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Went on the hike 7/22/2018 and it was GORGEOUS!!! walked the extra bit to make it to the lake and it was sooo worth it! We had the best time! Only downfall is it was PACKED!! This has been the most packed hike I have ever been on. Wasn’t to hard at all, few small inclined but pretty steady for most part. Jumped in the lake and it took my breathe away it was FREEEZING!! But stunning views!!!!!

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1 hour ago

Come prepared! It’s nothing but uphill for two miles, with some steep treks as you reach the end. Worth powering through for the view, and a cool dip in Rattlesnake Lake awaits you at the bottom.

Tough hike for a beginner but a perfect hike for a normal hiker. Keeps the general public out and not crowded. Will be going back for sure

Great hike. The view at the top is well worth it. Get there early or it is very crowded. Take water!!

7 hours ago

I arrived at Alpental just after 9:00am and parking was 2/3 full. There was a moderate traffic on the trail but not too crowded to sunny Sunday morning. Last part of towards the lookout was pretty rocky but with a good trail shoes you would have no issues. View of the lake from lookout was of course great, but if you go down to the lakeside it must be breathtaking. Emerald green lake water reflecting snowy mountains was one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen.
Recommend 10 out of 10.

Whew! What a tough hike but oh so worth it at the top! Took the new trail up and it was in near perfect condition. There were quite a few people on this trail but it wasn’t really bothersome. The hardest part for me was coming back down. We decided to take the old trail down and it was really hard on my knees, hips and toes and I’m only 29 and in pretty good shape. It was also my first hike of the season though. Highly recommend!

1 day ago

We came to Little Si after a small hike at Snoqualmie Falls. Little Si is an awesome moderate level hike. We had our 6 and 8 year old boys with us and they loved this hike compared to Snoqualmie, which they thought was boring. Little Si is nicely shaded, has a lot of areas to climb and explore, and is a great way to spend the day. I think it took us about 4 hours to complete it, trailhead to peak and then back down, including a few breaks and a picnic on the peak. The views at the peak are beautiful and well worth the hike. My family would definitely do this one again.

I really enjoyed this hike. We read all the reviews and tried to arrive early - but breakfast, coffee, packing picnic - left Bellevue around 1045, no traffic, got the one spot left. It is $5 for parking unless you have a pass. There was an outhouse in parking lot.

Read the signs, we ended up going on some other trail. Not a big deal but was about 0.5-1 mile warmup. I am in decent shape, take 6 flights a day to get to my car at train - workout 1-2 times a week. I was winded on the way up. I think it took us about 2 hours - really really is a trail w a lot of rocks and roots. Starving by the time we got to the lake. It was so beautiful. Glad I brought aqua socks to walk in the water. We had a nice picnic and hung out for an hour or so then headed down. Going down was quick but really felt it in my knees. A lot of dogs and an owner that didn’t pick up after a big dog. Only crossed paths with 20 people ish, we went on a Friday. I came prepared w bug spray but not a problem at all - THANK goodness. Def recommend, great for a day trip out of the city

Very busy trail. Got there about 8 and the parking lot was filling up already. Gorgeous trail! There’s a primitive toilet at the end of the trail. Not sure what to make of it but people use it haha.

The view was amazing, be careful tho especially with little kids

1 day ago

Awesome hike and beautiful lake!

Light and steady ascend 2/3 the rest is steep. View is okay.

Great hike. There are many switchbacks for the first two thirds of this hike that will really test out your thighs, and much of the trail is rocky with plenty of tree roots to dodge. It's all worth it, though, once you reach the lake. Hiked on a Wednesday, arrived to an empty parking lot at the trailhead at 7am. We took our time on the switchbacks and were at the lake by 9:30-10am. Started to get plenty of people showing up by noon, with the trail practically a downtown Seattle sidewalk worth of foot traffic on the way back down. Arrive early.

Great trail and great views. My kids (14, 11, 8) hiked it with no problem. I would give it 5 stars but there was a lot of people and many of them rather push you down the trail then be considerate of others in narrow areas of the trail. Very good trail!

Great hike, nice views from the top. hiked up

crouded, but good

great trail with amazing views

14Jul18 Joe from Montana!! You left your dog bag in our car!

3 days ago

Nice trail! Light traffic this morning, started just before 10. A little cloudy but helped to stay cool and the views at the top were decent even though Mount Si wasn’t visible.

Worth the effort for the stunning lake! Wonderful for water dogs, many places for them to cool off along the trail. Trail is dry and snow free now, wildflowers our but not too numerous. Steep and rocky the last 1/3 or so. Camp a night at the lake if you can. MOSQUITOS bring spray and stay in the breeze at the lake

4 days ago

Nice hike with several great view points at the peak.

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail. I do have a water shoe from someone who dropped it along the road up. If it is your, comment/message the brand and we'll get it back to you!

Spectacular view of the lake and a nice workout. 1hr 45 min up to overlook (3+mi) and 1hr 20 min down. Lots of bugs. I wore bug spray and still got a couple of bites. I didn’t see a bathroom. Will definitely go again and head down to the lake next time.

Great hike as always!!! A lot of bugs this time , don’t stop or you will get bit. 7/17/18

Excellent hike with an amazing view at the top on a clear day!! Took me 2 hours and 45 minutes up with my dog needing breaks from the heat toward the top. The old trail up was pleasantly difficult and hard to find the trail toward the top. Diamond markers helps keep you on track thank goodness. I took the new trail down with many switch backs. That portion alone was 5.3 miles. I think this hike is longer than what is stated but wonderful none the less.

Great hike up to a spectacular view of rattlesnake lake. This was a little heart pumper going up, however completely manageable. We got there on a Monday around 10:30am and there was plenty of parking.

If your a beginner, don't do this. Not to mention it's already over crowded. This is not a starter. Do some easier hikes then do this one. It will be worth it!

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