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Beautiful, easy gentle walk on very hot days. Lots of shade

Saw a few people here on the bridge. We’ll see you on my next hike how many I see. The bridge is always is phenomenal. Little wet if you want to go to The Bridge first take a pass on the right as you’re facing the trail

This year’s rainy season washed out a lot of the park but the hike to the Canopy Walkway was still excellent. Almost no bugs. Saw deer, no gators. Thought I heard a Skunk Ape but it was just a Canadian teenager.

One amazing hike! Gift shop with hiking stick medallions for sale. Boardwalk. Free strollers can be borrowed for the duration of the hike. $14 to enter. Benches throughout to rest. No bathrooms on the hike. Pack lots of water if it is hot out.

Beautiful place ! Not as much wildlife this time as last due to high water levels. Cypress trees are amazing, 20 feet around,over 100 feet tall, 500 years old ! Enjoyable, easy walk in a beautiful setting.

I've been going to this part for over 14 years even when I was pregnant with my two kids it's a beautiful peaceful walk through a shady mango Trail with plenty of seating areas yes during the winter it is a lot more Scenic with flowers and growth due to Florida blooms during the winter yes the summer days are hot but there is a lot of shade on the trails if you don't want to walk the trail you can always rent a kayak that is right there and they will give you info to go through the whole Four Mile Cove it is a bit of a challenge due to that one part you get to this secret hidden Trail and you drag your kayaks I believe 800 feet its not much really not and it can take you all the way out to the river you also pass what we call the bird sanctuaries that our house like platforms on the water you can have lunch chill out have fun with the kids. go fishing and if you stay long enough you will eventually see the wildlife in emerge I've seen dolphin otters raccoons end of countless Birds and of course the Florida Gators Bountiful of fish in the area I have two beautiful girls and they absolutely love going on these trails with me and kayaking but we also can't forget the great monument that was dedicated to our freedom and a nice sweet history and dedicated names of our standing Heroes I heard you to actually taken all what you can yes come prepared with bug spray if need be during summer months but definitely a wonderful place to go

5 months ago

A nice relaxing walk usually ... but if it has been rainy make sure to wear LOTS of insect repellent, as the mosquitoes here seem to be extra bad. Don’t see wildlife very often but I usually go here for exercise rather than wildlife viewing.

The trails do not match the map. Definitely got turned around more than once. Overall fun day but very confusing in terms of finding where you are on the map.

Trails are well marked. The yellow trail has a lot of sand, after one (or a few) good rains, I would expect this to be pretty muddy -- plan accordingly. I'm curious as to what is the plan for the area surrounding Big Lake, over the past few months it's been cleared and the observation platform has had some improvements.

Tons of mosquitos make sure you come prepared but it is a beautiful walk, lots to see.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Easy loop with varied terrain, plenty of scenery.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Love this bike trail!!! Campground was nice and clean.

7 months ago

Went in June and would NOT recommend that time of year. The heat was unbearable. However, if the weather had cooperated, or perhaps if we had gone in the spring or winter, I'd recommend 100% Great place to get off the grid without REALLY diving deep into the backcountry. Click here for our short video from our trip. https://youtu.be/qzqa5LaQ2t4

mountain biking
7 months ago

I have ridden my bike in the dry season and completed the trail twice. tried to ride my bike in the wet season, didn’t work way too much water after Irma. Love it out there, hope to catch a cloudy day that sun is brutal.

Went in March and there weren’t any mosquitos. This trail is interesting. It’s an out and back with a loop in the middle. It crosses train tracks and has a couple of bridges. Mostly covered though a small portion is open. I would imagine this trail wouldn’t be good for trail running because majority of the trail ground has unearthed tree roots. Kid friendly. Brought my 3 and 4 year old and they did okay.

8 months ago

Part two. Another short hike, walk really, the swinging Bridge!

It was nice to try once.

Definitely not a hiking trail better for mountain biking.

Pretty hike, but so confusing. The big loop trail does not exist. It’s a combination of several marked trails in the park, but doesn’t follow them accurately. Sometimes it goes off, reverses, loops. If you want to spend the day staring at your phone, wondering where you are, this is the place.

Nice trails but you share most of them with bikes. Some trails are only for bikes. Many small trails crossed each other. Never sure where you are on the map.
Would return if we get a chance

Monday, November 06, 2017

Little shade on the trail we walked on a hot day. We saw no wildlife. Better for biking. Never got to see the pond because it was too hot and boring walking through grassland. The park is lovely around the lake and where there are trees. A great place to bike or have a picnic.

Nice boardwalk... just a note. No Jogging allowed. Fairly well traveled, pleasant walk.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Beautiful nature and lots of wildlife. We saw plenty of birds and gators and tracks of other animals in the mud. The water level was high and in some places you have to cross the trail in the water going above ankles. Very serene and plenty of flowers

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Too far to walk without seeing anything but a few birds. Took the Yellow Trail (5 miles), which was sandy and sunny for the first 1.5 miles, then became harder pack with a canopy for shade. Plenty of deer and hog tracks, but nothing moving - it was 85+ degrees at 8:30 am.

Trail marked ok, only a little confusion around 5 and 5A loop. Plenty of options for multiple distances.

Nice park, ok trail - could have been cut or mowed, lots of burrs.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Boardwalk through mangroves.Not much to see until at the piers that over look the river

Monday, June 19, 2017

Barely anyone on the big loop on Saturday. Amazing landscape that keeps changing. Say a ton of animals including deer and baby armadillos. Trail is well marked. A lot of it is in the sun... sunscreen and tons of water is a must!!

The only thought that came to mind during my walk was "one can really breathe out here"

Nice boardwalk through the swamp. Tons of Naturalists along the way to point out plants and animals that you could miss along the way.

Friday, March 31, 2017

You can kayak to see manatees, and dolphins are sited often. Hermit crabs and shells galore. Alligators, snakes, wild pigs, this place is abundant with wildlife. I've only been during April. No mosquitos, but biting flies (no-seeums) come out about 5 pm till morning. Wear long sleeves and pants and tube socks of a light color (they are attracted to dark colors). And spray 100% deet overtop. Trust me, they will eat you alive. This April will be my third time spending a week here. If it rains heavily, the main swimming area is brackish and murky from the overflowing lagoon. We bring rafts because its kinda scary to swim when you can't see. One year we went and the water was so clear we could see 8 feet to the bottom. This is place is amazing, and has become our spring break family tradition.

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