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Is very scenic and awesome to climb with friends ...but climb with caution , very steep hill sides

2 days ago

Failed hike
4/20/18 The road leading up in the shadow of the hill had snow on the road. The snow made 6-8" high speed bumps which, because of my clearance and the grade of the hill, my Honda Accord would not make it. We nearly got stuck after driving 3.5 hours to get to that point from Idaho Falls, Idaho.
The road conditions past where we were did not get any better. I got out to see if it would be worth getting stuck, but sheets of ice and ruts of snow greater than 8" high was enough to make the choice for me.
We could have probably walked 5 mi up the road (from the overlook at 41.876205, -111.572547) to the trail head, but we ended up going to the Wind Cave closer to Logan which was pretty great and doable with the remaining daylight.

2 days ago

Did not have to walk in the water in the first 10 minutes.
No snow on 4/20/18, a slight breeze, very pleasant weather! I suggest you start at least mid day, that way the wind cave wont be in the shadow of the hill its on. Better lighting for better pictures. This is a unique, natural formation; it is a nice reward for the hike.
This is very doable, don't let the elevation gain per mile scare you off. We saw parents with kids and a dog, old people trail running, and some parents packing a baby up. This is great for anyone. If I lived in Logan, I would be here quite a bit.

Beautiful hike and the caves are amazing. So cool with great views.

19 days ago

Written from inside the cave.

Up here in the wind caves, if you sit inside, it's like you’re sitting in a big ear. You sit and listen with more power than normal human hearing because the rock interior gathers a large quantity of sound and funnels it down toward you.You hear the hum of the valley. Mostly the hum of humans. An airplane up overhead, a semi truck on the highway far below. But overall the sound that you hear is the wind... and the water; the forces that created these strange rock formations and this valley. You’re reminded that while humans are a force, nature is a much more powerful force. Out here you feel like just another living thing among the living things. You feel small.Your wants and worries feel insignificant. All you need is food, water, and shelter. You don’t hear people clamoring for an iPhone X or a new pair of Jordans. You don’t hear people moving to an affluent neighborhood or networking. You don't hear the "ding!" of a notification on your phone. You don’t hear people stunting on one another. A mountain lion could remove you from this life in the next twenty minutes. You’re listening for his silent footsteps through the brush. There isn’t time to dwell on much of anything. There’s only time to feel the rawness and realness of being just a human.

What a great hike! Beautiful scenery all around.

Good hike, but not really too pretty. I’m sure in the fall it would be more beautiful.

22 days ago

Good leg burner to start the Spring with.

My husband and I hiked this trail on March 24. It's pretty steep the first mile or so, then levels off. There's a stream that accompanies the trail for the first quarter mile or so..... it was super pretty surrounded by the green moss this time of year. It was lightly raining when we started, and some type of precipitation remained on and off for the rest of the hike. The ground also had variability... we encountered mud, snow, and ice. It was never so bad that we needed to put on our spikes, but we were glad we had them just in case.

Due to the weather, we were almost totally alone on the trail. Although it wasn't the "ideal" hiking day, we still enjoyed this hike!

Hiked this on the morning of March 3 after a decent snow shower the night before. My husband and I had microspikes but you could probably make it up with just decent hiking shoes. The sky threatened more snow, but the dry weather held out.

The terrain on this hike was so interesting. The limestone made interesting landforms. There were also some springs coming out of the mountain.

Camping under mount Magog in the wildflowers was awesome! The lake is pretty neat and we saw some deer at dusk. Lots of good campsites, had no trouble finding one in July.

Very pretty! This hike will get you breathing, but it’s not hard. Mostly dry, but there was a bit of mud towards the top. The cave itself kind of freaked me out with how slanted it was.

My Strava recording said it was 4.0 miles, 1204 elevation and it took 1 hour 23 mins.

2 months ago

We hiked this trail the other day. It was beautiful, especially in this unusually warm weather we’ve been having. Very little mud. Definitely worth it. We took our roommates’ pup and he had a blast!

Very pretty cave. Somewhat steep but not hard.

