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1 day ago

My dog and I really enjoyed this trail. If I lived closer, I’d be here frequently. I loved the way it goes down by the creek for quite a large part of the trail. I think there was a side trail you could cut across the top and not down by the creek but not sure. I just wish it was longer!

Great trail, well marked!

4 days ago

Helo twins =)

Great trails close to the city. Markings aren’t great and they are not very well maintained but a lot of mileage possible.

Beautiful trail that takes you along the banks of the Ohio River.

Love the view, the hike and being able to relax. Good walking trail.

8 days ago

If you go clockwise you will take on the most difficult part of the trail first. Lots of inclines and deep ravines but nothing too overwhelming. My 12 year old daughter tackled the trail with no problem. Deer and other wildlife along the way. Scenery changes often. Went on a Saturday morning and heard trains most of the first half of the way. About mid-way point there is a shelter that overlooks the valley. Great views and great spot for a break. The second half runs along the river/creek. This part seemed much quieter than the first-half. Also, much easier terrain; flat, wide trails that runs mostly through meadows. Lots of creek crossings. Excellent trail with a variety of scenery. If there was any downside it was that we went a day after it rained fairly hard. The trail along the river/creek was quite muddy in a few spots.

Perfect little loop, with surprisingly wonderful view from the top of a ridge near the stairs. Take the route starting with geology to avoid coming up the stairs. Connect this route with the Redwing Trail for a few extra miles, or continue along the Upland Trail that encircles the center of the park.

I was in town for business. Decided to try out the trail. It’s a nice path and park. I will visit again if back in town.

Small little trail, smells like fish out till you go into the woods. Steps in the trail and bridges. Pretty easy trail

Absolutely fantastic scenery, was continuously surprised all the way around. At times you are right up next to the water, and other times in the thick of the woods. The eastern half felt more remote. Can link up this route with the George Loop trail to avoid some of the road travel. Very well maintained route - quite possibly the best day hike in Ohio.

Overall, great little trail. Went for a sunrise hike and it was beautiful, no one else on the trail. The ridge trail section of loop was my favorite; only downside was hearing cars. It’s not a sweeping view, but there’s a nice little nook looking over the river. Appears there are some nice side trails to explore next time.

16 days ago

A lot to be loved about this trail. Lots of hills and beautiful scenery. The trail is wide enough and clearly marked--at ALL places so basically impossible to get lost. I gave it 4 stars because of the mud. It hasn't rained in 2 days so I assumwd it would be fine. But there is about a 1 mile section on the Yellow/Orange trail that was pure mud. Like being on a slippery, ice skating rink of mud. I don't really care that it coated my Hiking shoes, but there were moments when it was so difficult to not slip and fall down. So if you hike this trail, I think you will have a great time but prepare for mud if it has rained within the past few days.

16 days ago

Great trail. Along the creek can get muddy, but there are some bypass trails. All all the trails are well marked. West of the dam is a lot of up and down and steep hills.
If you start at the Nature Center, they have drinking water to fill up your water bottles.

9/29 - we wanted to do this trail and saw signs that most loops are closed for hunting. Big disappointment

I love the John Bryant trails. Iv been numerous times and always end up seeing something I missed every other time. I didnt know John Bryant leads up to Glen Helen! Awsome!

18 days ago

Nice trail. Only passed one person while out there. Tiny waterfalls. Gravel on the path the whole way. About half the trail is along a creek. Feels very private. Didn’t see any dog poop on the trail or off. At the parking lot is a trash can and poop bags for the dogs.

Nice hike. I stretched it out to 15.9 with a couple of the side trails thrown in. Will definitely do it again possibly take the Buckeye Trail further north from the bridge to the north end of the lake and back. Lost my Fitbit in the last couple of miles before you get to the bridge on the west side if anyone comes across it:)

Beautiful trail. Well marked. If you’re going counterclockwise you could miss a couple turns but you will figure it out very quickly. Nice river view at the beginning or if you want it at the end go clockwise. A few nice heart rate increasing inclines but nothing anyone can’t handle if you have no health constraints. Go thru a few different types of forest, beautiful wildflower meadow with a vast landscape view and pass by a pond where catch and release fishing is allowed. I did this early as a Sunday sunrise hike and it was lovely. You do hear traffic and trains and that may be worse later in the day. That’s just Ohio trails though. Saw many deer, rabbits and different birds. Nothing not to like here.

We had a great time. Even after a day of rain the trail wasn’t bad.

Nice little trail... there are a few small waterfalls along the way, and plenty of foot traffic. Connect with the parkour trail and you can loop back around to the main trail that encircles the lake.

The trail is a bit overgrown in some areas and you definitely need a map or gps application to stay on the loop. It's pretty rough with roots in some areas but overall it's a great trail considering it's in the middle of a city.

29 days ago

I’ve hiked the trail a few times now and I’m finally starting to learn it. I still save a map to my recording every time so I don’t get turned around. It’s very easy to get off the 2mile path because of all the other intertwined trails. Almost got taken out by two mountain bikers, but it’s understandable because I was on a bike trail for part of it. This is definitely my new favorite place to come.

This is a long hike (13.4 miles for me) with some short uphill sections. The trial has lots of tree roots so watch your steps.

I was there on a very warm Saturday in mid-September and there were NO bugs the entire 13 miles! This was HUGE plus!

The South part of the lake is much prettier than the north-east side.

There are no functioning drinking fountains at the restrooms so I had to drink from the sinks. That was a negative.

1 month ago

The parts of the trail in Germantown or Twin Creek Metroparks are mostly very good trails, however the connector trail is a bit of a let down. The section just outside of Germantwon Metropark is rather nice with a few nice views of the valley and Twin Creek past the Germantown dam. Once you cross under pass the OH-725 bridge heading south you are walking on a paved park path or a road without sidewalks for 2.5 miles. I've hiked this twice now and its the only really long hike in the Dayton area but if you've hiked Germantown and Twin Creek then you've seen the best parts this trail has to offer. Still well marked and well maintained. There are a few backcountry sites along the way if you want to break the trip up, I recommend Cedar Ridge. Overall I would say the tail isn't that difficult. Doing it North to South means a little more downhill than up but at this distance it might mean this is definitely a hard trail.

It smelled very bad. It also could’ve had better trail markers. It was still very pretty though.

Good trail for how close it is to the city. Extremely overgrown in a lot of areas, but overall a good hike.

The map provided by Indiana DNR clearly says you can’t connect to 7 from 2, but we were really hoping the map markings from All Trails were right. It’s hard to make yourself go back the way you came after making it to the falls!

The somewhat rugged trails make for a nice weekend hike.

I just moved to the area and assumed the trails at this park would be paved but they’re not. I was happy to find something so close but so natural. It’s beautiful here. Lots of wildflowers, fungi and a small little water fall! I’m a pretty avid hiking and got a little lost since the trails aren’t clearly marked (on trail D) . There were two different times I came to an intersection and had to just guess which trail to take. It not that rural so it’s fine but they should be marked. The two separate people I came across had dogs, not on a leash. Which isn’t a huge deal if they stay on the trail but 1) it’s the law and 2) I’m trying to train my rescue pup to ignore other dogs and be obedient on a leash and it’s hard to do when dogs come up to her. I also wore Tevas since I assumed it would be a very easy, paved hike. Definitely wear boats if it’s wet like it was today!

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