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Super cool hike! Apparently it's claimed to be the most haunt trail in Cali. Super beautiful and the end is a blast. For dog hikers, know it might be a bit hard to get your canine up the very last stretch. The hike is super awesome as a whole. Hope it rains soon!

1 day ago

My sister and I did this hike about a year ago.
It’s a super fun hike, but it gets pretty hot. We went right after there was that couple month span of a ton of rain so there was an actual waterfall there and a little pool at the top.

We made the mistake of hiking through poison oak the entire way (and there’s a TON of it so keep your eyes peeled!).

Fun hike.
Very challenging at the end when you’re clambering over rocks and things. Expect to get a full body work out here.
I would recommend going after heavy rain so you can soak your tired feet in a pool of cold water when you get to the top.

My second time at North Fortuna. This time I signed the book

Do you like long hot trails to nowhere?? No waterfall, no water...

Last half mile is very hard and challenging with rocks and boulders. There was no water at the fall. There are lots of wizards and birds singing along road. Good 4 hour hiking. I like it very much.

Decent trail with lots of rocks and boulders. It’s definitely a full body workout

Very treacherous and rocky. Cowels wasn’t to bad but we wanted to complete the 5 Peak Challenge so we hit Pyles Peak next. Round trip when done 9.3 miles, 89 floors and 26,000+ steps. My hardest hike by far.

Lots of lizards and poison oak throughout the trail. We saw a rattle snake after 4 corners half way up to the peak

Great hike, gigantic boulders, tons of poison Oak! No water up top, so we turned around 15 minutes short.

mountain biking
6 days ago

Had a blast, generally the trails were easy however there are moderate to difficult trails off the main loop. keep in mind this trail is in Cleveland National Park several thousand feet above sea level. there's a $5 entry fee (honor system) to enter the park and general parking is not well marked. the trail head sits at the center of a camp ground so I sort of made my own parking spot.

if you're going to do this Trail be prepared there's a lot of rock climbing without ropes but a lot of boulders but it pretty cool extreme Trail to try

11 days ago

Great trail, great views

The saddle trail is super steep and slippery. Great cardio workout and a fun slip and slide on the way down!

We went in September and it was too dry but still an awesome fun trail with just the right amount of challenge

Wear hiking boots if you take the saddle trail. It gets slipperaaaaaaay! I like horses.

Very nice, hilly hike/trail run w great views of San Diego and Miramar Airbase.

22 days ago

Los Pinos Peak has nice views. The trail itself had a steady incline most of the way up to the peak from where we were parked. We hiked this just after a storm, so it was really misty with fog and dew early in the morning. Would love to see the views on a clearer day from this peak.

Be careful of mountain bikers...even though the trail says no bikes, there were plenty of bikers along trail as we go more into the late morning time. We even had to jump into the bushes off trail to get out of the way of some bikers. Quite a scary moment for us.

Like others have mentioned, the trails here are not marked well at all. You hike on dirt and rocks, with no signage at times to help you navigate. Luckily, the AllTrails app really helps with that. I parked at the dam, took the Oak Canyon trail, followed that to the Fortuna Saddle trail (super steep and slippery towards the top), then hiked to the South Fortuna summit, came down and climbed the North Fortuna summit. Then I climbed back down via the perimeter trail, which is brutal. Extremely steep and slippery on the way down, even with hiking shoes. I ran out of water too (I had 2L with me). 7.8 miles total!

moderate trail with lots of rocks ..

Went with my dog and a buddy. Fairly easy hike until the last stretch. Not crowded at all

This was a great hike or walk plus bouldering. I just picked the first hike that was rated as hard near me. First part is easy. I liked walking along the river, and just beware, you're going to climb huge boulders. You are basically Billy Goating your way up to the falls, and you can't see it so you just keep climbing! It's pretty when you get there. Unfortunately only a trickle of water.

Side note: graffiti on the boulders makes me want to take paint remover and remove it. Picked up people's trash on the trail as I went.

If you don’t like experiencing a ton of people on the trail, graffiti on the rocks, and people leaving trash behind then don’t hike this trail. The hike itself is fine, just too bad this particular trail attracts the worst people who show no respect for the outdoors or the trails we all enjoy.

Great trail lost to see and if you like some rocky obstacles at the end this is the trail for you.

Mission Trails has so many great trails! If you want a good challenge, begin heading up South Fortuna first. There are some stairs leading to the summit that are sure to make anyone tired! If you would rather not climb the stairs, head to North Fortuna first and then continue over to South. Of course you don't have to do both Summits. If you park at the visitors center, beware that you will have to cross water at the beginning of the hike. I suggest bringing some dry socks to change into. To avoid crossing the water you can start at Old Mission Dam. This is a great trail that can easily be modified to challenge you more or less.

nice hike a lot to see. not mush shade. pack list should have at least 3L of water. have fun pack out what you pack in. animals welcome watch out for snakes

mountain biking
1 month ago

Done in March with not many people, not too hard mostly flat but beautiful, nice easy ride on single track.

After the long walk, you’ll get to some signs and that’s when the real hike begins- so much fun!

This trail was wonderful! May have got turned around, but the view was prettier with each turn. Bring extra water and the power lines can be used as a landmark to keep you on your path!

I’ve done this hike multiple times and the last two times I’ve thought as I walked all the way back to my car how boring this trail is.

Besides the boulder scrambling portion & waterfall, this hike really sucks and is boring. It’s definitely a full body workout when you’re scrambling up the rocks but that portion is just too far and too boring to get to. Maybe I’ve been here too many times

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