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Great hike! A little of everything, up/down, rocky, straight. once at the top it's just beautiful.

3 days ago

Great walk for my dog. The trail isn’t overly used, so the only sounds you hear are birds.

Perfect weather today led to a very enjoyable hike. Nice breeze that could be heard rustling the leaves above and heard the water rushing through the creek. Kids LOVED it!

Hiked the day after a big rain so the trails were suuuuper muddy and slippery. Water was also a little too high so tough to get into the cave. Would recommend it for a dry day though! Very quiet tail on January Thursday.

Fun little hike! Easy to get a bit turned around though.

this was a wonderful beautiful trail to walk ,i recommend it to anyone

First hike of the year and 1/52 hikes for my 52 hike challenge! Went with my sister and her two small kids (4 and 2 1/2) and had a great time! We were able to go all the way to the top with no problems! Weather right now is amazing and there were a fair amount of people on the trail too.

Definitely steep, but gorgeous views. Counter clockwise is very steep going down at the end, but it makes the pain in the knees short-lived :) Plateau at the top is surreal, like another planet. Trail takes you through varied environments, which was interesting.

20 days ago

I liked this trail as a great escape from the Central Valley. It is way more steep than I thought and should be labeled as hard for sure. I didn’t mind that since I’m on good shape but if you have bad knees beware. The field at the top is a bit odd with helicopter parts and such but still a beautiful view and definitely worth it. I would do this again.

23 days ago

ok for horses I guess, a ton of mixed up trails... got lost off trail, not much to see at all, guess the stark beauty is there to be had

gave it 5 stars due to how short the hard parts were for such a huge payoff, oh when you see the caves turn around you got off trail switchbacks start behind you

short hike to amazing views

A beautiful hike in the spring with the summit covered by wildflowers.

This is a great hike to start with if you want to delve further into hiking. There is a feeling of being in a forest at the beginning of the trail and then arriving into an open "meadow". Nice hills, trees, some views and cows!

The description says this is a loop trail which, up until now, was not true. There is a new section of trail which you can descend off Table Mountain and make this a loop. If you take the trail, which is shown on the map up to the top of Table Mountain and hike southerly along the West rim of Table Mountain for approximately 1/2 mile you will come to a stone memorial monument. Continue along the rim for another 400 feet and you will come to a depression in the escarpment, follow this down (it is a little adventurous but most people should be able to do this) to the point where you will "T" into another trail (this is the climbers trail that goes to the Grotto climbing area, go there for another adventure). At the "T" turn left and follow this trail down to the Peoria Flat Road and back to your vehicle. An easier way to do this trail (it a bit less adventurous as you are going uphill in the adventurous section) is to get to the parking area with the toilet either by hiking or vehicle and follow Peoria Flat Road past the locked gate approximately 1/2 mile to a will defined trail that diagonals up and left (you will pass a couple of other indistinct trails on the left but you will know you are on the correct if you come to a steel power pole just right of the trail after going 300 feet on the trail) Continue up the trail and you will come to a rocky section where you will be hoping from rock to rock, continue past this section to a point where the trail descends into another rocky section. Before you descend find a trail on the right that does steep uphill, follow this trail to the rim and continue north along the rim to intersect with the trail going down after approximately 1/2 mile.

More signs would be helpful. I missed a sign directing me to stay left and went right which brought me to thousands of rocks. I climbed almost to the top of the rocks, but felt that this was not the trail. I eventually picked up the trail again, but never made it to the top because there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left. Will return to finish the trail.

Steep and slippery in places, worth it for the views!

Was a super nice hike. Not too hard at all.

Park at the first gate to add a bit extra to your hike. It’s rocky and steep at the very top, but doable. The views from the top are awesome.

2 months ago

This hike is great for cardio and legs,,, up hill and down , I’m really slow took 5 hours for 6 miles !! Dog friendly and my 13 year old enjoyed it .

The water in the cave is never warm, regardless of the time of year. But very beautiful if you are brave enough to go through. Bring water shoes! This is not a running trail unless you want to bust an ankle.

2 months ago

this was a really nice and easy walk. my dog enjoyed it a lot. lots of beautful plants and trees. this area has a LOT of water which attracts mosquitoes so WEAR REPELLENT!!!!

2 months ago

This hike was awesome and kicked my butt! a few things i need to address though. although dogs are allowed...the descent is SUPER steep, often times going over boulders and i was lucky my dog's stay command is on point because if i wasnt supervising where her footing was she could have really gotten hurt. also USE THIS APP ON THE TRAIL IF YOU CAN. several times i got lost and had to use it to go back. One time I realized i was lost and saw fresh large animal prints that freaked me out as it had recently rained and i hadn't seen or heard another hiker the whole day. Finding the trail to get down was difficult, it starts out all bolders and there's another trail next to it that makes it confusing.TRUST THE MAP. The plateau is a perfect place to have lunch before heading down.

2 months ago

The water in the cave was numbingly cold mid-October but me and my 5 yr old still dared to jump in. It was an easy hike and a nice time down in the cave. Very fun, family friendly hike. Take towels and a floating device if you plan to brave the waters.

Relaxing, short hike with beautiful views.

Great views and nice hike!

The river water was a little bit too cold for us in October but we did watch other people swim through the “cave“ to the other side back.

Whew! Highly recommended!

Awesome surprise at the end. Swimming in a cave!!

This is a good trail for a light to moderate hike. There are some little inclines to get up that are a bit rocky. abouy two miles in to the cave. The cave is awesome. Very cold water but you can float or swim through. The other side is open and we climbed around to the other side.

I was a bit worried from some of the mixed reviews but this turned out to be fantastic! Our group included kids from 4 to teens and everyone loved it! It was fun for the younger kids and the teens thought it was awesome. The trail down is medium easy and going back up is the more intense end of easy. The cave great for all ages. Younger kids and adults who aren't as adventuresome can chill in the outer part of the cave in the cold shallow water. The water isn't swift or dangerous at all, at least not in mid-summer. We took the little ones through the cave on floaties and they loved it. It is also possible to swim without a floatie but really cold. And water shoes are highly recommended as it's very rocky. We will definitely be going back!

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