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a good place for a run or walking dog

A fascinating walk into history and the mind of Babson. Come prepared with a physical map as well as this app, and you’ll do great. We were out on a sunny spring morning before the leaves were out so it was relatively easy to spot the trail markers.

It’s not creepy.

Really enjoyed the trails. Ended up doing a 5 mile hike zig zagging down many of the trails that cut through the main circle loop shown on the map.

dont come here.

we've spent too much time getting familiar with this place. Read it's history. its very real. This place is dangerous and there are strange practices happening here.

multiple unsolved murders, one as recent as 20 years ago should be enough to scare off tourists.

Have felt in danger on multiple occasions here. Stay away.

2 months ago

Great walk with the dogs.

I hiked the Fox Run Trail and Breakhill Trail. There are many different trails. I suggest getting a map in the visitor's center first; it really gives a great overview of the park. Make sure your legs are ready to climb!

Such a beautiful trail. Love the many options

3 months ago

Excellent easy hike. Didn’t do this exact trail but did 4.5 mile loop so hit the metal (fire?) tower & stone tower

Incredibly beautiful, great views,must go

Lots of dogs off leash

5 months ago

Easy. But nice

5 months ago

great place to take the dog and escape from everything... every trip is a different experience! Only slightly negative comment I would have, but know there is not much to do about it would be the constant traffic flow noise from near by highway. Overall, definitely worth the time to check out for any nature lovers'.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Great little hike. Very easy on the main trail. Take the paths! Explore!

Nice trail but because it's not heavily trafficked it's easy to lose your way as the trails are not very well defined in some areas. And I'm pretty sure there are some missing markets.

Love it here. Great place to train for longer and harder hikes.

Great hike! I would’ve never thought I’d find a quality hike this close to Boston. Ridge Trail is the way to go — especially up to Castle Rock.

This is such a diverse trail. We did a total of 7.4 miles. The trails are marked but can be difficult to follow so make sure you use the All Trails app. We saw at least a half a dozen ribbon snakes, dozens of toads, squirrels and chipmunks along the way. We really enjoyed this because one moment you're surrounded by a pine forest then quickly switches to birch and becomes a cooler darker swamp setting. Lots of boulders and easy elevation. We looked up the history of dogtown after our hike not realizing what we were walking through the whole time. There were moments towards the end of the hike around a field of boulders when we felt like we were being watched and saw a large branch move but nothing was there. If you're into creepy trails and hauntings this is definitely a trail for you. I'm not trying to scare anyone. Embrace it! One of my favorite hikes

Got really lost. Wandered in woods for hours. Send help!

Pretty good

Pretty good

7 months ago

Lots of choices for trails. The smaller trail we went on near the pond was interesting without being very difficult. We will likely return to try a different route.

7 months ago

The dog town Loop was very difficult to follow. At the entrance to the park there were maps available. These were terrible. Luckily we had this Ap, otherwise we would not have been able to follow the trails because of the poor map and poor trail markers.
The trail I would rate as the easy side of moderate.

7 months ago

Surprising find just outside downtown. Loops a bit confusing but gorgeous shaded walk for dogs and their people.

8 months ago

nice view and fun hiking but it is easy to get lost the trail becomes very narrow and small I actually got lost a few times and had to struggle to find my way back the cool thing is you can enjoy your surrounding while being lost lol...

Hiking, trail running, mountain biking, dog walking, family picnics, backpacking, scenic views.

My neighborhood borders the reservation and I utilize the trails 1-4 days a week during the warm weather months. The area is expansive with 2,000 acres at your disposal. It offers many options for activities and difficulty levels. It can accommodate people (and dogs... and horses) of all capabilities. Just about anyone can manage walking the main fire roads. There are rolling hills and some steeper climbs but nothing too aggressive. However, once you get onto the singletrack trails (wide enough for one person at a time) you will find that the difficulty can increase quickly. If there's one word to come to mind about this place it's rocks! There are rocks of all shapes and sizes- from stretches of loose gravel to RV sized boulders and open ledge. They are both the strength and weakness of the reservation. Many trails that would otherwise be quick and simple are made slow and technical due to a clusters of basketball sized rocks on the path. However, I find this to be a negligible nuisance in light of the number of options to explore and see new features and the reward of several picturesque views overlooking the ponds and the city of Boston off in the distance. As a resident local I've been regularly exploring the reservation for three years and just two days ago I hiked a trail and saw features I've never seen before. Let me not forget to mention that the powerline trails offer some of the most aggressive downhill mountain bike features available. The trails are much beyond my ability still. But on mountain bike forums I've seen them compared to more renowned area's up north and out west. So for an all-in-one type of experience that can accommodate a family picnic w young kids to an aggressive hike or ride, the Lynn Woods is a hidden gem juxtaposed by it's otherwise urban landscape.

Overall good trails. We did not do exactly the marked trail and that is b/c it is difficult to follow the trails here as they are not very well marked. Despite that, the trails are well maintained, cross the paved main trail often and make for enjoyable hiking/walking. The main trail is heavily trafficked but the unpaved side trails are more secluded. There are great stretches for off leash time for the pup and great swimming for him as well. Definitely worth coming here again.

8 months ago

I'll be honest, in the past my experiences with Lynn haven't been very positive but this has absolutely been the best surprise. Lynn Woods has a near perfect combination of trails, points of interest and views. I hiked almost 10 miles in nearly 100 degree heat and didn't even notice it. The time flew...and I never even felt the heat. Most of the trails are nicely covered by trees making it an excellent place to get your active on during hot days.

My only issue with the trails: the northern trails didn't seem as nicely labeled as the southern parts. There were times when I had to back track because I had taken a wrong turn.

If you hike the northern parts...bring your bug spray. The trails up there seem like excellent mountain biking trails and much less used than the southern parts, but being in the swampy areas means you could very easily become dinner for mosquitos!

I'll definitely come back when in the area.

Wonderful place!

Awesome! Loved the rocks!

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