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trail running
13 days ago

Short but really fun technical trails, lots of good elevation changes.

Love this place

Hard to follow trail as mapped but enjoyable

Great for doggo walkin and bits of water splashin.

Great trail to run. Very difficult to run, lots of rocks and roots. Got lost a few times. This app was very useful to fin my way. Watch out for the stone steps.

I love this little trail! It is sufficiently challenging, especially if you take the PawPaw trail down the other side of the ridge. It’s well marked and has some great views of the river (at least with no leaves on the trees!)

Enjoyed hiking the Nice trails
Well maintained
Variying degrees of elevation
Cold weather hiking cures Cabin fever

A good bit of the trail was cut off due to hunting, but the trail portion I was allowed to hike was beautiful if not a little muddy from recent rains.

beautiful views. Totally worth the walk

Enjoyed winter hike
Cures Cabin Frever

My boyfriend and I love to take our dog out on this trail. The creek at the base is nice and the paths straight up the hill give you a pretty good work out. We come here often.

Very well marked trails, easy to follow. A few ups and downs, but overall easy trail and can complete in less than 2 hours.

I love this trail, go all the time with the dogs.

Surprisingly quiet on a beautiful day. A few wildlife sightings - a red crested woodpecker, a dark gray squirrel, and random birds. A nice crispy November day.

I managed to hike about 3 miles there today. A lot of the trails were closed due to hunting today. I’ll definitely visit again.

So beautiful on a fall day . Easy with kids .

Loved it!! Great hike, great views.

5 months ago

Very cool—art and nature in one place. It does cost money but worth it! I went in July so the air conditioned museum was a treat at the end of my visit.

My wife, son, and I headed out to do this trail today as our first local-Cincinnati hike after discovering AllTrails. The distance and altitude looked fair for us, and it was, but the trails were not marked very well at all. The beginning portion is all good, aside from the fact that you technically start at Trailhead H and not G, as the name would suggest. The early portion all followed the route nearly perfectly but we had a lot of issues identifying the balance of the trail once you cross of the Trail Ridge Rd. We never actually ended up on the correct course. By the time we tried 3 different routes, we just stuck on the one we were on and came out at a clearing on Furnas Ridge Rd. That being said, the quality of the trail was outstanding but even a GPS guided route was extremely difficult to follow, even zoomed all the way in. As they say, there's no wrong turns on a good hike, but this one, as shown, is quite difficult to follow.

What a great trail. Thanks to all those who do the hard work to maintain it. North and South Paw Paw trails bisect it making it possible to do all sorts of workout routes of varying difficulty. I backpack it for strength training and run it for aerobic endurance workouts. Have taken my grandson on it at night with headlamps. The tree trunks are punctuated by the glowing eyes of huge wolf spiders. Hiking it in winter snow and ice with crampons is a treat because you’ll have it all to yourself. It is an absolute treasure. Try running it to the soundtrack of “Last of the Mohicans”. Don’t miss the spring display of all sorts of wildflowers.

Great park to walk

BEWARE! My car was broken into as my son and I were hiking here. I had nothing in sight sitting my my car and they busted out my widow and went through everything. According the the police officer, it happens frequently here. I was also advised by a fellow hiker there was a child missing in the woods while we were there. Didn't give us good vibes.
The trail I will say wasn't bad. We did the Yellow loop but I wouldn't chance going here ever again!

Worst trail system I've been on in this area. I used the all trails maps and was still lost for more that half the hike. There are so many criss crossing trails without ONE SINGLE trail marker including the start or end of the trail. While on our "nature hike" we listened to highway traffic, ice cream trucks, chain saws and mowers. walked 10 feet from half dozen houses with the trail in their backyard. This hike stressed me out and we won't be back.

Mt. Airy is a great park to visit, but the trails could really use some work.The trail markers are baffling, and there doesn't seem to be a good map available. Some areas of the forest have beautiful old beech trees, but other parts are so choked with honeysuckle that you can't see more than 15 feet off the trail, and Japanese stilt grass has overgrown a lot of the trail. The stone steps are amazing, but the honeysuckle really needs to be cut away or they will soon be impassable.

Nice hike with access to water. Dog loved it. Met very few people (3) during the hike.

7 months ago

Great trails but extremely confusing because they are poorly marked, especially when accompanied by mountain bike trails. Would give more stars if mapped out better.

7 months ago

I've hiked this easy trail a few times. The trail cuts along a duckweed pond and through the forest.

7 months ago

I've been hiking/walking this trail system for many years. Bring your sense of adventure when hiking Keehner Park because the trails are not marked very well. Take a wrong turn and you'll find yourself back in the parking lot or on the edge of a soccer field.

Moving on, there are several interwoven trails here with numerous elevation changes. Keehner Park Trail offers a good hike for those who truly enjoy being in the woods. Even with poorly marked trails it really is difficult to get lost here. It's a small park and with an understanding of the lay of the land and general bearing, you should find this a pleasing place to explore. Winter with snow is my favorite time to hike here.

I live nearby so this is a convenient place for me to enjoy.

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