2 months ago

Not too difficult, I’d say it’s somewhere between easy and moderate if you’re in decent shape. Much more pleasant in winter vs scorching summer heat. The trail is muddy right now but I was just fine in my hiking boots! Nice short jaunt with awesome views of the Canyon!

3 months ago

I liked the hike and the views... the "lunch cave" was warm and had a great view. The trail was busy and full of mud, slush, packed ice and snow. I'm way out of shape and it took me longer than most up and down but I enjoyed it. Thought it was only 3.5 miles round trip... I was fooled! I seemed to be the only one falling. I'd still do it again only in dryer conditions... or more frozen.

3 months ago

While the elevation is a lot, the grade I felt wasn't as steep as some of the trails we have done near Salt Lake City. It seemed to be more gradual... I enjoyed this hike and would do it again! We went on a Saturday afternoon, Jan 13.. temperatures were in the 40s... the trail was moderately crowded.. we saw about 6 other parties going up and down. The trail was muddy, slushy, icy and slippery in places, so our microspikes did come in handy! We heard there are often rattlesnakes spotted on this trail, though we did not see any. I don't know if they tend to come out more in the summer....

Note: our stats were 4.4 miles, 1,280 ft elevation. This is in comparison to the alltrails stats of 3.5 miles, 1,000 ft elevation.


Hiked it today little bit of snow/ice on trail. No problem with trackes. Nice hike moderately steep.

I thought this trail lead straight to the waterfalls. Maybe I missed it but I lost the trail (or came to the end?) and ended up just walking up the steep road by the huge rock pile to get to the falls basically at the end of the road. The trail is beautiful. It follows the river most the way, good tree coverage, and some cool mossy rocks. If hiking beware of mountain bikers. Bikers please be aware of hikers and let them know you are coming if you are behind them! There is a lot of target practice going on, and as mentioned before, the trail is right by the road. So if it's serenity you seek, seek somewhere else.
You can drive up to the falls too. High clearance is better obviously for those few bumpy spots, but we made it in a Ford Focus. I also saw a couple Honda's up there too.

on Naomi Peak Trail

5 months ago

The trail for Naomi Peak and White Pine Lake is the same leaving the Tony Grove parking lot, but pretty soon they branch. A little further there is another chance to peel off to White Pine Lake, and after that it is on to Naomi Peak. This is a fairly steady uphill, with one dip along the way, and as others have pointed out, there is no shade along the way, as the trees are sparse. The trail is very easy to follow and there were no parts that were tricky or required special skills, except one icy patch that wouldn't be there earlier in the season. The views towards the top are fantastic. This late in the year, there were a few significant patches of snow here and there, but this only impacted the trail in a couple places. The road up to Tony Grove is paved the whole way.

trail running
5 months ago

This trail is so beautiful I had to run it 2 days in a row while I was in Logan. Pretty steep ascent and descent with switchbacks but the middle portion is winding with great views the whole way. Definitely recommend especially as sunset

6 months ago

Amazing view & A must try

Actually I start from the harder part that took the right side route(some people I met later were all start from the left route(riverside) Good thing about to start like this I should say is, you’ll meet the most beautiful view when you still in great shape also the wind blowing won’t be too crazy, that benefits photo taking.
Don’t feel that hard but some angles are really not so easy and poles are recommended to beginners.
Strongly recommended hike without pets due to the harder part what I start with is pretty narrow for even one person to pass.

I have been hiking this with my kids for the last 3 years (they are 9 and 10 now) it is so worth the hike and it's a pretty easy hard with only part of it being intense.

Fantastic hike. Lots to see and explore. The loop is more moderate than easy especially in October as it was quite wet and muddy.

Can’t wait to see it in spring!!!!!

Our rating for the loop easy except for the muddy areas.

6 months ago

very nice hike. a bit rough for little kids, but very nice, and fairly wooded. so close to town, and saw no rattlesnakes.

Did this hike on the drive from Salt Lake to Jackson. Well worth the stop! Pretty cool cave to check out at the top.

Fall colors are awesome right now!

6 months ago

Awesome spot! Gotta put in the work for that awesome view, by it's totally worth it.

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