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hard!! but amazing views. well worth the effort.

Great hike. Accidentally went off the trail several times and ended up spending almost 4 hours on it, but the views were amazing. No water or toilets on the trail so be prepared. Reeally steep slopes at the beginning but it gets easier later. Appropriate footwear is highly recommended, especially if it has rained recently. Overall, an amazing workout for the day... More than I had expected.

This is a gorgeous hike with so much varied landscape ... at times I was hiking in the sun with beautiful views of the hills and other times I was deep in the wet Redwood forest. Hearing the rushing creek at times throughout the hike was lovely. The parking lot at Purisima Creek has space for maybe 5 or 6 cars, but people were parked up and down the road from the tiny lot. There are some very steep inclines on Harkins Ridge but totally worth it for the views and majestic trees. The busiest (and my least favorite) part of the hike was the last 2 miles on Purisima Creek trail, as the trail was very wide and noisier due to more hikers. When I hiked this in January 2019, the 2 restrooms were closed and there were 2 (seemingly not-well-maintained) portable toilets at the trailhead instead. There were also lots of branches and even trees down across the trail in at least 2 places, presumably due to storms earlier this week.

Note that driving to the trailhead involves a lot of winding roads with limited visibility due to the turns in the hillside. Use caution and drive slowly (I recommend driving slower than the speed limit)!

There aren't many hikes that I would do twice, as I prefer to explore new places, but this is one I would definitely return to.

If you hike this loop I recommend hiking clockwise. I made the mistake of hiking counter clockwise and could not find where the trail picked back up after crossing the road from Mori point. I was where the trail head should have been, but as always in California quite literally nothing is identified or marked. I searched around for probably 20 min trying to find the hiking trail, but found no success. I ended up on a mountain biking trail that ran kind of close to the hiking trail and figured I could cut across a gulch through some brush to get to the hiking trail. DO NOT DO THIS! Yes the trails are close, but the brush and foliage is thick and there is an area between the two where some homeless people have set up camp. This hike took me 4.5 hours to complete when it should have taken me 3-3.5. Be sure to take plenty of water on this hike as your are exposed for essentially all of it

Great views!

bella passeggiata ragazzi consigliatissima a tutti!!

Nice place to smoke a joint. Also there is a sweet swing about halfway up in the grove of trees on the left

Complaints of the trail not being maintained are exaggerated. I’ve hiked these trails for decades and they are fine. You’re in the outdoors, expect some overhanging plants. Once you are on the ridge, you are on an old dirt road with tons of ups and downs, very much like a fire road trail. The ridge isn’t especially pretty, but incredible views and you can watch planes take off from SFO. No dogs or bikes, that’s a good thing.

A most excellent hike. 15 miles and about 3900 feet of gain. I hiked clockwise like other reviewers have suggested and glad I did. Not as rocky as I thought it would be though. Not much of a view due to clouds and fog but I was not disappointed. Only saw two other hikers. 6.5 hours with a half hour hanging out in the Visitor’s Center having lunch. Can’t wait to hike more trails in this stellar park.

I’ve been wanted to climb this hill for a long time. And then here comes an opportunity to climb with dozens of HS wrestling students plus their family members on January first 2019. I almost wanted to give up at first half mile bcaz it’s boring. No trees, no rivers, no rocks which I’ve heard of it, but still. High-light is probably the peak part, I very much enjoyed climbing up the short rocky hill to get to the top. It was fun ;)

I enjoyed this trail on New Year's Eve with my wife and loved every bit of it. Monument Peak is a much better alternative to Mission Peak. The trail offers a nice mix of challenging climbs, some technical decents, and great views without the ridiculous crowds that you find on Mission Peak. This is by far my favorite hike in the East Bay. I recommend this trail without hesitation.

Did this trail today. Parked at the trailhead on the Half Moon Bay side and hiked up Harkins Ridge. Pretty steep climb up. Then hiked down Whittemore Gulch..gradual descent. Beautiful hike...loved it!

Watchout for the following:

1. Drive to the trailhead parking is through narrow hilly road with deep valley on the side. Drive carefully. Watch out for oncoming motorbikes.

