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Great trail for a quick hike and the firetower was fun.

Pretty trail along the river. The waterfall was pretty underwhelming when we went but I imagine it would be prettier in the spring or after a huge rain storm. Agree that it was moderate. There were spots with elevation change and scrambling over rocks, but nothing too difficult.

Beautiful paved trail with numerous bridge crossings. In our (wife & I) short journey of biking, it's one of the best.

great hike! probably more moderate than hard, but there was a bit of up and down. fairly lightly traveled as well...only came across two other groups even on a weekend.

Moderate challenge on the west side of the river, falls are but a trickle if it has not rained lately. East side of river is flat and easy. Picturesque river views at certain points.

Great trail through pine forests, little bit of uphill. Climbing the fire tower is really cool and provides an awesome scenic view. Great day hike.

George and really enjoyed the trail, loved the canopy of trees keeping it shady. Just wish google hadn't taken me to the parking lot at the start of the trail instead of the shady looking isolated park (but that's Googles fault).

Nice hike. Fairly easy, but a few good inclines. Fire tower at the end of the out portion. We did the shelter trail at the end to get more of a work out. Beautiful day, very pleasant experience on this trail.

Nice fairly flat trail with some rocks and roots for a Sunday stroll. Next to the Mohican River the majority of the way. Used it to help get the children ready for something bigger and test a new pack. 7.5 round trip.

I love this place, spent many days biking and running this trail.

Easy trail but nice.

If you are looking for a work out this trail has it! Lots of up hill mostly under cover of trees. A beautiful hike.

3 months ago

This is a great trail for an afternoon stroll.

Combining the 6 mile loop with some of the bike trails makes this a much more challenging hike. It's a beautiful little loop with lots of shade and the river is fun to relax by in the summer because of the tube and canoe traffic.

Great trail, I didn't encounter many other people on the trail but several near the river on kayaks or tubes. Wish I'd had brought a tube in my backpack for the way back, would have been cool to hike from the campground to the falls and then tube back on the river. I did 6-8 miles roughly and it was a nice hike, I'd definitely say moderate not hard.

I road this trail around 2004, it is very nice ,a great trail mostly,
wide open country riding. one of my favorite.

Nice canopy rail trail. Low grade for similar experience in both directions. Plenty of points to park and get on the trail. Nice picnic spot and rest rooms at Kenyon University crossing.

4 months ago

Great place to walk, skate or ride your bike

4 months ago

Good trail

Very enjoyable and easy to hike. It had a fair amount of traffic but was relaxing.

Loved this trail! It was beautiful! It sounds s a moderate trail which gets the heart rate going at times lol but I thoroughly enjoyed being in touch with nature!

Great trail!!! Improved and clearly marked. Lots of bridges over the stream. Good mix of inclines with one big push at the end of the 1st mile. Mostly forest cover to keep sun and light rain out. A bit close to the road but if it’s an weekday it’s barely noticeable. Also a weird 1/4 mile with a half dozen natural gas fixtures as you approach the fire tower. Definitely one of my favorite trails in central OH.

Big trees. Big river.

road biking
6 months ago

Great trail that follows creek so there are lots of bridges. There is a lake with benches around it and some very interesting artwork on the polls of the overpasses.

A part of the trail had recently been bulldozed which left a very muddy mess. What a hack job! I picked up lots of fishing line and trash along the river bank. Not my favorite trail.

Easy, enjoyable trail along the river. Plenty of wildflowers and nice views. There were many people fly fishing, kayaking, trail running and birding. The pit toilets were clean and easy to find. I went on a Saturday but there was plenty of parking and and the trail wasn’t overcrowded.

Great hike! Very pretty, lots to see, fairly easy!

The river was so pretty
Falls were somewhat underwhelming
The hike back was hard ! Good workout to climb up

Easy Sunday trip with the family

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