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I did this trail on Labor Day, which the Park itself was super busy. This particular trail wasn’t busy at all. The hike was challenging but enjoyable. The waterfall never disappoints. Some areas are more congested than others but the trail is wide enough to pass people. The roughest portions of the trail is at the beginning so keep pushing through and it’s all down hill after that.

It was my first hike but I was with experienced guys and it now has me hooked on hiking. It was difficult but well worth it.

Should not be advertised as having a waterfall. You can only get to the waterfall by hiking an additional 3.6 miles to Douglas Falls. Overall disappointing hike. If you go after a rain the clouds will hide any sort of view from the trail.

Favorite Hike in NC so far! Did it early September and it was nice and cool, a little rain which helped cool us off also! Did the profile trail to the grandfather which added some mileage but didn't have to pay, and then hitchhiked back to the profile trailhead from grandfather mountain!

nice, short trail. beautiful view at the top.

12 days ago


12 days ago


Outrageously beautiful on a mostly clear day in Sept. It is as hard as you would think, and so it is that rewarding to complete. If the weather is nice, give yourself time to enjoy the amazing views.

13 days ago

It was magnificent!! An all day adventure for sure and the views are amazing. We started out early on a February morning, the air temperature was 26 degrees, no clouds in the sky, and we picked the perfect day. 200 yards into our hike we were already taking off our jackets and trying to cool off, the trail is nearly straight up. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy this one, it’s an experience you’ll never forgot... we loved it!!

Great hike after being off the trail for a long time . There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees to soak in .

I underestimated how steep this trail would be. You can also access this trail at the head at the campground on S Toe Rd. The hard rating is true, but I loved the challenging hike. The tower at the top was a highlight. Would love to come back to this trail again!

Great family hike if it’s not the first time your kids are going to hit the trail. For perspective, our boys have hiked all of Stone, Grayson, and Crowders and are 8, 5, and 3: we didn’t have any issues. 8 year old breezed through, and it was just enough to push the 5 year old and make him feel like he really accomplished something. Packed the 3 year old on my back.

We started at around 10:45 and told the kids we would break at Jane Bald (the 2nd of the 3 balds on this trail). It was a good stopping point as most of the rigor in this trail lies between Jane and Grassy Balds.

The views are wonderful and are right up there (if not better than) the views at Grayson Highlands. Lots of great rock outcroppings which make for fun obstacle courses for the kids. It is a balds hike, so bring your sunscreen.

Bottom line: if all you’ve got is an ergo baby and this is your kids’ first foray into hiking, there are better starter routes that are less demanding but still fun. But if they’ve got a few reps under their belt, this is a trail that everyone in the family can really enjoy.

Scenic all along the trail. As a hiker who backpacks approximately twice a year, it was difficult but the views were 100% worth it.

Amazing scenery! Many different species of plants. I think we saw 3 different species of goldenrod alone. Azaleas and blueberry plants were awesome.

Recently moved to eastern Tennessee and wanted to do a fun local day hike. This was such a good choice! Initially I was a bit disheartened at the 45 minute queue just to get into the park (it was Labor Day weekend so I wasn’t surprised) and the $40 we had to spend to gain entry, however I would still highly recommend this hike! It was definitely worth the wait and the price. The hike itself wasn’t really that difficult. You do have to be fairly fit to make it to the summit, but with the assistance of cables and ladders it was quite doable. The trail is well marked and maintained. It definitely gets your heart pumping, but at no point did I fear for my life. The first summit has a beautiful 360 view, great photo ops. A fellow hiker told us the second peak wasn’t much different but we continued on anyway. I’m glad we did because the views are even more breathtaking and the photo ops there are bomb. There are rock climbing elements all the way up and lots of fun ledges to dangle your feet off of if you’re brave enough!

There were some beautiful parts of the hike, such as the waterfall and the creek. However I was disappointed that there wasn’t as much of a scenic view. It was a strenuous hike and had some steep areas that made it nice and challenging. Overall, I don’t think I would do the hike again but if you’re looking for a strenuous hike filled with steep hills and a waterfall this would be your go to trail.

Great hike. Strenuous at times. Go to Walker’s knob for a great view!

Walker knob has the better view if you decide to finish the trail there instead of Greybeard summit. Tough at times but we really enjoyed it. Lightly trafficked, dog friendly. Enjoyed crossing over the stream and the falls

great views , Spruce Pines, Awesome hike

Great trail , very rugged hiked it on a weekday only saw 3 others on the trail. High peaks club has a section very well maintained from winter star , almost to the Woody ridge trail head .. beautiful views !

Hardest trail I’ve ever done, first backpacking experience, finally reached the end to find a dead car battery.... and I’d do it all over again. Highly recommend this trail just for the experience of all it has to offer

Fun trail! Starts out hard for first 1.5 Miles... then a very enjoyable walk to final uphill... great views... be careful going down the final 1.5 Miles, much more technical than the top..

If you like Chutes & Ladders and a little boulder hopping this is your kinda hike. Amazing vistas and a great cardio workout. It’s my fav❗️

so pretty! quite a few stairs and a lot of rocks/boulders, but it was very pretty and worth it. I am a beginner and not in very good shape, and I was able to do it. Will be going back!

Great weekend hike with beautiful views all the way through!

Decent easier hike with some nice vistas. Seeing the ruins was cool and crazy to imagine building a home that many years ago in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Make sure to pay attention to the trail map/blazes when you get to the loop as another trial intersects. Parking is very limited, sort of just a small side runoff the road that can fit a few cars.

Limited parking.

Lots of shade throughout trail.

Lots of wildflowers

The loop comes after seeing the remains of an early 1900s stone lodge.

The loop is the steepest/most difficult part of the hike so I’d skip it if you’re already tired by the time you get to it.

To make the loop, you take the right trail first and then take a left trail at the blue marked tree around half a mile up.

25 days ago

My favorite so far. First part of trail follows creek bed so you are always accompanied by the beautiful sight and sound. Difficult hiking, steep, lots of loose rock. Middle section long gentle out and back with what seems like gentle elevation increase. Third section back to steep with loose rock and roots and throw in narrow as it appears not everyone gets all the way to the top. Some great views, waterfall (Graybeard Falls) and terrific woodlands. Saw only about six other people on the trail, all within the first hour or two. After that had the whole trail to myself.

Truly difficult but so worth it. The views were amazing and the cardio workout even better! Wear those hiking boots, for sure!!!

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