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Really great hike. Road up to the trail head was a little rough. Great views up top

wonderful fall hike. the colors are truly stunning.

Elic fall hike!! Did the loop. Rolling up on a black bear forging on acorns made it absolutely awesome!

Just amazing and a must do if you are around Albuquerque and have some time to kill.

We hiked this on 10/10/18 and the leaves were beautiful - probably peak for the red maples. Pretty trail but signage is not very good. We ended up on Cerro Blanco but turned back once it joined up with Crest Trail. It was pretty much all uphill to that point.

6 days ago

Be prepared for this trail. It is not moderate, it is hard for a 50-years old person who does not hike much but pretty fit. There are couple of suggestions: get acclimatized before you go; be prepared for long steep hike. There were hikers on Windsor trail up to Skyline trail, but we have not seen anybody from Baldy turnoff to lake Katherine and back (we used Skyline trail that goes east and meets Windsor trail to come back) the other day. So, be prepared if you get lost. We camped before we reached the lake and hike to the lake in the morning. On the way back, "east" Skyline trail from Katherine lake to Windsor Trail conjunction is not properly marked. There is a trail there, it is not far from Skyline trail and comes to that junction, so, do not worry if your GPS will show that you are off Skyline trail on your way back. Take a piece of paper and a pen to leave your names at the trail head, just in case you get lost and rangers look for you. The distance is not 13 miles, it is over 15 miles. It took us about 8 hours to get to camping before we reached the lake, we stopped three times for 30 min, and many times to catch our breath. No phone coverage.

A very pleasant walk in the forest. Beautiful Aspens, especially nice stands at the end of the trail. Long, steady, climb...just gradually, steadily up at the end gets the blood pumping! The 2 major turns could be a bit confusing...just check your position on the trail with this app to confirm you are still on track!

The good: shade along the way, beautiful forest, great views all the way up, cool geology (quartz and blood red granite outcropping), nice mountain breezes, tremendous views at the top.

The second half of the trail is steep and strenuous. The top is 9200 ft, and for this out-of-towner, the second half is a sustained and strenuous side of moderate. That said, don’t give up. The payoff at the top is peaceful and so gratifying. Near the top, there is a white milky quartz outcropping that feels powerful and sacred.
About the side-Trail to the overlook, we did it, don’t bother. The overlook views all along the trail are better.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail. Mostly uphill for the first half but worth it!

Made an overnight loop going past Lake Katherine to Spirit Lake then merged back with the main trail. Forested section to Spirit Lake was boring, but not difficult at all. Going up Santa Fe Baldy is worth it.

Great views! Will definitely do again.

Another nice moderate hike. We are a fit couple and it took us 1 hour and 5 minutes up and and 1 hour and 2 minutes down.

This is a very nice moderate hike along the creek. It is well marked and mostly shaded. The first part of the trail is relatively flat until you get to the falls (to get to it, you need to veer off the trail to the left and walk through the narrows). If you hike up the boulders at this point you will find yourself above the falls and that is where the trail continues on, which is more moderate but with more views of smaller falls along the way. It is now one of my favorites in Santa Fe!

Great trail, not "easy" though. It goes smooth for the most part but there are areas where you need to work across the stream and go over some loose rocks as well.

Beautiful hike with lots of birds and some wildflowers. There were multiple recent momma bear and cub sightings but we didn’t see them, went around 11:00 and hiked until about 3:00. The ascent going in is very gradual, and only has some steeper climbs at the very end by the falls. One of my favorites in the Santa Fe area.

On the easier side of moderate but great for trail running. Lovely scenery!

1 month ago

Great trail to hike. Took my 8 year old son and we had lots of fun.

Beautiful Hike! Very steep. This is on the hard side of moderate, so make sure you're mentally prepared for it. Very worth the effort. Lake Katherine has amazing camp sites and a gorgeous view. We got somewhat lost towards the end, but were able to find our way eventually. Make sure to follow the piles of rocks laid out, as the trail isn't mark well beyond that. Very active trail, with tons of experienced hikers. If you get lost you'll always have someone to help!

Happy trailing!

Nice trail. I thought there were a lot of bikers, but I went on a Sunday. I went the counterclockwise route and am glad for it. If you don’t mind a steeper climb until the first junction then it makes for a nice gradual downhill hike out when you get into Tunnel Road. Will definitely do it again but only on a weekday when there aren’t as many bikers.

This is the best trail in all of Santa Fe. However, please be advised of bears. We hike this trail a lot and it's absolutely amazing jungle like with creek running through it. Today, August 19th, we encountered a very large mamma bear with cubs at about 6pm about quarter mile up trail. There was a sign posted at trail head that also stated someone saw bear and cubs on Aug 14 around 5pm. We usually hike this trail in morning or before noon, so early hikes here might be better.

Starting with the good: this trail was awesome. Very scenic with stream, mountains, meadows, etc. Not too hard, not too long. We also made some fun friends with fellow hikers along the trail.

Then the bad (and it was very bad): the trail is not well marked, at all. Our roughly 3 mile planned hike turned into a 5 mile hike, which we would’ve been fine with, except it dumped us out at the wrong trailhead. We then had to walk nearly another 4 miles back up the mountain on the highway to get to our car. Luckily we brought plenty of water, because there is no shade on the highway and the asphalt reflects the heat. Definitely print a map and follow it very closely. We still don’t know where we got off course, and we are fairly experienced hikers with multiple Eagle Scouts in our party.

Wonderful short, heavily wooded trail that’s great for kids. There are some sections with a steep drop off next to the trail so we ended up holding the hand of our 4 year old just for added security during these, but overall a beautiful family friendly hike.

There’s free parking on the left right after you turn into the entrance of Blake Canyon camping area. You then need to hike to the back of the camp where the trail starts. It’s probably a 1/4 mile hike to the TH. There aren’t a lot of views through the trees, but the trees themselves are so amazing. If you go right at the trail fork the incline isn’t as steep, but the descent down the left fork can be a bit unnerving.

not enough signage to actually find the triangle. lost with kids was no bueno, gracias new mexico

Nice trail, well shaded. Leash requirement for dogs rarely followed/enforced.

Nice in summer because it is under full canopy. Many dogs off leash which is annoying.

Beautiful hike! Steep and a little rocky toward the top and the switchbacks going down from Baldy to Katherine are very narrow. For someone afraid of heights (me) it seems scary at first but is manageable and the views out are incredible. We backpacked out to Katerine, camped over night, and hiked out on Sunday. The lake was busy but everyone was spread out enough that you didn't notice. We did the hike in in about 4 hours and out in 3 with little or no stopping. Definitely recommend!

We took our dog and slept at Lake Katherine. Started out on the Windsor Trail and then took 254 past Spirit Lake and up to Lake Katherine. The trail from SL to LK was a little tricky to find (quick left after the stream and straight up). This section was much less maintained than the rest of the trail but we were still able to navigate it. LK is very pretty and the trail down (251) was an easy downhill. We recommend!

This was a beautiful hike on a perfect day! Amazing views from the top! It was a challenge with all uphill going up but so worth it!!

Awesome! Steady decline for the first half, the second half is uphill. Lots of shade and breeze. Would definitely recommend!

This is a wonderful hike! It’s actually 15.2 miles, not 13.1, so plan on taking the entire day.

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