavily trafficked by other hikers. We went mid day and it was busy! I would suggest climbing up a little further past Lillian Lake towards Galatea Lake or the summit to have a stunning mountain view!! Took us about 1hr 45 mins to the lake. Bring your bear spray as bears are in the area. Would highly recommend! Nice mix of forest, waterfalls, lake and mountain views.

I did this hike with my husband in the end of June on a really sunny and beautiful day. Especially due to the weather the trail was heavily trafficked, but most of the hikers don’t go further the tea house, however, that’s where the fun started. We had to cross several avalanche areas and did not only stop where basically most people stop, instead, we climbed up the final very steep rocky section, so that we could sit on the massive rock protruding from the mountain. You will have spectacular views to the Lake the further you go up. On the way back we decided to go back via the Lake Agnes Trail, which is also nice. Please be advised to use proper footwear and carry enough nutrition and water with you. Highly recommended!

What a great trail. Total distance up to the lake and back was tracked at 17.5 km.
One of the best hikes I have done in the area.

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