2. On the trail, watch out for yellow banana slugs.

3. There are portable toilets but not very clean.

trail running
21 days ago

If you are a runner, this trail is challenging! Steep inclines, Half paved / half trail so if you're more of a trail runner make sure you're wearing trail running shoes! I had to slow down a lot when I hit the dirt since I was wearing road shoes. Mostly open and unshaded so bring sunglasses or a hat if its a clear day. The fog rolls in from the Pacifica side so also layer up! Cool views of the bay! Great workout if you're training for a hilly race! Please keep in mind the one restroom on the trail is unkept and really gross which was very disappointing because it forced me to end my run early.

This was a challenging one for sure. We started out from the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center around 10:30am and we went clockwise through Eagle Point Trail. This was the recommended route from many other reviewers, and we are so glad we took their advice. The incline to the summit was at times pretty rough with steep inclines. Especially when you're close to the summit, there were long stretches of just uphill. There is a really nice visitor center at the top for you to learn about the park's ecosystem, and pretty stunning panoramic views of the bay area. It's pretty windy and cold at the top, so dress accordingly. The route back down through the Campground Trail was, thankfully, not too rocky and not slippery, which can be really rough on your knees. It was actually a nice descend as the sun was beginning to set. By the time we got back to the visitor center it was about 5:30pm. My only minor gripe with this trail was that near the summit, you'll see that there are a bunch of cars and tourists that just made the drive up to the summit, and it just kinda takes away from the seclusion you get throughout the entire trip. Otherwise, its definitely a challenging but rewarding hike that you'll be proud to have completed. Just be prepared for it being chilly up top, bring food for the long hike, and bring head lamps just it takes longer than you expect and it gets dark.

22 days ago

Exposed but scenic views at the top

I don’t know many but this is the best I know. About 3 hours. Good mix of sun and shade. Pacific Ocean view behind mountains and redwoods is to die for!

Love this hike! Great views.

Coastal view is awesome on the top of mountain. But wind is pretty strong, remember to wear warm coat!

Steep but worth it.

Great workout. Great view. Lots of cows and squirrels along the way. Definitely bring lots of water.

Great hike not hard at all

Great view, breathtaking when it’s windy.

great views of the area. about two areas with steep elevation gain. there is a little network (3) of trails that can get a little confusing, so be sure to download the map. took us about 4 hours with time for pictures and resting. no reception in the parking lot, but spotty through out the trail.

This is my third time hiking in the area and each time I see something new. This is a great workout with stairs and a good mix of ascending/descending, all with a great view. This is also one of the shorter mileage hikes that features the ridge and the beach.

One tough hike - even though rained a ton yesterday not too much mud. Going up is tough but not many people - when get to the top use AllTrails bc there is a ton of other unmarked trails. Coming down tough on knees and a lot more people

Great hike with some amazing views!

1 month ago

wow ! What a work out! it is quite steep but a great workout. good views when you get up there.

today I covered this loop except I started from South parking lot of purisma which is by skyline Blvd hwy 35. There are space for about 12 cars. however this entrance is much less popular and only have couple of cars Wednesday morning at 10:30. from here it's a gentle 1.8 miles downhill fire road to intersection of Craig Britton trail. once down to purisma creek, it's a flat trail all the way to Higgins road trail head which is pretty popular with about 12 cars parked. the flat creek trail has more people, I ran into 10 hikers and one biker. at early November, the creek is still flowing, a little miracle for peninsula. from Higgins to Harkins ridge trail is mostly exposed and hence dusty just like other south Bay trails. from this point to intersection of Craig Britton trail is all uphill with couple of steep sections. this part of Harkins ridge trail is not pleasant. then comes the beautiful part once I turn into Craig Britton trail which is gentle downhill narrower hiker only trail. it's in the redwood Grove and shady all the way. this trail is as enjoyable as the flat creek trail. there are fewer people on either Harkins ridge or Craig Britton trail. then I turned back to South parking lot. this route is 10.7 miles long with 2297 feet up and 2297 downhill according to Google maps. Google estimate 4.5 hours for the route. it took me 5.2 hours. it's a good hike.

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