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Just finished this hike, did get turned around a few times as there are a lot of other trails that splinter off, but once we got to the cave it was really neat definitely want to come back and explore more.

Scenic walk, not really a “hike” because it’s all paved. Can be weird to get to, lots of “Private Road, No Trespassing” signs when driving in. Park Ranger assured me the public IS in fact allowed. Be careful because AllTrails is inaccurate in terms of how far you are actually allowed to go. Ranger says you are allowed past the open gates with the grates to keep the cows in. But you are NOT allowed past the yellow gate towards the top with all the ominous No Trespassing, vehicles or pedestrians, sign. From there it’s DWP property and I saw at least 4 trucks going in and out during my walk. Also, pay the parking fee, Ranger was there when I got back giving someone a ticket.

Tough walk, all up hill the way in, all down hill the way out. Might be nicer in spring, was all yellow grassy hills in fall. Still nice though.

Love it on Sunday mornings!

A nice workout hike. If you’re looking for a nature getaway there are better local options. Very steep incline on the way up with excellent views of the valley from the top

16 days ago

First time on this trail. Make sure you don't miss a turn or you'll end up going farther than what you planned.
The elevation definitely got my heart pumping, but it wasn't a steep incline.
Narrow passage going back down, plenty of shade.
Lots of rocks, so watch your step.
Watch out for dog poop!

Kind of a difficult hike, steep uphill, but worth it for the great all around view on top!

17 days ago

A fun, relatively easy hike. I recommend also hiking the Farmer's Ridge Fire Road, an out and back which adds an additional mile or so, taking you further into the park.

I always enjoy this hike. Great workout and views!

29 days ago

This is one of my favorite trails in LA! Beware there's little shade in the first part but this trail is incredible early in the morning. Ample parking and just difficult enough to get me into shape

nature trips
1 month ago

I love the alder trees here, clean, creek, picnic area, waterfalls, frogs, toads, birds, palm trees, very nice, not so busy

You can have picnics at the first trees, Willow, Pine, Spruce, Alder, Fig, Castor Bean, Cottonwood, and Sycamore

The Trail is a fire road 70% of the canyon, the end takes you up a few hills, dropping down to the best oak forest of the hike, then ending at the Sensoen Street, I saw some tracks going up the meadows past Sensoen Street, I’ll explore it next time, seems to take you up to the waterfall, or something?

The California Tree Frog and the Southern California Black Walnut are very rare, found here, in this Riparian Zone, there were goldfish in the first pond, someone dumped them I guess...

That’s All!!

I hiked what I think is this trail today, although I am having trouble reconciling the map with the description. I hiked clockwise from Mulholland to Bent Arrow to Temescal Canyon to Garapito Canyon. Bent Arrow does not follow a densely wooded creek, so there may be another trail. I did see one on the map called Bay Tree trail; however, it must be farther east on Mulholland. However, when I used GPS and compared where I was with the map, it showed where I was supposed to be. It also comes out right at Garapito. Anyway, I really enjoyed the hike. Garapito Canyon is very pretty, and would probably be quite lovely in the Spring. I think hiking this loop counterclockwise might be harder than hiking it clockwise. Otherwise it is not hard at all, if you hike at all.

1 month ago

Decent outing with stream still active even into Fall. Moments of solitude but busy trail near housing and major roads. Moderate only due to some elevation changes but small portions of trail are even paved albeit broken down. Overall a nice nature outing for the area.

Looks like there was a firestorm through here. All of the trees and shrubbery are dead.

Asked a fellow hiker about this and they said that it becomes green in the Winter. Going to come back then.

I little disappointed it was overgrown. But the biggest disappointment was all the new construction for housing development.

1 month ago

A nice little hike! Expansive view from the top.

Fantastic views reaching all the way out to the channel islands on a clear day. Couldn't quite make it to the top because a small heard of cows with calfs parked it right on the trail near the top.

Also not too thrilled about parking for $5.. but alas, it is what it is.

The area would be great BUT I can not understand peoples behavior - I am a dog owner but the one thing is, there is dogs poo everywhere especially at the beginning of the trail, and there IS a trash container there, the other problem is that there are tons of broken glass around so its really danger for animals too - a shame that people use beautiful nature as a trash container - really a shame :/

Very short and simple hike. I did not see any wildlife, but it's got some incredible views. No shade, so take sunscreen or a hat if you go during the day. Park closes at 10:30pm.

2 months ago

I absolutely love this hike! I saw a lot of wildlife, and there is actually an active creek alongside the trail! In a tiny pond near the beginning (starting from the south end of the trail), there are some goldfish in there - I'm pretty sure someone put them there. Aside from that, I saw a coyote, 2 frogs, a raccoon, and an owl, along with the usual rabbits and bats. This hike is absolutely breathtaking, like a little forest in your own backyard :)

Dogs are allowed but be aware there are coyotes. I was with my daughter and two dogs. A coyote came up behind us and I think he was eyeing the smaller dog. Be careful!!

Great hike your heart rate climbs as you get moving along hikers friendly and helpful
Take plenty of water not much shade in places

3 months ago

Go to trail whenever I’m in town! Pretty easy but with good elevation gain. And i always see a bit of wildlife—today it was a coyote and like a million rabbits.

nice place to hike ..

No shade and we did see a rattlesnake but overall great hike! We went around 7:30 am on a Saturday and were the only ones there. Will definitely be back.

This is my go-to trail!

I like this trail, not really easy but I love climbing. The view was nice, too.

This trail is a hike. It a good incline to the top. But the views no picture can capture, you have to see for yourself. If you reach the top you can see all the way to the ocean! You also pass the 88/Nike Missile site from the Cold War. You will see cows and steer off the trail. As you get off the freeway and make your way there do not be deterred from the signs that say private bridge or area your are going to a public park your ok just take the road to the end ( it ends at the park ) there is a $5.00 fee but worth it.... enjoy

We took the trail from the north entrance of TCyn (Braude Park), and didn’t how long it was. There was so much mist that we couldn’t see 20 feet in front of us. We finally reached a place to get out of the trail and thanks to a nearby sign .08 mile to hub, we were able to find our way out of the park. Lovely, but long hike. Brings lots of water, hat, and snacks.

4 months ago

Very simple hike. Very little shade. Watch where you step

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