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Great trail. Maybe on the lesser end of “difficult” but enjoyable nonetheless.

6 days ago

I thought it was a beautiful scene. There is a bit of a walk before the lake itself, but that’s not a big deal. My best friend and I went, and I brought my dog. It was nice way to get fresh air and take some Instagram-worthy pictures. We went in January, so it wasn’t incredibly crowded either. If I were to go back, it would be to do some running or to get my dog out again. People were friendly and the trail itself wasn’t difficult, so it should be perfect for that. Me not going back doesn’t speak to the trail as much as it’s because I’m always looking for a new place to adventure. If ever I’m looking for somewhere familiar just to take it easy, this would be an option.

This hike is beautiful with waterfalls and running stream. Trail markers can be a bit confusing but otherwise a great location.

The trails are confusing - maps don’t match reality or each other. Trails break off in a zillion directions. Wet. Bikes, dogs, hunters, bugs, weird shacks, little kids, creepy old men, runners, actual hikers, garbage and liquor bottles.

I’m not alone:

Vigorousness is dependent upon what trail you take, but good luck figuring that out.

We started on a road just past Bulls Bridge and followed the white AT blazes. Markings were really clear. Great hike up along some interesting rock formations and then to an amazing vista view! There were more people on the trail than we anticipated ... some were backpacking to a campsite farther along the AT.

Terrific short hike beautiful views fro the top!!!

Just hiked the trail we did 3 miles it was beautiful well marked we’d went up blue back red. Definitely coming back to do it in spring when the ground is a little softer.

My favorite sunrise spot in the area!! Had a Thursday off of work so I decided to seize the day and watch the sunrise...I wasn't disappointed!!

Nice short hike with good elevation and nice view from the overlook.

A wonderful area with so many great trails. Some water crossings were required. Limited cell service in parts, so be sure to photograph map at trailhead. I am looking forward to returning often.

I enjoyed the trails but thought they were poorly marked and the trail map is very confusing. I do plan on going again to check out the other trails I missed.

Great spot for pictures on the boardwalk and a nice trail for all ages if you want to go out and back from the train. Sometimes a bit busy with day trippers from nyc.

My husband and daughter did the full length as an overnighter. I heard there were nice views along the way too..

Aleays a nice hike with the kids to the waterfall!

Nice day hike - we continued on to second overlook and then turned around so our mileage was longer. When walking the road from Bull’s Bridge look to the left, you will see a trail marker post with pamphlets etc which will let you know where the trailhead is. Very cool wildflowers, erratics, lichens and an eastern newt.

This section was great! For anyone looking to continue after bulls bridge beware. The trail gets pretty challenging after that until your next out at Route 341 in Kent. Annie at Back Country Outfitters was awesome! She gave us a last minute shuttle back to the trail head where we started. The ice cream is something you don’t want to pass up either.

Beautiful hike, walked to the steel bridge and came back on the AT, which was a nice loop. Great views of the river on the way back.

This is a very steep hike with some rock climbing. I enjoyed it but wasn’t expecting it to be like that. I would go back

Easy trail ... though there are quite a few downed trees at the far end of the lake making passage a bit awkward - I’m with the other reviews on this it’s worth doing once but nothing special

Very rewarding view and a pleasant hike. We had kids and a dog with us and everyone enjoyed it.

Good hike, with interesting wild life everywhere

We took the red path then the blue bc I stepped on some sort of bees nest in the ground and was stung numerous times on my legs so had to shorten the trip with the blue trail, although nice Forrest views, and we came up on a Fox or coyote den under a large rock formation about 1/3 way on red trail, little startling seeing the eyes starring out at you but we had a good laugh about it. If not for the bees we would have continued the red path to the end. Definitely not for kids and some steep climbs all around.

So very beautiful! Wish I had taken my fishing pole but glad I remembered the bug spray. A good mix of semi level trail (always beware the rocks and roots that are out to trip you) and of a little bit more difficult rocky areas. Would definitely do again!

Quick, but steep walk to the top - actually missed the overlook, but found it on my way back. Gorgeous view!

Did this hike on a Friday morning in June, but instead of taking the yellow trail cutoff I took the longer red loop all the way around. Lots of shady woodland hiking, lots and lots of deer, and the trail was a wee bit overgrown in places. You cross the Appalachian Trail at two places and follow it for a short time. There are unfortunately no real views until you get back to Quaker Lake Road and walk alongside the lake back to the parking area. Good vigorous 4 mile hike with some good elevation at the beginning, then mostly leveling out. Wooden plank walkways in a few places, with one especially nice one just as you empty out onto Quaker Lake Road. There is a blue trail spur off to the side of the red trail that I did not have time to check out.

not a personal favorite. But a nice enough one to try once.

The forest is awesome. Beautiful towering trees throughout. Great waterfall that really provides beauty after a long rainy day. Overall a really cool place to be!!

WONDERFUL hike, need to come back and complete, just did 4 hours round trip, nice challenge , my legs are definitely taking to me! Lol

Done this many times over the years but find the trail itself a tad boring. The lake is beautiful though and worth the lack of excitement the trail itself brings. Definitely rate as "easy".

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