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2 days ago

Awesome hike! Great views, great workout !

This trail was spectacular. We parked at the Brainard lot because the road was closed. Three miles to the trailhead, but pretty and easy. Once we hit the trailhead we slapped on our snowshoes and were on our way. Nobody other than a cross country skier was out there. The trail wasn’t overly difficult but we felt the hills. We’re doing it again end of March. Beautiful trail for snowshoeing.

Did the trail counterclockwise on 3/10/18. Great trail, not too strenuous but you definitely work. The scenery is varied and gorgeous. Aside from the steps, which had a lot of slush on them, there were no issues with snow or ice.

Great hike, would have given it five stars if there were not so many road crossings and so close to the road.

We took bear canyon up which was longer than shadow or fern but had some nice pine covered areas. The last summit up to the peak was pretty challenging as it was very steep and straight up. Took my chihuahua and he did great. Once at Bear peak the view is unbelievable!We took shadow canyon down as others said fern canyon was too icy and slippery without micro spikes. Shadow was so rocky not very diverse terrain but not slippery. Somehow got lost connecting back to Mesa trail after shadow and hiked an extra couple miles, next time I’ll take a map. It’s easy to hike south boulder peak from bear and south boulder peak (not bear as I was told) is the actual highest peak in Boulder, maybe next time. Overall a great hike!

Trail was beautiful and offered a variety of scenery. It is not marked well, though! There are a number of intersecting paths that are not marked and can be very confusing. We ended up doing a lot of extra miles because of this - which was a great workout but a tad stressful. I would still recommend this trail, though. Very pretty!

Icy in parts, but beautiful overall!

It was a gorgeous 55 degree day, a little windy and only a handful of other people on the trail. I did the trail counterclockwise, the changing landscape from the mountains to the river were beautiful! Traction was very helpful (I used my coiled walking yaks, crampons were not needed) in the shadier areas especially going down the very steep stairs.

Gorgeous winter hike. Tough with the extra mileage due to the road closure. Definitely bring snow shoes.

At the start of trail it is a shooting range. Lots of gun fire and you don't know where they are shooting. If I know of all the gun fire would not of done this trail. It was a great hike slippery in spots and the old cabin was cool but too much gun fire at the start.

One of my favorite hikes of all time, but difficult to navigate due to snow unless you go in July or August. Absolutely gorgeous. The little lake at the top is quite a climb but worth it.

Gorgeous. You absolutely need snowshoes. The road to the trailhead is closed so tack in another 6 miles rt. Awesome trail. Nobody- other than us and a skier out there.

3/2/18- I was really impressed with this trail. I normally shy away from trails so close to the city, because there’s just too many people. But today was surprisingly mellow. Great views of the city, then on the other side you have great views of the mountains (will post pics). A few things:
1) We had to go up Gregory and down Flagstaff (reverse direction from map) because I couldn’t find the flagstaff trailhead. The trailhead is actually on the main road, across from the stop sign. Turn into the little parking area, then walk back down to the entrance stop sign. You’ll see the trailhead there. Gregory’s trailhead is by the roundabout (opposite end).
2) That said! The most icy stretch is on the Gregory Canyon trail. This worked for us because I prefer to go up the ice patches then down on solid ground. So if that is you, go clockwise on the trail!! Very brief stretches of ice, and some parts are fairly steep. But I made it fine with regular hiking boots. Flagstaff was dry, just be prepared for mud.

Very difficult if you go clockwise. Whole loop took me 4 hours (with lunch break). Slipped at the bottom of the stairs so be careful! Other than that it is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! Also didn’t see a soul while hiking mid week.

Hiked up about two weeks ago, fun hike. It was pretty icy attempting to climb up to the cave but still doable. Once you get to the top the cave is fenced but you can look inside.

24 days ago

This was a great hike top do in the winter, as it can get very crowded the rest of the year. Today was snowy and cold (8F) and we did not see another sole on the trail. This is a nice hike mostly through wooded areas with a couple of nice stretches along Boulder Creek. Not too strenuous. There is a steep section with stairs and if you go counter clock wise, the last mile is up. This is a good one if you are looking for something close to Denver that is no too demanding.

Just did this guy last week on Thursday, it was GORGEOUS. No need for spikes or snowshoes. We parked at the upper lot which added 2 miles to the hike, that was the only downside.

Amazing hike, with breathtaking views!

1 month ago

Hiked the mesa trail and the shannahan loop yesterday - really enjoyed the views of the scenery ! Be aware to wear proper shoes when the snow melts - both trails get extremely muddy and slippery.

1 month ago

So much variety in the beauty of the land

1 month ago

A wonderful spot! The mountains and trees were coated with snow, and it was just so beautiful! It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for a hike. Lots of friendly people and dogs along the way. Definitely check this place out!

1 month ago

Hiked up here two days ago amazing views saw some whitetail later in the day! The trail was a little muddy and icy which was expected! Great hike!

We hit this on a warm January day with just a little snow/mud on the trail. The parking lot was less than half full at noon on a Saturday and we only passed about two dozen people total on the full loop. Pretty good for this trail!

Fantastically beautiful and varied. Took me 4.5 hours with no breaks, but it’s been awhile since I’ve hiked. I’d love to go again.

Nice trail. We hiked clockwise. Started early and only saw a couple of trail runners until about a mile from the end. Lots of icy patches so trekking poles were appreciated but it's still doable without.

Sweet views, flowing water / frozen waterfalls... I definitely want to do this hike again (especially In different seasons). The trail had hard packed snow for 85% of the loop though I never felt the need to bust out my Yak Tracks. Very few people out there this morning (I started around 8:30am) and maybe only saw 11 folks total while hiking.

1 month ago

Okay trail. Traction recommended this week - the trail is slick in spots from the thaw/freeze cycle. Decent views.

You will need snowshoes if you want to make it to Blue Lake.

1 month ago

Really fast and easy trail. Pretty but as with many trails go early before the trail gets crowded.

2 months ago

Really nice hike with a short climb up to the cave! Lots of trails around that area, so could be a fun place to spend the day and hike around and explore.

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