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nice easy trail for walks, cool rock outcroppings

Great hike for kids snow was Amazing and great sledding hill as well

Definitely my favorite trail running loop in the northwest area of town. Go counterclockwise as the views going down from the saddle are best if looking west. Good elevation gain and sandy soil for easy treading. Another good run is heading towards St. George's school in the other side of the river. It's a good trail with a steep hill halfway to a nice view and then back down to the fish hatchery area.

great trail. steep at first. good workout!
saw bear paw prints.

One of my favorite places, it has a bit of everything. Enough miles of trails to spread people out helps even if the parking lot is full (which is all summer).
I would call this an easy hike as there really are no steep sections, and for the work you put in it's about as good a view as you can get around here.

22 days ago

Great hike, not one I'd do in hot weather but a sunny November day was perfect.
I would definitely recommend doing the loop in the counter-clockwise direction so you can hike up the majority of the elevation in the shade. This is a popular spot for good reason!

30 days ago

Hiked the loop counterclockwise. We much preferred this direction because it got the straight, steep section out of the way at the beginning. Even this early in the winter spikes were necessary on the section between the cabin and the cedar grove. Great hike -love doing this one every year.

Already mentioned by other reviewers, but the trail isn’t marked very well & yes you must take 3 different trails to complete this loop. No cave obviously, but it was isolated enough if you want some solitude. Not much wildlife around this time of year, but saw a dead bird. :(

Good hike. Pretty busy trail but great plant ID opportunities.

Went in early November, it was wet but very doable. We did the whole loop. This time of year it wasn’t crowded at all, and it was really nice. I’d heard about this hike for years, but never went. I’m so glad that I finally did!!

Beautiful terrain and views. Some parts of the trail could cause a twisted ankle if hiker is not careful.

My husband and I set out to hike a couple of miles, and ended up hiking the entire 8.7 miles. Beautiful day, nice maintained trail. Will definitely go again.

Beautiful with rocks, trees & littuSpokane river

By no means is this a "hard" hike. Moderate is even pushing it but it is a great trail. This side has better views than the west side.

We started at the south trail head for "Stevens Creek" off of Stevens Creek Road. This hike had a little bit of everything. Both steep and gradual climbs, great views, granite outcroppings and well maintained trails. The uploaded photos on this site give a pretty accurate account of the scenery. Very, very nice.

Super easy to get to. The "trail" is actually a road. The view at the lookout is beautiful. Its a must do if you live in Eastern Washington.

Love this hike! So beautiful!

Nice parking on both East and West access points. Trails are in good shape. Nice view of the valley from the top.

We loved this area and will definitely be back! There was a mama moose with two young, so we turned around and went the opposite way. Uphill for a lot of it, but fun and beautiful nonetheless.

Beautiful in Fall

fun for an easy afternoon hike

This is a great trail in the Spring or Fall. If you start along the creek it is shady and the incline is gradual. Definately take the south loop to see Rocks of Sharon and views of the Palouse. The east rim offers more sunshine and views of the Spokane Valley and beyond.

1 month ago

Steep up and back. Forested all around. Leads to Little Spokane. If you cross road you can join other trails.

First time hiking there. Views are great but we had no idea where we were walking since there are no signs and so many ways to go (saw only a couple signs in the bottom). We didn't want to get lost so, we came down but came out to someone’s drive way!
We talked a guy who was walking, and he told us how to stay on the right trial. We will try it again some time soon.

I loved how many signs there were. I definitely felt like there was no way I was going to get lost and that was awesome. The view from the top was pretty sweet too.

Such a awesome view at the top! Over looking all of the Spokane Valley

It’s absolutely stunning in the fall. 10/10

this trail is so beautiful at the moment! the fall colors are incredible. it's a nicely varied trail and a comfortable work out. I loved the views of the north side! we cant wait to bike it.

EDIT: previous commenter is correct about the distance change. close to 6 miles

This trail is about 9.6 starting from the liberty lake parking lot. It’s fairly flat except for about a mile with switch backs leading up to the cabin. The trail is very well groomed. If you’re going for the views, be aware there is really only one good ‘lookout’ type view, and no noticeable submit, just the cabin at the end of the trail. We did this trail early October, and the fall foliage was beautiful but overall I would describe this trail as anticlimactic.

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