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1 day ago

Great adventure, I did not expect the cave to be so large.

3 days ago

A great 1 or 2 day backpacking adventure! My wife and I did a 2 day trip 20 years ago and I just took 2 of my kids (wife was nice enough to stay back with the younger kids). Great wildflowers and not too difficult with a pack. Don't count on fish for dinner as they seem to be picky. This area seems surprisingly popular for fishing 4 miles in.

8 days ago

Backpacked to this beautiful spot. Worth it.

Backpacked this trail with a group of 12, ranging in age from 11 yrs old to 50, and was a nice variety of difficulty for all. Enjoyed the campground and cooler/cleaner air. Plenty of trees for setting up hammocks as half the group opted to do that. Plan on 2 hrs each way. Many wild flowers, but a couple weeks sooner would've been better. Overall, great hike.

Really neat, guide was very good he had a great sense of humor. $8/adult 800 people a day, then ask for tips. Not a fan of that! Worth seeing once.

Did a herb walk at peak flower season.
Most excellent.

so great for family day, beautifully floral time.
dogs love it...kids love it.

17 days ago

Our family has completed this hike three times now, most recently was September 2017. Our 9, 8 and 6 year-olds did well. Our 4-year-old had to be carried quite a bit. We took our time to enjoy the views etc. This hike is best enjoyed in fall, imho. The top does make me a little nervous with the children.

What a fantastic backpacking trail to take four young teenaged grandkids. We had a wonderful two days and a great hike. The weather is fantastic in July, I was even too warm for sleeping!

Hiked this trail again on Wednesday for probably my 25th time. I’ve lost count. Had a great time. It’s dry, bit we saw a few people we knew also out enjoying this trail. Great for kids 10 and older because the caves at the end have drop offs that little ones might be a little scared of.

You get a great view of the China Wall portion of the Crimson Trail on the other side of Logan Canyon.

Worth it every time and would definitely recommend this trail if you are in the area and want a good hike that will take about 4 total hours from downtown to the top and back to downtown.

Only one hill on the way back but otherwise an easy and beautiful hike. Surprised at all the wildflowers. Lake is really pretty.

This was a good, moderate hike in length and difficulty. The flowers were beautiful! Would be a fun place to hike in and camp overnight.


Awesome hike! Did on a weeknight and had the trail primarily to ourselves. Not too tough, great views and great little campgrounds near White Pine Lake. Definitely need to do it again and stay overnight!

Good hike for those looking for a mix between easy but worthwhile. Great hike to go on with friends. Gone about three separate times myself. Never a dull moment.

Boyfriend and I got lost half way through and had to bushwhack our way to a road which eventually led to the grave. We were kindly 4 wheeled out as the sunset beamed. Was a good hike.

27 days ago

A definite uphill battle to get there, but it had its gorgeous spots, especially the caves. My 4 year old had a tough time and had to be carried.

So . . . cave is a understatement more like wind blown hole in the side of a mountain. It is a steep trail. Also this is the only trail I have ever got a tick on. Lower ankle (lucky) stuck in hair.

1 month ago

Great hike today. Surprisingly cool weather, and gorgeous wildflowers. Now is the PERFECT time to see the flowers. We spotted many columbines, forget-me-nots, wild rose, fireweed, penstemon, bluebells, golden aster, indian paintbrush, yarrow, geraniums. Also a bluebird, a golden finch, a doe, and hundreds of butterflies. The peak is rewarding, and the journey itself is worth it.

The wildflowers on this trail are beautiful! The lake itself is a great payoff from this fairly short and sweet hike. This trail is one of the gems of Logan Canyon!

Chilly but neat. Took our month and a half old twins in wraps. Did great.

This is a great hike for the family. Not too difficult and some cool caves at the end.

Great trail but it's pretty difficult! it's totally worth the challenge!

This is a Goldilocks Trail - just the right distance, hard but not too hard, and a great mix of sun and shade. But most of all it was the wildflowers. Oh the wildflowers. Just breathtaking.

1 month ago

Beautiful views at the top.

Great hike to bring the kids on. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as much of the trail is not shaded.

Awesome quick day hike/run on our way from SLC to bear lake and beyond. The wild flowers are beautiful! Reminded us of Alta meets the Tusher mountains. Saw some families back packing would be a great long day/over night trip for kids. We were pleased with this adventure it was Beautiful!

This was a great over night for us. My 5 and 2 year old girls loved it. Flowers of all colors everywhere. Peaks above lake are awesome. Not a lot of bugs. I’d give it a 4 if the lake was one you wanted to jump into after a hike and if the trail was less busy. When we hiked in at 6 pm it wasn’t bad but the campground was busy and hiking out the trail was very busy. Still probably my favorite hike in logan canyon.

1 month ago

This is a great hike for families. Our 8 & 6 year olds did it no problem. Easy trail and amazing scenery. Definitely one of our favorites.

1 month ago

Awesome trail. $7 to park at Tony Grove Lake, but well worth the 90 minute hike to White Pine Lake. Our Fitbits had us at about 4.05 miles from parking lot to white pine lake.

The trail wasn’t busy at all, white pine has a handful of dispersed camping sites near the lake. Seemed like a great place to hike out, set up camp and enjoy some peace and quite for a weekend, or however long!

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