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Great trail for a quick trip in the city, and a great way to start a Sunday! Moderate, short inclines/declines, and several options to change routes for repeated visits...

16 days ago

This is a great trail in the fall with super foliage and good views of the bay. Be careful in the summer tho. Lots of mosquitoes!

Peaceful and beautiful easy hike with awesome waterfalls.

Very nice/easy flat hike. Beautiful waterfall. Very tall. One of the prettiest.

Rugged but fun. Careful traversing this park as you could get lost if you don’t pay attention. My favorite place to hike !!

Great little hidden area! There's a sign explaining how it was a hangout for teens during the 60s and 70s- you can see remnants.

It's better to start at the park entrance (GPS Corbett's Glen Nature Park) and hike through the woods to arrive at the beautiful Postcard Falls. If you want just a quick trip, park at the Glen Road entrance right off of Penfield Road and walk right down to the falls. There's also a cool book of vintage photos at this spot.

Very well marked trails and many options to make the hike as easy or challenging as you want! Very well maintained. A great trail system!!

My star rating is for prior visits. Nice hike in the woods. But on this trip the trail is blocked by high water from an apparent beaver dam. The bridge over the creek ends amid the high water. Beware that unless the water level goes down you will need hip waders to get through.

Three large falls and many smaller falls. When the water is flowing through the gorge it is spectacular!

30 days ago

Fabulous intertwining trail with plenty of elevation. The trails down to the Creek are steep but worth the effort. Fun to get off on a loop just to see where it leads. Be aware of bicyclists who don't know they're supposed to be on the west side. Great way to spend an hour or two on a nice Fall day.

A nice easy walk with a spectacular view of Taughannock Falls. Lots of people coming & going but never too crowded to get nice photos. The gorge is as spectacular as the actual falls.

1 month ago

This trail has lots of ups and downs but I would rate it moderate. Beautiful trails and great views of the Bay.

nice walk with my 2 year old nephew and my sister with her week old child

Did the trail today hot and muggy for October
Leaves are changing. The falls had plenty water flowing and great hike was steep in the middle section
Popular trail being near Ithaca

1 month ago

Great trail for all ages. Casual walk, some steeper climbs.

My family and I just returned from hiking the Letchworth Trail at Letchworth State Park. The previous/below reviews about this trail are all very accurate, so I'll try not to repeat the same information. This trail is very beautiful for its gentle up/down topography, frequent river crossings, and beautiful forests. It is, however, not what I expected in terms of views. I thought I would see a lot of overlooks of the gorge, waterfalls, and river. It does not offer that. The photos you see in brochures and websites of the upper, middle, and lower waterfalls are easily viewable by car/overlooks on the west side of the park . . . and are a must-see. Granted, we saw the falls at what must have been the hight of their water levels, and they were a rushing, spewing, fantastic display of nature. Better than Niagra Falls.

Due to high water levels (there was a three-hour rain storm prior to our hitting the trail, perhaps that caused it?), many of the river crossings were difficult. I mean like "should-we-turn-back" difficult. One crossing was so dangerous, we needed to shimmy on our butts across a large fallen log. Afterward we laughed about how filthy our pants were, but honestly we were not prepared for all the water crossings. I would guess there are 50-75 crossings in total (about 4-5 per mile), many of which you could either hop right over, or have to place just one foot in the river. But there were at least 15 crossings that we were mid-calf deep. So be ready for hiking in soaking feet for long distances. We all wear WrightSox, so we didn't get any hot spots or blisters, thank God.

The lean-to's also were clean inside, fire pits were perfect, picnic tables were great.

But come to this hike well-prepared. We saw one other person the whole time we were there. You will be on your own. The Park Service staff is of no help. Even though you can reach them by phone at certain points on the trail, they are not at all familiar with the trail. We needed help with directions at a couple of key points on the trail and they said "I don't know what to tell you." The Mount Morris Visitor Center Rangers, however, were very helpful and knowledgable.

The yellow hashes painted on the trees and the mile markers are very well done. The trailhead signage is non-existent. After 30 minutes of searching for a trailhead in Portageville, we ended up hitching a ride with the fire department vehicle about three miles up the road and found a way into the park. Unfortunately, we missed a good chunk of the Southern part of the trail.

1 month ago

Easy hike to a beautiful waterfall. you can get close enough to feel the most off the falls.

1 month ago

Fun and close! Trails are not well marked, so it’s easy to get lost without a gps. All trails eventually loop back around.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Very family friendly. Only one part is really "moderate", coming from the north to the tunnel area. Only downside is people leaving their dog poop bags all over. Really, not cool. Otherwise, loved it!

Trail closed as of 9/17 indefinitely for maintenance

nice easy trail along the water. some open fields and benches along the way too.

Beautiful area to hike-- the first time I walked it, I got completely lost because the trails, while marked, are very confusing. They intersect many times and the colors are hard to follow.

The second time I hiked here, I used my phone much more, which helped me stay on track but robbed the experience of some of its serenity as looking down at a screen isn't an ideal way to be out in the woods for me.

I plan to familiarize myself further with these trails because it is a beautiful plot of land with good changes in elevation.

Great trail for the whole family.

picturesque and serene. great place to take my 2 year old and 5 year old!

This hike actually features two waterfalls. The second waterfall has some ropes that you can climb to the top. It looked like you could go further but we turned around there.

2 months ago

Excellent trail

Great and Easy hike! Beautiful waterfall :)

Nice short trail. I would highly recommend this quick trail if you are in Ithaca. There is really only one steel section and the trail is very well maintained and seems to have been recently renovated. Beautiful area right bear Cornell. I would rate this more on the easy side versus moderate.

2 months ago

Nice easy hike! Nice views. There is one area that is a bit tricky if you have limited mobility, as it is a staircase that is not well taken care of but it is short. Did spot some poison ivy along the side so be cautious.

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