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trail running
13 days ago

Ran the trail from Woodstock to Hickson on Feb 25th. Most of the trail was clear but there were still some portions with deeper snow and water covered ice that required careful navigation.

Amazing job in opening up the north part of the trail!

Took the roads back on the return trip as the winds were picking up and the chance of tree limbs breaking down was starting to unnerve me.

This is one of the nicer trails in the area and on this particular day I didn’t see one other person.

Nothing spectacular. not much signs of wildlife. just a simple short walk through the park. still nice though.

It is now a finished trail that allows a person to hike or bike to Woodstock.
There is one thing in the description of the trail that is incorrect. HORSES ARE NOT ALLOWED on the trail.

20 days ago

Great trail systems! So many trails that even though it may be busy, you don't feel like there are tons of people around.

mountain biking
29 days ago

Nice single track, decent elevation and little traffic. Many loops to accumulate miles.

29 days ago

HIKERS BE WARE!!! Especially hikers with dogs off leash!!!!

I was on the trail this afternoon around 1-1:30pm and there was a pack of 5 coyotes active and on the move. Like so active and close to people ... very scary!!!

-10C with a strong wind out of the west made it pretty hard going with drifting snow across the trail, particularly in those sections of trail that were exposed to the open fields. Never the less it was an enjoyable outing. I will be sure to return in better weather to complete the full out and back.

trail running
5 months ago

A truly spectacular place to run. A big thanks to the volunteers maintaining it!

5 months ago

A trail with amazing potential, BUT, the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo have failed to make it a priority. The trail itself is very scenic, however is is not connected. There are at least a dozen short sections along the Grand river. Hopefully one day it will be just one.

5 months ago

Just an update on this beautiful trail . This trail is currently being completed from Breamar Road north to Hickson . It is being cleared this week and the bridge is scheduled to go in next week . I battled the trail one last time in it's overgrown / impassable state just for the challenge of it . I hope that opening it up doesn't cause this trail to loose it's quiet remoteness . It was nice eating lunch rations sitting on the huge bridge abutment listening to the babbling creek taking in the solitude . A wealth of thanks needs to go out to the volunteers who made this trail available to everyone ! Thanks !!!

A bit too much bike traffic to be a good hiking trail. Would definitely come back to bike though.

trail running
6 months ago

I began trail running here. An excellent place to try!

West Branch loop is by far the best in the area for trail running.

trail running
6 months ago

This is by far the best long trail in the area. Wide variety of different terrain. It doesn’t have much elevation but enough to stay interesting!

It states on this record that Margaret Pye is the contact...that is me and I am not a contact for this record. I have never been a member ever. The phone number is not even associated with me.
I've tried for a long time to have this removed and I'm not having any luck. I only represent the following websites: Information Oxford (www.informationoxford.ca) and associated with County of Oxford (www.oxfordcounty.ca) and 211 Ontario (www.211ontario.ca).

Did the the trail a few weekends ago with a buddy.Really liked it started at 6:30am done around 11:30am.

6 months ago


on Meadowlily Trail

6 months ago

The trail was good, but the new development on the southern edge has ripped apart the trail there, which made trying to traverse the trail next to impossible.

Nice trail. Lots of birds. Well maintained. I would have given it 4 stars except for a few detractors. 1) The constant din of traffic. 2) Its a very popular trail. I parked first thing in the morning and left around lunch. I had no trouble getting a parking spot but had I arrived any later I would have. When I went to collect my car, I saw all the spots were full and people were parking on the grass

This is my favourite local trail! Great for dogs and kids. Went yesterday and didn't see any signage regarding the trail being closed due to poison Ivey but there's a lot of it in there. ALOT! But if you stay to the path you'll be fine.

I went and the trail said it was closed due to poison ivy. Just used the smaller easier trail across the bridge.. looped around a few times.

Currently CLOSED due to Poison Ivy
Attempted to use trail today but entrance is blocked

7 months ago

So I'm standing at the gate house to pay my $7:00 fee to hike the other side of the reservoir . Girl says $13:00 and I say no I'm paying for a pedestrian pass . She says is that your car over there ? I said no that is my ride I'm being dropped off at the Thorndale end so I can face the oncoming bike traffic . She says it"s still $13:00 to park up there . Wow do I need to call ahead to talk to someone intelligent . So I finally get my pedestrian pass just to find out later the other three people I run into hiking hadn't paid anything and never do ?? They were walking the wrong direction too and I almost got run over hiking the right direction ?? So my $7:00 is supposed to used on trail maintenance . I saw a garbage can that looks like it has hasn't been emptied in years , signs I couldn't read because they were weathered so badly and unfriendly people along the road sections . The speeding bikes is a whole different matter . If you don't walk facing this traffic you are going to get hit !! I have done both side now and there are some nice views but I will never go back . There are many many better trails in Ontario that cost nothing . Save your $7:00 or $13:00 and go to another trail ! Good luck on this one !!

8 months ago

Great trail!

This trail is a ten out of ten . It has awe inspiring views of the river below , good shade in the summer , sparkling springs and enough distance for good backpacking or hiking . The only down sides are the land owners along the way are not friendly , a hunter was shot just off the trail ( by his own guys ) and the bicyclists think they own the trail . These bikes fly down the trail at reckless speeds and don't have bells to warn people or slower traffic , I've seen near misses more than once . Trail ten people zero ! Enjoy !!

A lot of trails to choose from with beautiful scenery. If you choose to hike, beware that you will need to frequently move out of the way of many mountain bikers.

Very slippery when wet and kind of confusing for a new trailer to navigate. But loved the varying elevations, and mixed views of the woods and water.

Fine if you live near by and want a daily walk...otherwise blah...didn't expect much - it is Strathroy after all.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice trail, well maintained, make sure you pay for your pass, if caught without it you will be fined. It is best if you enter through the main gate and pay there, it is safest as far as not getting the fine, the small payment is what keeps the trail in such good condition.

Super simple hike. The scenery isn't that spectacular. Wouldn't go again as I wasn't in awe over it.

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