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Pretty easy hike with nice views. Plenty of parking with public restrooms.

3 days ago

Worth the drive. I always love how few people we see. 2 people in 3 hours if you don't count the group we saw only going 0.25 miles in to take pictures and return. March 18, 2018 the river was going strong and we saw plenty of flowers and little cute red lizards.

A lot of wildlife during the day. Not to pretty during the Winter.

Beautiful views and a good variety of trails to mix it up.

Has always been a great hike, have been going since I was a kid.

This was a beautiful hike it!!! Best in late winter spring, because there isn't any shade at the top but the view is Fantastic!!!

16 days ago

hiked it with few friends in the fall with a lot of birds around.

My daughter and I did this hike a couple of years ago! The hike was pretty easy until you get near the top. My daughter and I had to scramble up large boulders to reach the top. It was a bit challenging, but not impossible. Although, when we were coming back down we were told that there was another way to reach the top that was much easier.. if so, I wish the trail was marked more clearly.

Once we made it to the top, the view was fantastic! ❤️

Surprising nice trail. Saw more wildlife than any other trail I have done in the area. Pretty sure it’s a bit over 4 miles.

Majestic views, frog concert and sunset upon returning to the trailhead. First part is all up last part you get to cool down and be in the shade if you are hiking later afternoon. Spotted 2 coyotes at 30 feet.

Beautiful views! Have done this several times and it never gets old. Sunset hikes are the best here :)

25 days ago

Beautiful views! We took the trail clockwise, and went up the steepest part of the mountain first. The front side of the mountain was pretty hard.. but coming down the loop was easy and refreshing. The kids loved this hike! Keep your eye out for the secret shark and frogs.

I got lost several times and came to the cliff where the alpinists climb the mountain. You need to be very careful and follow the signs. So beautiful view on the top!

This place is beautiful, especially if you come during winter / spring when everything is still green. Very peaceful and serene.

There is a trail where dogs are allowed to walk off-leash. Our dogs loved it.

You can also do water activities here like canoeing, rowing, and fishing.

Took the trail to the right, up the back side. Need to Watch for the Extreme Mountain Bikers. Today they were courteous and nice. Views from the top were awesome. Front side down was very steep and slick. I have to be honest and say my thighs sure are burning. I’m thinking it should be upgraded to a difficult hike. Wouldn’t recommend for children under 10. Or dogs. There sure is a lot of litter, it’s a shame. You pack it up please take it with you.

awesome views, beautiful flowers, hidden treasures and some crazy tagging! the switch backs were tough but I'm outta shape, so worth the view from the top!!

A lovely hike above New Hogan. There is no shade- must be prepared. The dog loved it though, and got to roam free since we were the only ones there on this lovely winter day.

1 month ago

Great view at the top! This trail was a little bit harder than we were expecting but was still a great time!

nice trail for a sunny winter day. definite climb any way you go. well marked -open views. not a place to go if you want to hike in seclusion, but easy to get to

Nice place to to hike on a cool day. Interesting wildlife. keep your little dogs close lol.

Awesome hike, some serious rock action near the top! Beautiful views and perfect weather. unfortunately, wild flowers are not abundant at this time of year (February).

1 month ago

Beautiful hike on a mild winter day. Everything was green and gorgeous. Great bird watching. We went clockwise, straight up....it was a burner for sure but not difficult. Well worth it. Make sure you take the side trail on the left at the top to a vista that overlooks New Melones dam, Lake Tullock and the Copperopolis Quarry Mine. Will definitely revisit, maybe in the spring to enjoy the wildflowers. Hike #10 #52hikechallenge

Excellent trail except the few times cows block the way. Pats district did an amazing job rehabbing this trail after the bad winter a year ago.

on Tuolumne Table Mountain

1 month ago

I took a few cub scouts and a boy scout up this trail It was a good introduction for the cubs to see some of the easy and the hard parts of hiking. Due to some of the open area's, this is definitely a hike you want to do in the cooler months or early in the morning during the heat of the year. It is a good trail to intro young people to trail hiking. Bring water as there is nowhere where you can pump water.

Though Melones area is known for poison oak, I didn't see any on the trail, though it could of been still dormant. Stay on trail, no problem.

As far as the climb to the top, It's doable for an old fart like me with bad knees and over weight, which is one reason i agree more with the B.L.M map of the area designating this trail a challenge and not moderate. .

I saw people with with kids under the age of 5 and will say that the upper part of the trail is going to be a challenge and do think its a little foolish to bring somebody that young on the rocky trail with steps higher than a foot sometimes. There are some serious fall dangers not only on the trail, but at the top of the bluff.

The view though, as you get to the top, and on top is awesome.

As was mentioned earlier, get there early and turn around heading back. It is a tight area to turn and as usual, there is always that 1 inconsiderate person that out of ignorance will block the area where the gates are so very difficult to turn around.

we loved this trail. it's a good length to do with the dog and without needing too much of a pack - just some water.

1 month ago

amazing view at the top definitely will be going again soon!

Enjoyed this hike and great with the pup!

Amazing views, open trails - great for dogs.

Great hike and amazing views. This hike is definitely with your while.

Awesome hike and beautiful views! The dogs loved it.

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